End Of Day Report 04 07 09

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

The White House Wizard

Some claim he is a better orator than Ronald Reagan. Others compare him to “The Great Emancipator,” Abraham Lincoln. His most committed followers talk of him in worshipful terms – as a political messiah. They are all wrong. After carefully reviewing President Obama’s speeches to adoring audiences abroad in recent days, where he announced his goal of a world with no nuclear weapons, I finally realized where I had seen this man before. His first gig was in that great movie with Judy Garland. He is the “Wizard of Oz”!

Look behind the curtain – he pulls ropes, manufactures greats sounds, makes lights flash and presto, tyrants tremble, enemies surrender and war disappears. But as we learned in the movie, the booming voice behind the curtain that so frightened Dorothy was an illusion – it came from a little man who counted on fear to rule his subjects in Oz. He had no power at all, only “smoke and mirrors.”

While our president announced his commitment to a nuclear-free world, the maniac running North Korea tested a long-range missile, which we can safely assume won’t be carrying warheads filled with confetti. Our response was to draft a really strong resolution, which the cowards at the United Nations promptly rejected.

In underground bunkers all over Iran, the scientists serving the mullahs continued to work furiously to obtain the nuclear weapons which are to be used in service of Allah. Our response is to pressure Israel to create a Palestinian state – while doing nothing serious about stopping the tyrants in Tehran from developing their “Islamic bomb.”

The president thinks the enemy is a particular type of weapon. But nuclear weapons ended World War II and preserved a rough peace throughout the Cold War. The enemy is in Tehran and Damascus, and has allies who are in Venezuela and North Korea. They have enablers in Moscow and Beijing. All of them see the little man behind the curtain who loves to apologize for his country but hasn’t yet figured out that the only thing in 2009 that prevents the world from sinking into tyranny and slavery is the strength and will of America.

What Do The People Think?

In the course of his European tour, President Obama has made a lot of statements related to America, our history and our national security. Yesterday, I reported that President Obama told an audience of Turkish Muslims that Americans don’t consider our country to be a Christian nation. But a recent poll by Newsweek found that at least 62% of Americans do think of the United States as a Christian nation. Is President Obama speaking for only 38% of the nation when talks overseas?

President Obama talks about a nuclear-free world, and when rogue dictators fire off missiles, he talks some more. According to a new Rasmussen poll, “Fifty-seven percent (57%) of U.S. voters nationwide favor a military response to eliminate North Korea’s missile launching capability. …just 15% of voters oppose a military response while 28% are not sure.” The support for tough action is bi-partisan: 66% of Republicans, 52% of Democrats and 54% of Independents.

He also spent much of his time apologizing for America. Speaking in France, President Obama said that there had been “times when America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.” According to another Rasmussen poll, only 37% of American voters agreed with that statement. When asked if it would be better for the world if Europe became more like America, 54% said “Yes,” while just 22% said the world would be better off if America became like Europe. Is President Obama speaking for the 22% of Americans who want us to be more like Europe?

Obama’s Pro-Abortion Extremism

While President Obama likes to talk about “reducing the need for abortion,” his administration is taking steps to implement one of the most extreme proposals imaginable – repealing conscience protections for medical professionals. Make no mistake about the outcome of this action: religious hospitals, doctors and nurses will be forced to perform abortions or other procedures that violate their values.

This issue clearly exposes the pro-abortion extremism of Barack Obama and the Left. A woman’s “right of conscience” is protected to the extent that she can decide whether or not her unborn baby lives or dies. Now the pro-abortion Left wants to take away the right of conscience from doctors and nurses who want no part in the destruction of innocent human life. That is not “pro-choice” – it is pro-abortion.

TAKE ACTION: As required by law, the administration is accepting public comments before it takes further action on this outrageous proposal. The comment period ends on April 9th. Please respectfully share your thoughts with the Department of Health and Human Services by visiting http://www.regulations.gov or by sending an E-mail to proposedrescission@hhs.gov.

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