End Of Day Report Gary Bauer 03 27 09

Friday, March 27, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Welfare For Jihadists?

The Obama Administration is the “gift that just keeps on giving.” National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair, speaking about those prisoners at Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) who are likely to be released in the United States under new policies adopted by Obama, pointed out that the prisoners would have to get some sort of welfare to help them start their new lives in the good old US of A. Director Blair apparently thought about this quite a lot and concluded, “We can’t put them out on the street.”

It must be very hard for our enemies to fully understand American liberals. Try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment:

First, you are captured on the battlefield where you are trying to kill U.S. soldiers. Then you are imprisoned at GITMO and immediately provided expert medical attention and better nutrition than ever before. Soon lawyers from some of Washington’s most prestigious law firms offer to represent you free of charge.

Then a president is elected who went to a “church” for 20 years whose pastor loved to shout “God D— America” from the pulpit. Finally, you are told that the president intends to release you inside the country you dream will be destroyed some day, and the Director of National Intelligence wants you to be paid a stipend by those dreadful infidel taxpayers so that you can adjust to your new life. And just last week, that same president was floating the idea of taking away some health benefits from the soldiers who captured you!

While I ponder the meaning of all this tonight, I intend to stop by Arlington National Cemetery for a reality check.

Terror On The Border

In past reports, we have documented the terror on the U.S./Mexican border – 8,000 deaths in the past two years and hundreds of beheadings in a vicious war being waged by brutal drug lords. It is spilling over into American communities, and the Obama Administration is dragging its feet in responding. Today’s Washington Times should prod them considerably.

The Times interviewed Michael Braun, a former assistant administrator and chief of operations at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), in its shocking front-page report today. According to Braun, the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah is working hand-in-hand with Mexican drug smugglers. For now, Hezbollah is using drug money to help finance terror operations in the Middle East.

But, Braun warns, “They [Hezbollah and the drug lords] work together. They rely on the same facilitators. One way or another, they are all connected. They’ll leverage those relationships to their benefit, to smuggle contraband and humans into the U.S.; in fact, they already are.” Today, it’s drugs and money. Tomorrow, terrorists and bombs.

As I have often stated in the past, border security is homeland security. Neither should be a partisan issue, left/right issue, Republican/Democrat issue. Terrorists don’t ask to check voter ID cards before committing their atrocities. Unfortunately, there is a very stark contrast between the two parties on both issues, and, today, liberal Democrats have total control in Washington.

Another Win!

It’s not often conservatives can celebrate a victory in Washington these days, but we won one today. There are reports that the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, after being thoroughly shamed and embarrassed, has relented and will be donating the $100,000 it received from Bernie Madoff to a victims’ trust. In previous reports we noted that Madoff was a major donor to the Democrats – giving 88% of his personal campaign contributions to Democrats, while 89% of the contributions from employees at his company went to Democrats.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to call the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee as we requested Wednesday. Your action made the difference!

Another Withdrawal

Another week has gone by and another Obama nominee has withdrawn his name from consideration for public service. Jonathan Cannon, nominated to be deputy director of the EPA, bowed out of the process this week after questions arose about America’s Clean Water Foundation. Cannon had served on the foundation’s board, but the foundation shut down after a 2007 EPA audit charged it with gross mismanagement of taxpayer funds.

The foundation received a $25 million grant from the EPA to study environmental risks at meat processing plants. But, according to the Los Angeles Times, “EPA auditors questioned the foundation’s accounting for almost all that money and alluded to allegations of embezzlement.”

Whoever is responsible for vetting President Obama’s nominees needs to withdraw!

Media Notice

We’ve had a busy and productive week making the case for our values in the media! On Monday, Politico featured an op-ed I had written about our misguided policies at GITMO. Today, we have a double-feature!

Townhall.com posted a column I wrote about the mainstream media’s “willful blindness” as to the root cause of so much of the violence and terrorism around the world. It’s evident when Ted Turner calls Al Qaeda in Iraq “patriots” and when Chris Matthews accuses pro-lifers of being terrorists.

And, in my weekly Human Events column, I offer some more thoughts on the audacity of the radical environmentalist movement. Whenever there is a crisis, real and imaginary, the Left’s instinct always is to presume that people are the problem.

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End Of Day Report Gary Bauer 03 23 09

Monday, March 23, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary Bauer

Terror Attack On Israel Fails

A terrorist effort to kill hundreds of Israelis in Haifa Saturday was narrowly avoided. A 200-pound car bomb, packed with ball bearings intended to rip through flesh, malfunctioned near a crowded shopping mall. The bomb was intended to go off following the end of the Jewish Sabbath, when the mall would have been filled with families. Thank God for this miracle.

But I can’t help but think how the reality of what was planned completely contradicts President Obama’s naïve and dangerous foreign policy. Since taking office, President Obama has bowed to Iran, did his first major TV interview with an Arab network, pledged a billion dollars in aid to the Palestinians in Gaza and has been hypercritical of Israel. Yet, in spite of the president’s “engagement and diplomacy,” the enemies of the United States and Israel did everything they could this weekend to kill countless civilians. The chances are very good that this bomb was constructed with some form of help from Iran. This is how the Islamic Republic responded to Obama’s video “olive branch” of “mutual respect.”

If the attack had been successful, I have no doubt that Secretary of State Clinton would have expressed her sorrow and President Obama would have said that terrorism was unacceptable. But in short order, the dead Israelis would have been forgotten and the world, including our White House, would have continued its constant demands that Israel make more concessions and give up more land for peace. Fortunately, this bomb failed. Unfortunately, the next one and the one after that probably won’t. No amount of appeasement will stop these thugs.

What’s So Funny?

I don’t know how many of you happened to tune in to Obama’s 60 Minutes interview, but it was a surreal event. President Obama was talking about the precarious position of the United States and the rest of the world as a result of the global economic crisis. He was warning that we still faced the possibility of “an even more destructive recession or potentially a depression.” And through it all, the president just kept on laughing – as though he had forgotten that this was 60 Minutes and not Jay Leno. The president’s odd demeanor got the attention of CBS’s veteran journalist Steve Kroft. At one point during the interview, Kroft asked the president of the United States: “You’re sitting here. And you’re – you are laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems. Are people going to look at this and say, ‘I mean, he’s sitting there just making jokes about money.’ …Are you punch-drunk?”

That question may well be another “first” for President Obama. It’s certainly the first time I recall a president being asked if he was “punch-drunk.” But President Obama brushed it off with a laugh, saying, “No. No. There’s gotta be a little gallows humor to get you through the day.” Maybe so. But I suspect, rather than “gallows humor,” most Americans would appreciate steady leadership that is focused on the crisis at hand. Instead, Obama is jumping from one massive Big Government initiative to the next, while admitting that the economy stands on the brink of “an even more destructive recession or potentially a depression.”

No Joke

After we had “gone to print” late Friday afternoon, the Congressional Budget Office issued its analysis of President Obama’s budget, and it blew away the White House’s estimates concerning the full impact of the president’s budget on the national debt. “Red Ink Red Alert” was the headline to a weekend editorial in the Washington Post. “Obama Sticker Shock” is how the Wall Street Journal described the CBO report today. If you thought spending was out of control during the last eight years, consider this from the Associated Press, “President Barack Obama’s budget would produce $9.3 trillion in deficits over the next decade, more than four times the deficits of Republican George W. Bush’s presidency.”

Senator Judd Gregg, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, responded to the CBO report, saying, “The practical implications of [Obama’s budget] is bankruptcy for the United States. There’s no other way around it. If we maintain the proposals which are in this budget…this country will go bankrupt.” So far the administration has been cavalier in its reaction, dismissing the CBO report and indicating that it has no plans whatsoever to cutback on spending. That leaves only one option: massive tax hikes on everyone – and that’s nothing to laugh about!

While we’re on the subject, there has been a lot of debate in Washington about whether our policies at GITMO are creating terrorism. I offered my thoughts on that subject in a column today at Politico, and the answer may surprise you!

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End Of Day Report Gary Bauer 03 20 09

Friday, March 20, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Barack Sends His Love – To Mahmoud

You may think it is the first day of spring, but half way around the world in Iran, the mullahs are celebrating New Year’s day. And they woke up this morning to a special gift – a “let’s kiss and make up” video message from the man in the Oval Office.

While Obama was talking to Jay Leno, the White House released the “olive branch” video to Tehran last night. In it, our very bright president makes a promise to the Iranian government, which is composed of Jew haters, Holocaust deniers and murderers of U.S. soldiers. But Obama reassures them by saying, “My administration is now committed to diplomacy … and to pursuing constructive ties among the United States, Iran and the international community.” And he promises Tehran that he wants a relationship built on “mutual respect.”

Mutual respect? I doubt Obama could ever bring himself to say he respects conservatives or Wall Street or Rush Limbaugh, but he wants to build a relationship of mutual respect with a nuclear weapon-seeking, Holocaust denying, Shiite fundamentalist who is waiting for the reappearance of an Islamic messiah who will return to kill all the Jews and Christians.

The Iranian government-controlled media already refer to our president with vulgar terms comparing him to female genitals. I can only imagine the scorn this latest attempt at appeasement will be greeted with by the Islamofascists in Tehran.

“Washington Gone Wild”

You know it’s been a bad week for Democrats in the White House and in Congress when that’s how the Washington Post headlines its lead editorial, as it did today. In a scathing op-ed, the Post rips into the Democrats’ “shortsighted,” “opportunistic” and “irresponsible” actions of the past few days. In describing the vote in the House to enact a confiscatory 90% tax on certain bonuses, the Post wrote:
“Yesterday, the House had the feel of a mob scene. …The effective confiscation of legally earned and contractually promised payments may well be unconstitutional. …But what executive in his right mind will enter into a deal [with the government] if he or she believes the rules can be changed six months or one year down the road purely on the basis of polls and politicians’ fears?” Distasteful as these bonuses may be under these circumstances, the facts are clear: Democrats created the current bonus system by tinkering with the tax code in 1993 in a ham-handed attempt to “soak the rich,” and Democrats legally protected the bonuses in the “stimulus” bill. Start to finish, this is their mess. They own it.

But, as is almost always the case with Big Government and liberal Democrats, what they are doing to fix it is far worse. Columnist Charles Krauthammer chimed in on the same theme today, noting:
“Even worse are the clever schemes now being cooked up in Congress to retrieve the money by means of some retroactive confiscatory tax. The common law is pretty clear about the impermissibility of ex post facto legislation and bills of attainder. They also happen to be specifically prohibited by the Constitution. We’re going to overturn that for $165 million?”
Get Serious, Please!

Last night, Barack Obama scored another “first” by becoming the first sitting president to sit down with a late-night talk show host, NBC’s Jay Leno. It was the second big event on what oddly looked like a campaign swing through California. But this headline from the New York Post no doubt sums up the feelings of many Americans, “O Yuks It Up On Leno As Economy Burns.”

And while unemployment is up, while millions of Americans are tightening their belts and while retirement accounts are being wiped out, the White House has been hosting regular Wednesday night parties serving up $100-a-pound Waygu beef.

The lack of seriousness at the White House is not going unnoticed. Columnist David Brooks – the New York Times’ token “conservative” – has a scathing column today thrashing the administration for “focusing on the dust bunnies under the bed” as “a tiger sinks its teeth into the world’s neck.”

That “tiger,” of course, is the global economic crisis. But Obama, as Brooks writes, “…has decided to address this crisis while simultaneously tackling the four most complicated problems facing the nation: health care, energy, immigration and education.”

Two weeks ago, I wrote that the president needed to focus his attention on the economy and, hopefully, come up with better ideas than taxing and spending us into oblivion, BEFORE attempting anything else. Given the way the Democrat Congress and the White House bungled the “stimulus” bill and the AIG bonuses, I think it’s time we pull the emergency brake on Obama’s runaway socialist agenda before America faces a major train wreck.

Defensive Already?

Cleary, the Left is feeling defensive. More and more Americans are increasingly concerned about President Obama’s radical agenda, and the president’s poll numbers are falling. The Left is desperate to buoy its base in order to maintain enthusiasm for the tremendous policy battles that lie ahead.

Why have I come to that conclusion? Wednesday, the Office of Obama Propaganda, otherwise known as The Huffington Post, ran a story with this headline: “Obama Would Crush Sarah Palin In 2012.” Sure enough, some outfit has produced a poll showing that just 60 days into his administration, Obama is heavily favored to win reelection by a vote of 55%-to-35% in a hypothetical matchup against Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Friends, this poll isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Consider this example: In March of 1979, President Jimmy Carter was leading Ronald Reagan by 14 points. On Election Night in 1980, Reagan won by ten points.

But I do find it amusing that the focus of the Left’s frustration, three and a half years from the election, is Sarah Palin. Why not Governors Romney or Huckabee or Sanford or Jindal? What is it about Sarah Palin that still has the Left foaming at the mouth? I think it is fear. Palin is their worst nightmare, and the Left will stop at nothing to tear her down. So, it is continuing the attack from the last campaign, and it will continue to smear her even though the next campaign is three years away.

* * * * *

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End of Day Report Gary Bauer 03 19 09

Thursday, March 19, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Terrorists Coming To Your Neighborhood

When President Obama followed through on his promise to order the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay shut down, many wondered exactly what the president intended to do with the thugs still there. Now we are getting some clues. Attorney General Eric Holder admitted to reporters yesterday that the Obama Administration may release inside the United States some terror suspects currently being held at GITMO.

Holder said they would look at the prisoners on a case-by-case basis and determine which ones should be put on trial and which ones should be released. Among the possible outcomes, he added, “Among them is the possibility that we could release them into this country.”

Will everyone who wants a former GITMO prisoner as a neighbor raise their hand? What — no takers?

This president and his appointees have been sold to the American people as the brightest crew to ever run the country. As for me, I vote for common sense over IQ.

Washington At Its Worst

Yesterday’s Capitol Hill “show trial” of AIG chief executive Edward Liddy was disgusting. Of all the people in the hearing room, Liddy was the least responsible for the bonus fiasco. Liddy was asked by the feds to run AIG last fall. He works for a dollar a year. He basically took the job to help our country.

Yet the finger-pointing liberals in the committee room were the same Democrat politicians who, along with the White House, rammed through the “stimulus” bill without allowing enough time to read the details – and now a $165 million “detail” has come back to bite them.

Yesterday, Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Dodd admitted that he removed a provision from the bill that would have addressed the bonuses. And he did so after receiving a request from the Obama Administration! This admission comes after Dodd’s unequivocal denial that he had anything to do with it. By the way, the top recipients of campaign contributions from AIG are – drum roll please – Barack Obama and Chris Dodd.

And here’s something else you should know. This week, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi promising to punish AIG for the bonuses. In his letter, Geithner wrote that AIG will have to pay back to the Treasury “the amount of the retention awards just paid.” And, “In addition, we will deduct from the $30 billion in assistance an amount equal to the amount of those payments.”

I hope you don’t miss what has happened here. This leftwing administration and its liberal allies in Congress approved of the AIG contracts, protected them legally in the “stimulus” bill and now they are going to “fine” AIG for obeying the law they wrote. That’s Washington at its worst!

But Obama and his liberal allies, rather than admit they caused the bonus problem, went back to the strategy that has worked so well so far – attack business, Wall Street, executives, and fan the flames of class warfare.

President Obama did his best imitation yesterday of a Latin American demagogue, telling a campaign rally (which campaign is this?) in California that families earning more than $250,000 a year “can afford” his tax hikes. “It’s not like suddenly they’re going to have to go to the poor house. But what that does is it allows us to pay for health care…” Translation: Anyone who fights against higher taxes doesn’t care about the sick and suffering.

For anyone falling for this, consider this fact. If you are a family of four living in New York, California or a lot of other high tax states and you earn $250,000, after state, local and federal income, sales and property taxes, you are fortunate to have $125,000 left BEFORE Obama raises your taxes. Does anyone think those “rich” people are why we are in trouble today?

The great British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once rightly observed, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” That’s one lesson Washington liberals refuse to learn and Barack Obama seems determined to test.

The Israel Pledge

The United States and Israel have both held elections in recent months, and the results could not have been more different. America took a lurch to the Left with a president intent on cutting defense spending and negotiating with our enemies.

Israel elected a leader intent on keeping his country safe from Islamofascist terrorism and the Holocaust-denying dictator in Tehran, who is determined to develop nuclear weapons and constantly threatening to “wipe Israel off the map.” As Israel prepares to confront an existential threat, it needs America’s support now more than ever.

Christians United for Israel (CUFI), founded by Pastor John Hagee, once again is working to mobilize American supporters of Israel’s right to exist and defend itself against terrorism. It is critical that our leaders in Washington hear that message from millions of Americans today. And, as a member of CUFI’s Executive Board, I’m asking for your help.

Pastor Hagee is coming to Washington next week to meet with newly elected leaders in Congress. You can help him tremendously by signing The Israel Pledge online right now. The Israel Pledge says that you believe the Jewish state has a right to exist and a right to self-defense, and that you will stand with Israel until the terrorist attacks stop.

If you agree with those statements, please click here to stand with Israel!