Capital Prayer Alert!

Friday, April 3, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters of Campaign for Working Families

From: Carol Bauer

As you know, my wife, Carol, prepares a prayer alert about once a month. We hope you will share Carol’s writing with your friends and fellow worshippers. Thank you for taking an interest in her monthly devotion. – Gary

Capital Prayer Alert

Spring has finally arrived in Washington. The gray and gloom of winter has slowly given way to the bright colors of spring in the form of crocus, daffodils and cherry blossoms. Interestingly, there were many in the electorate who thought they voted for a new season in politics, a clean break from what they saw as a gloomy era of partisanship. They thought they were going to get something bright, clean and fresh like the new season. Instead, what has arrived in the halls of Washington is a revved up version of partisanship moving along in fast forward to change the foundations of American society.

Those who predicted that the incoming administration would claim centrist ground have been proved wrong. From big ticket spending priorities and unimaginable national debt to government control of financial institutions, from a weak foreign policy to the promotion of a radical abortion position, the new president flits from one issue and venue to another pronouncing sweeping political changes that must be made NOW. You get the impression they don’t want us to have the time to examine the details of any of it lest we catch on to the wholesale effort to remake America. The initial warm glow is over, and in its place are the red hot choices that our elected officials must make, and in short order.

Pray for those who serve in the House and Senate and are in a position to put their stamp of approval or disapproval on the administration’s ambitious plans. Ask God to grant them insight, wisdom and boldness to ask the right questions. Prompt them to be creative in shedding light on the consequences of today’s decisions on tomorrow’s taxpayers, our children and grandchildren. Ask our Heavenly Father to raise up among them some heroes who would buck the prevailing political winds. May they be articulate and engaging as they give voice to our shared values.

Finally, pray that those who see themselves as elected to keep our country safe from outside forces and well grounded in the values that have served our country well will create opportunities to examine the fine points of the sweeping changes that are planned. Pray for time to look for, consider and evaluate unintended consequences.

The week between Palm Sunday and Easter is a time when Members of Congress are in recess and many will spend all or part of that time in their home states and districts. There will be town meetings, open office hours and various event settings where these elected officials will be present to listen to the voters. There have been times in recent years, during the debate over immigration “reform” for example, when Washington officeholders got an earful when they went home and returned to Washington with a different take on an issue that looked very different from the rarefied atmosphere of the nation’s capital.

One of the most effective ways to influence officeholders is with convincing facts – the number of jobs that will be lost in your company or community because of skyrocketing energy costs, how long business owners will wait to even think of new hiring based on increased employer health insurance costs, the effect of the departure of experienced leadership in local financial institutions as the federal government exerts more control, etc. The case can be made in person or in writing, but it must be made.

Pray for the will and discipline to make your case to those in a position to vote in Washington. They may be uninformed or wrongly informed about the long-term ramifications of critical votes they are about to make. Ask God for insights to illustrate your points effectively. Pray that your words and facts would be given a fair hearing.

Your prayers for our country, its leaders and the challenging road ahead can make a difference!


End Of Day Report 04 02 09

Thursday, April 2, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Is Obama Right?

Earlier this week, I commented on the administration’s politically correct attempts to deny that we are at war against Islamofascism. Well, you can imagine my frustration when I read this headline today: “Judge: Bagram Prisoners Can Challenge Detention.” That would be Bagram, Afghanistan!

Everyone knew what the consequences would be if the ACLU prevailed in its attempts to grant the terrorist detainees at GITMO the same legal rights as U.S. citizens. Well, those consequences are here. The ACLU won and today a federal judge has ruled that prisoners held in Afghanistan can sue in U.S. courts.

In his dissenting opinion in the GITMO case last year, Justice Antonin Scalia warned, “America is at war with radical Islamists. …The game of bait-and-switch [this] opinion plays upon the Nation’s Commander in Chief will make the war harder on us. It will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed.”

Justice Scalia was right. No serious nation can prosecute a war with lawyers constantly second-guessing every move. But I guess Obama is also right – there is no war on terror. Clearly, we are not acting like a nation at war. Our enemies must be laughing at us.

How much longer before the ACLU demands the Marines starting reading Al Qaeda thugs their Miranda rights on the battlefield – I mean at the crime scene? And once again, I’m left wondering which side the ACLU and the Left are rooting for – America or our enemies?

“Personnel Is Policy”

There is an old saying in Washington that “Personnel is policy.” We should expect a president to appoint individuals who share his ideological perspective and who will act on those shared beliefs. And two recent appointments add a few more pieces to the puzzle when it comes to understanding who Barack Obama is and what he believes.

President Obama nominated Professor Dawn Johnsen to direct the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department. It’s not a high-profile position, but it is a very important one, offering interpretations of federal law to key government offices, including the White House. Johnsen’s views, however, are extreme, especially on abortion.

A former legal director for the pro-abortion group NARAL and the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project, Johnsen once compared pregnancy to slavery. Johnsen filed a brief at the Supreme Court in the 1989 Webster case, stating, “Statutes that curtail abortion choice are disturbingly suggestive of involuntary servitude, prohibited by the Thirteenth Amendment, in that forced pregnancy requires a woman to provide continuous physical service to the fetus in order to further the state’s asserted interest.”

Later on she added, “The argument that women who become pregnant have in some sense consented to the pregnancy belies reality … and others who are the inevitable losers in the contraceptive lottery no more “consent” to pregnancy than the pedestrians “consent” to being struck by drunk drivers.”

Does President Obama believe that pregnancy equals slavery and that getting pregnant is like “being struck by a drunk driver”? Well, he picked her.

Congressional Republicans are furious that Obama, who talks so much of the “need to reduce abortions,” would nominate such a radically pro-abortion extremist. Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and 44 other House Republicans sent a letter to the White House demanding that Obama withdraw her nomination. Senate Republicans are considering a filibuster.

Now consider the appointment of Harold Koh to be the State Department’s top legal advisor. The former dean of Yale’s Law School, Koh is a leading proponent of applying international law to the interpretation of American law and our Constitution. According to Investors Business Daily, “Koh … submitted an amicus brief to the Connecticut Supreme Court arguing that foreign precedents require recognition of a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.”

In 2004, writing about nations which blatantly disregard international law, Koh came up with his own “axis of disobience,” – Iraq, North Korea and the United States. In 2006, he wrote an article in which he called President George W. Bush the “torturer in chief.”

Everything that is wrong in the world can be fixed by “fixing” America. If only we would follow the rest of the world, peace and love would abound. Clearly, Koh is a card-carrying member of the “Blame America First” brigade, and Obama wants him in a key position at the State Department. What on earth could Koh and our commander-in-chief have in common?

Barack Bows To Saudi King

Every day there is a new embarrassment. Today, when President Obama met King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, our president did a full bow from the waist. This is never done! A U.S. president is never, never supposed to bow before foreign royalty.

Is this another example of sheer ignorance? Is it another signal to the Muslim world? Whether intentional or not, it will be seen by many Muslims as the President of the United States engaging in “submission” to a Muslim leader.

President Bush was pilloried by the Left and the media when he was caught on film holding hands with King Abdullah. But in the Middle East, this is not an unusual custom as it would be here (except in certain San Francisco neighborhoods). Obama’s bow is much worse.

But wait…there’s more. Luis Inacio Lula de Silva, Brazil’s president, recently made headlines for declaring that the global economic crisis was caused by “white people with blue eyes.” How did America’s “post-racial president” react when he met de Silva in London? According to ABC News, as de Silva approached him, Obama said, “That’s my man right here. Love this guy. He’s the most popular politician on earth. It’s because of his good looks.”

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End Of Day Report Gary Bauer 03 25 09

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

What Was That?

Last night, President Obama held a nationally televised White House press conference in prime time to discuss the state of the nation’s economy. Given the extent of the economic crisis and the serious challenges confronting the nation, the president probably should be holding a lot of press conferences. I think this was his second. Unfortunately, the president said very little last night that was new or different from what he has been saying for the past 60 days.

What did catch my attention, however, was the president’s absolute commitment to raising taxes. When pressed to explain his desire to limit deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions, President Obama responded:

“I think this was a good idea. I think it is a realistic way for us to raise some revenue from people who benefitted enormously over the last several years. …They’ll still be well-to-do. And, you know, …in some cases those who are more fortunate are going to have to pay a little bit more.”
You’ll notice there’s no discussion of cutting government spending. Instead, the president says folks who have “benefitted” are “fortunate,” as if they won the lottery. I know many business owners consider themselves fortunate, but I also know they worked very hard to get where they are today. And that hard work does not deserve to be punished by Big Government because Barack Obama thinks some people “benefitted” too much from their own effort.

We’re hearing a lot about greed these days from Obama and liberal Democrats in Congress. During the campaign, candidate Obama criticized as “greedy” folks who objected to his tax hikes. What about the envy of Big Government? If you’re “fortunate” enough to be “well-to-do,” Obama wants to punish you by raising your taxes. And if you’re generous with your money, he’s going to punish you again by limiting your charitable deductions!

By the way, the president’s thin skin was on full display last night – you may have noticed that the TOTUS wasn’t there. What’s that, you ask? Teleprompter Of The United States. Sensitive to the criticism of his “crutch,” President Obama opted to trade in the TOTUS for the “Obamatron” – a jumbo flat screen TV in the back of the room.

But don’t worry — TOTUS is doing fine and has recently launched a blog to keep you posted on daily events. You can check out the latest TOTUS postings here.

Is That it?

A recent Pentagon report looked around the world to identify the countries at the greatest risk of collapsing, thereby creating the greatest risk to the United States. Two nations topped the list. The first was Pakistan — an unstable nation with a large radical Muslim population; it borders Afghanistan; some of its territory is a safe haven for Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists; it has bad relations with its neighbor India; and it possesses nuclear weapons.

The other nation that attracted the Pentagon’s concern was Mexico. Yes, the deteriorating situation south of the border has gotten so bad that the Pentagon recently warned that we should begin planning for the “sudden collapse” of the Mexican state. Eight thousand people have been killed in the past two years as the Mexican government has fought to reclaim whole cities and towns from vicious drug lords. Hundreds of people have been beheaded.

The situation is spilling over the border. Phoenix, Arizona, is the now the kidnapping capital of America. Arizona’s Attorney General testified before Congress last week, begging for help and warning, “The threat posed to American communities from this trafficking cannot be overestimated.” Texas Governor Rick Perry has requested 1,000 National Guard troops be sent to the border.

What is Washington doing? Yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced a “very robust movement of personnel” — about 350 people, many of them analysts and liaison officers, but no troops. Meanwhile, the Justice Department has launched a civil rights investigation against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has been aggressively enforcing immigration laws.

I wonder how much of the “stimulus” bill’s infrastructure money was directed for the border fence.

Culture of Corruption

Democrat Charlie Rangel, chairman of the House committee that writes our nation’s tax laws, is in so much trouble for evading taxes that the liberal New York Times has called on him to step down. It seems that Rangel has been sharing some tips with his Democrat buddies on the Ways and Means Committee.

Several media reports in recent days have noted that Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA), the second highest ranking Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee (whose members write our tax laws), very likely has been claiming tax credits that he is not entitled to.

While holding a California driver’s license, being registered to vote in California and representing California’s 13th Congressional District, Stark has been claiming a $3,800 homestead tax credit on his $1.6 million mansion in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The Los Angeles Times reports that Maryland authorities recently revoked a tax break that Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) had been claiming on his Maryland home.

Once again we see why liberal Democrats love higher taxes – they don’t pay them!

But here’s the real outrage of the day. According to the Washington Times, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is still holding on to $100,000 in campaign contributions from convicted conman Bernie Madoff.

While the government is frantically trying to recover Madoff’s assets, while thousands of individuals and charities are struggling to rebuild from the wreckage of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, while liberal politicians are demanding AIG workers return legally contracted bonus money that they earned and voting for confiscatory taxes on legally contracted bonuses, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is keeping Madoff’s stolen loot!

Call the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee at (202) 224-2447 and demand the Democrats return Madoff’s money.

* * * * *

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