End Of Day Report 03 30 09

Monday, March 30, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary Bauer

GM: Government Mafia

It’s been said that dealing with Big Government is like dealing with the mafia – both operate by their own rules and there’s a high price to pay for dealing with either. In recent days, we witnessed the government arbitrarily change rules and impose confiscatory taxes on contracts it had previously approved. If you’re a business owner or a corporate CEO desperately trying to manage a struggling industry, we got another example of the cost of doing business if you turn to the Feds for help.

General Motors CEO Richard Wagoner was in Washington Friday to explain his plan to turn the company around after receiving billions of dollars in federal loans. At the meeting, he was asked to “step aside.” Now, after risking nearly $20 billion in taxpayer money, and with both Chrysler and GM asking for $20 billion more, the government is suggesting that bankruptcy may be the end result after all.

One could certainly make the argument that Wagoner should be fired. But is that really the government’s decision? Anyone who thinks the government can do a better job should consider the government’s track record with public education or the Post Office or the IRS. Regardless, GM’s CEO has been forced out, but what about the unions – what concessions are they making now?

And what else is government doing to help the struggling auto industry? Not much. In fact, it’s adding to the burden! The Transportation Department just announced a new increase in fuel efficiency standards, meaning that car manufacturers are going to have to revamp their assembly lines and retool factories in the middle of an economic downturn. The administration’s proposed carbon “cap and trade” scheme would be devastating to Detroit. In addition, liberal bureaucrats in California want to tell you what color car you can drive. Believe it or not, in order to save the planet from global warming, the California legislature may ban black paint on cars because the black paint absorbs heat and people use their air conditioners “too much” to cool down their cars.

By the way, the government mafia isn’t just muscling in on businesses – it’s doing the same thing to states. South Carolina’s conservative Governor Mark Sanford has repeatedly told Washington that he does not want the government’s “stimulus” money because of the onerous conditions and demands that come with it. Undeterred, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan told USA Today, “Let me be clear. We’re going to take care of the children of South Carolina.” Shouldn’t that be left to the parents and people of South Carolina, rather than Washington bureaucrats who think they know better?

Muslim Affirmative Action?

Over the weekend, news broke that various “community groups” are urging the Obama Administration to hire more Muslims to key positions in the government. The Los Angeles Times reports that J. Saleh Williams, program coordinator for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, “sifted through more than 300 names” and forwarded a book of 45 resumes to the White House. Evidently, the White House is eager for the vetting help. The effort was “bumped up two weeks ahead of schedule because White House officials heard about the venture.”

The Times quotes Abdul Malik Mujahid of the Muslim Democrats, saying “Muslims are not looking for handouts. We’re just looking for equal opportunity and inclusiveness.” Not to mention a little influence. A spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations didn’t mince words, saying, “We’re hoping that once [Attorney General] Eric Holder puts the [Justice] department in order and places people in different positions, we can reestablish what were very positive relations [with the FBI] in our 15-year history.” You may recall that the FBI terminated its “very positive relations” with CAIR after it was declared an unindicted co-conspirator in the government’s case against the Holy Land Foundation.

I remember the hyperventilating in Washington when it was learned that the Bush Administration made an effort to hire graduates of Regent University Law School, which was founded by Pat Robertson. Leftwing groups warned that America was on the verge of a theocracy and that the “separation of church and state” was under assault. I’m not hearing much concern about the “separation of church and state” today from those groups.

Lights Out!

I don’t know if you participated in Earth Hour this weekend, but I couldn’t help being struck by the irony as I read a news report about the event this morning. According to the Associated Press, “Time zone by time zone, nearly 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries joined the event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund to dim nonessential lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.”

Throughout recorded history, mankind has struggled to harness natural resources and human ingenuity to better our lives. From the discovery of fire to electricity, we have sought to conquer darkness. Now, so-called “progressives” are eager to turn out the lights and plunge society back into another Dark Age by capping emissions from fossil fuels and even putting a cap on human beings. Last week I reported the comments of a leading environmental guru in Great Britain who declared, “Population growth, plus economic growth, is putting the world under terrible pressure.” His solution is to reduce England’s population by 30 million people.

Those of us who believe in common sense, and who don’t see our fellow man as some sort of virus infecting the planet that must be eradicated, need to speak up. We must help our politicians “feel the heat and see the light” before the Left paralyzes our economy with radical environmental policies.

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End Of Day Report Gary Bauer 03 24 09

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Charging The Hill Once Again

In this environment, I am spending more and more time on Capitol Hill fighting off bad ideas and working hard to promote good ones. I spent much of the day on Capitol Hill with Pastor John Hagee delivering petitions of support for Israel to key members of Congress.

The timing of Pastor Hagee’s trip to Washington could not have been more fortunate – coming just days after President Obama’s video-taped message of “mutual respect” to Iran’s Islamofascist regime. Given the administration’s intent to reach out to the Holocaust-denying dictator in Tehran, it is critical for friends of Israel to redouble our efforts now.

Our opponents do not hesitate to take to the streets to condemn Israel, so we will walk the halls of Congress to rally support for the Jewish state.

The Left’s Radical Agenda

Liberals and their media allies like to label conservatives and Republicans as “radicals” and “extremists,” when in fact liberals are the ones who are constantly pursuing a radical Big Government agenda across the board. Take the radical environmentalist movement. Everyone wants clean air and clean water. But conservatives draw the line at Big Government power grabs and massive taxation and regulation of the economy based on suspect science. This week, the Environmental Protection Agency has taken the first step toward implementing a major goal of the Left’s agenda, and we’re gearing up for a major fight.

Fox News reports that on Monday the EPA transmitted to the White House a report declaring that “global warming is a threat to public health and welfare,” necessitating regulation of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide. The report lays the foundation for the administration’s “carbon cap and tax scheme,” which for the first time will impose massive taxes on the production of energy — new taxes and new regulations that will have a devastating impact on the economy, job creation and your way of life.

The legislation has one purpose – to punish industries that rely on fossil fuels so Big Government can force the marketplace to accept “green” or alternative energy. But 86% of America’s energy is produced from coal, oil or natural gas – all of it subject to “cap and tax.” Any petro-product – plastics – will be subject to “cap and tax.” The auto industry will be devastated by “cap and tax.”

Clearly, the American economy cannot thrive on alternatives, which today provide only 14% of our power. Nuclear power could help, but try getting the liberals to go along with that idea. In fact, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) doesn’t even want solar panels in the desert! Meanwhile, the Left is trying to impose a massive new tax that strikes at the heart of our economy.

Now, if you think this radical assault on capitalism and productivity in the name of global warming is alarming, consider the “reasoning” among elite “green gurus” across the pond. Here’s an excerpt from Britain’s Sunday Times:

“Jonathon Porritt, one of [Prime Minister] Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society. …Porritt said: ‘Population growth, plus economic growth, is putting the world under terrible pressure. Each person in Britain has far more impact on the environment than those in developing countries, so cutting our population is one way to reduce that impact.’” People and productivity are the planet’s enemies. Unbelievable!

Great Britain has 61 million people. How many people does Porritt believe Britain must “cut” in order to achieve sustainability? Thirty million! How do you accomplish that? As the aging population dies off, you promote anti-family policies that discourage bringing new life into the world, like China’s one-child policy and abortion-on-demand.

The Left’s radical environmentalist agenda is a bizarre ideology based on anti-capitalism and anti-humanity sentiments. It seeks to subject the freedom of individuals to prosper to the whims of an all-powerful state. It’s been called a “watermelon movement” – green on the outside and red on the inside – the last refuge of radical socialists since the downfall of the Soviet Union.

Campaign for Working Families will fight the Left’s radical agenda – whether it includes job-killing taxes and regulations or an assault on the sanctity of life. But in order to restore commonsense values to our government, we must win elections!

Summit Ministries

The need to engage our children, who are the targets of liberal indoctrination by the media, the cultural and educational establishments, has been a recurring theme in these daily reports. How do we help instill and pass on our cherished values to our children and grandchildren when they go off to college and are exposed to hostile environments and radical ideologies? That’s where Summit Ministries comes in!

Summit Ministries is an educational Christian ministry that helps teens learn how to develop their faith, understand ideas and answer major challenges to their faith. Leaders such as James Dobson, Chuck Colson and Josh McDowell have endorsed Summit Ministries, and I’m proud to do so as well.

This summer, Summit is offering a series of conferences in Colorado, Tennessee and Virginia. These academic camps will prepare Christian teens for the challenges they will confront in college, in the workforce or at any stage of life. To find out more about these dynamic student conferences, please visit the Summit Ministries website at http://www.summit.org.

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