End Of Day Report

Friday, September 30, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Trump Ready To Lead

There is a great opinion piece by Indiana Governor Mike Pence in USA Today highlighting the strong leadership qualities of Donald Trump. He stresses the similarities between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, as well as how the political establishment reacted to each candidate. Here are a few excerpts:

“In 1980, Ronald Reagan was regarded by the Washington political establishment as little more than a cowboy or a celebrity who entered politics late in life. He even made some Republicans uneasy. Along the way, people heard his vision of a renewed America. Americans from all walks of life flocked to a man who was so clearly unbound by Washington niceties and political correctness.

“Ronald Reagan spoke the truth in 1980 to the American people. . . Donald Trump is a candidate who speaks honestly and frankly about the challenges we face. . . Donald Trump believes in the greatness of this country and the boundless potential of the American people. . .

“The American people once again stand at a time for choosing. . . On Election Day, the choice is clear. To Make America Great Again, we must elect Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States.”
You can read Gov. Pence’s entire op-ed here.

Earlier this month, Gov. Pence addressed a packed audience at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. In his remarks, he further elaborated on the similarities between Trump and the man I was honored to serve for eight years. He said then:

“The most straight-talking candidate since Ronald Reagan is running against one of the most dishonest candidates ever. Let me say as I stand in this hallowed place, the American people picked a bold truth-teller in 1980 and I know they’re going to elect a bold truth-teller in 2016. . . The spirit of 1980 that propelled Ronald Reagan into the White House is alive and kicking again.”
You can watch the governor’s speech at the Reagan Library here.

Democrats Target Fox News

Any conservative toying with the idea of casting a protest vote this November should think again.

Democrats on the Federal Election Commission have proposed new regulations that would prohibit companies “from funding expenditures, independent expenditures, or electioneering communications” if five percent or more of the company was owned by foreign sources. The liberals on the Commission claim they are worried about foreign intervention in U.S. elections.

At first glance, that might not seem like a bad idea. But the proposal would have major implications for conservatives: Fox News and the Wall Street Journal would be effectively muzzled when it comes to political reporting and commentary. Both media outlets are owned by Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

The left is constantly trying to come up with new and creative ways of re-imposing the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” in order to silence conservatives and shut down debate. If Hillary Clinton and her allies prevail on November 8th, the left will be fully empowered to ram through every bizarre idea it can think of.

More Concessions?

The Wall Street Journal has been persistent in exposing Obama’s repeated concessions to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Perhaps that is one reason why Democrats are trying to shut it down. Well, here’s the latest Iranian nuclear deal outrage, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

The Obama Administration signed a secret deal with Iran lifting sanctions on two Iranian banks that were supposed to remain in place until 2023. The reason the banks were under sanction is that they had supported Iran’s ballistic missile program.

These additional concessions to Iran are bad enough, but what makes them even more outrageous is that this secret deal was agreed to on the same day that Iran agreed to release four American hostages.

By the way, Obama also agreed to drop charges against 21 Iranians as part of the hostage release.

What else did he give Tehran that we don’t know about yet?

The Wall Street Journal reports that critics of the Iranian nuclear deal and many members of Congress are furious at this latest revelation, believing that “the move broke the commitments the administration made to Congress about the deal.”

Mark Dubowitz, of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said, “By agreeing to remove U.N. and EU sanctions eight years early on Iran’s main missile financing bank, the administration effectively greenlighted their nuclear warhead-capable ballistic missile program.”

Speaker Paul Ryan blasted the White House today, saying:

“This story grows more disturbing with each passing day. It now appears that on the same day American hostages were freed from Iran, the administration not only agreed to the $1.7 billion cash ransom payment, but violated a key term of the nuclear deal by prematurely lifting ballistic missile sanctions. These additional secret concessions directly jeopardize our national security, and cast further doubt on this flimsy agreement. President Obama owes the American people an immediate explanation.”
Don’t forget, my friends, that this terrible nuclear deal with Iran is not Obama’s alone. Hillary Clinton started these negotiations and she fully supports this disastrous deal negotiated with one of the world’s worst regimes.

Hillary’s “Big” Idea

When Monday night’s presidential debate shifted to the economy, do you recall what Hillary Clinton’s big idea for economic growth was? She said, “We can deploy a half a billion more solar panels.”

That’s a lot of solar panels. But Hillary’s big idea — like so much of big government — could end up being very expensive (here and here) while accomplishing very little.

One recent report suggested her solar panel plan could cost more than $200 billion to implement. And according to the latest government data, solar power provided “less than one percent of the total electricity generated in the U.S. during the first six months of 2016.”


End Of Day Report

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Bush Alumni For Trump

Fifty top officials from the previous Bush Administrations announced their support for Donald Trump this week. Their support comes amid headlines that some members of the Bush family may withhold their support for the GOP ticket this year.

In a press release, these officials stated that they were supporting Donald Trump due to “the need for bold leadership, a strong national defense, sound economic policy and a Supreme Court committed to preserving the freedoms framed in the Constitution.”

Among the former senior officials endorsing Trump are:

  • Attorney General John Ashcroft
  • Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
  • Treasury Secretary John Snow
  • Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao
  • HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson
  • Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi
  • White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer

    Clinton Campaign In Panic Mode

    After a ridiculous debate that focused on birtherism, whether and when Donald Trump first opposed the Iraq war and his tax returns, we are now turning to the really serious issue upon which Western Civilization will rise or fall . . . fat shaming.

    I’m not going to waste time getting into all the details, but the “Clinton News Network” aka CNN is so concerned that Donald Trump once insulted a former Miss Universe that it has run multiple stories in the past 24 hours about this decade-old controversy. (By the way, Alicia Machado has a criminal history, including threatening to kill a judge.)

    Hillary Clinton and her left-wing media allies evidently believe that this is a deal-breaker for the handful of remaining undecided female voters. Every day, I’m left with the same word — chutzpah.

    This is coming from the same woman (and the same media who covered for her) who shamed the women who came forward to expose her husband. That wasn’t “fat shaming.” That was shaming the victims of sexual assault.

    The media said then that it was none of anyone’s business. Just move on. Yet what Donald Trump thinks about a former Miss Venezuela is supposed to be earth shattering, breaking news.

    Here’s another way you can tell that Democrats are panicking: Howard Dean tweeted this during Monday night’s debate: “Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?” Thanks for that expert analysis, Dr. Dean.

    But if I were Dean, I’d be more worried about the latest poll showing that just 36% of Americans think Hillary is healthy enough to be president.

    On a more serious note, check out this Politico headline: “Clinton Campaign In ‘Panic Mode’ Over Florida Black Voters.” The report adds, “Democrats are sweating over turnout in one of the most important states on the electoral map.”

    And with good reason. A new Gallup poll finds that there is an 11-point enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats regarding their interest in voting this November. A major factor driving this decline is growing disinterest among younger voters.

    According to Gallup just 47% of voters under 34 are committed to voting in this election, “down from 58% in 2012 and from a peak of 74% in 2008.”

    But wait. . . There’s more.

    Democrats are so worried about November that they are now going negative against Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate!

    More Debate Analysis

    While the media generally think Hillary Clinton won Monday’s debate, some on the left aren’t so sure.

    MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski fretted Tuesday morning that in spite of Clinton’s “amazing” performance, Trump would still benefit. “I just think that he’s going to do quite well out of this,” Brzezinski said. “I know what is appealing to the American people . . . who are sick of what has happened the past few decades. He got in some things in there that make you go, ‘Yeah, exactly.'”

    Evidently, she’s right. The Trump campaign reports raising $18 million since the debate.

    Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore actually thought Trump won the debate.

    And a focus group of North Carolina voters found that Hillary turned off several undecided voters.


End Of Day Report

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Where They Stand

The first presidential debate of 2016 is over. Initial ratings suggest a record audience tuned in at home. That’s a good thing because a Pew Research survey released last week finds that many Americans don’t know much about where the candidates stand. For example:

  • 48% of registered voters said they knew “a lot” about Hillary Clinton’s positions on “important issues facing the country.”
  • 32% said they had “some” knowledge of Clinton’s positions.
  • And 18% said they knew little or nothing at all about Clinton’s views.

    When it came to Donald Trump:

  • 41% of voters said they knew “a lot” about his stands on the issues.
  • 27% said they had “some” knowledge.
  • And 30% said they knew little or nothing about Trump’s views.

    My friends, we have a lot of work to do!

    There are just 41 days until the most consequential election in decades. So much is on the line this year, including control of the Supreme Court.

    In the meantime, I hope everyone receiving these reports is doing their part to educate friends and family members. Let me help you. Hillary Clinton is a pro-abortion extremist. She is also radically out-of-touch with mainstream American values on a host of critical issues.

    Are your friends and family members registered to vote? Voter registration deadlines are approaching fast.

    Help inform them about the key issues confronting our country by sharing these messages with them!

    The Ferguson Effect

    FBI statistics released yesterday reignited the debate over the so-called “Ferguson effect.” Heather Mac Donald, a research fellow at the Manhattan Institute, coined the phrase after the riots that erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, over the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown.

    Even though “hands up, don’t shoot” turned out to be a lie, the police were under intense scrutiny. Many feared, as Mac Donald suggested, that law enforcement officers would “desist from discretionary policing and criminals [would] thus become emboldened.”

    Yesterday’s report suggests that is exactly what happened. Between 2014 and 2015 there was a dramatic and disturbing 10% spike in the murder rate. Violent crimes also rose 4%.

    Many on the left rejected the idea of the “Ferguson effect.” But even a leading critic of the theory is having second thoughts. Professor Richard Rosenfeld, a criminologist at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, acknowledges that there is a “real” and “worrisome” rise in the murder rate, adding, “The only explanation that gets the timing right is a version of the Ferguson effect.”

    As Investor’s Business Daily notes, President Obama bears much of the burden for the “Ferguson effect.”

    “As the data show, the long, steady decline in violent crime rates that took place in the 1990s and into the 2000s has ended. The nation today is increasingly violent and racially divided, in large part thanks to Obama’s refusal to rebuke rioters in Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore or, most recently, Charlotte, N.C.

    “This refusal has made it much harder for police to do their jobs, turning what once were routine police contacts in minority neighborhoods into highly fraught confrontations that can turn violent in an instant. . . Police are pulling back from aggressive crime control in troubled areas, letting criminals, many freshly out of prison, take advantage of the lack of police presence to commit crimes — most often, with minority citizens as their victims.

    “. . . in addition to trashing the economy and wrecking America’s relations with its closest allies, President Obama can now take credit for one more dubious accomplishment — ending a decades-long decline in violent crime in America. Add this to the long list of things the next president will have to fix.”

    Fighting For Life

    The Obama Administration is working furiously to advance its agenda on every front during its remaining days in power. One of the more egregious examples involves a proposed regulation by the Department of Health and Human Services that would essentiallyforce states to fund Planned Parenthood.

    The effort is a blatant attempt by big government in Washington, D.C., to overrule the will of at least a dozen state legislatures. Thankfully, pro-life members of Congress are pushing back against this federal overreach.

    More than 100 members of Congress signed a letter of protest to HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell. The letter questioned the standards the Obama Administration used in drafting the rule and warned, “Rarely do the American people benefit when the federal government attempts to substitute its judgment for that of state or local governments.”

    We desperately need a conservative president and a conservative Congress to rein in big government! Just one more reason to vote for the Trump/Pence ticket on November 8th.


End Of Day Report

Monday, September 26, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Debate Night

Tonight may well be the most anticipated presidential debate in modern history. In fact, tonight’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is taking place on the anniversary of the very first nationally televised presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

Many analysts predict the home-viewing audience tonight will shatter the record set by the 1980 Reagan/Carter debate, which had nearly 81 million viewers. The stakes for both campaigns and our country are high.

You may recall that several weeks after the Republican National Convention, many “Washington wise men” and reporters declared the campaign over. CNBC’s John Harwood claimed that no candidate had ever come back from the kind of polling deficit that Donald Trump was facing.

One media outlet after another wrote story after story about how Clinton had multiple ways of winning the Electoral College, whereas Trump’s path to victory was virtually impossible. On August 20th, the Washington Post triumphantly declared, “With A Comfortable Lead, Clinton Begins Laying Plans For Her White House Agenda.”

Fast-forward to today. With the debate looming tonight, multiple national polls show the race is neck and neck, while state polls are causing heartburn among leftists everywhere. For example:

  • The latest Bloomberg national poll finds the candidates are tied at 46%. Last month, Clinton had a six-point lead in the Bloomberg poll. When third-party candidates are included, Trump leads Clinton by two points — 43% to 41%.
  • New polls by the “Clinton News Network” aka CNN, find Hillary leading Trump by just one point in Pennsylvania, while Trump has a one-point lead in Colorado. (It’s not clear how many dead people were polled.) Four years ago, Obama carried both states by five points.

    With its large and growing Hispanic population, Colorado was supposed to be beyond contention for Trump. In fact, the Clinton campaign and its allies suspended their advertising in Colorado last month thinking the state was locked up.

    Many in the media are still in denial. They insist that Trump has to do something dramatic to change the contours of the campaign. I think it is the exact opposite. The momentum appears to be with Trump. According to a recent Associated Press poll, 70% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. This is a change election and Hillary represents the status quo.

    What To Watch For

    Tonight’s debate starts at 9:00 p.m. EST. Click here for more details.

    Here’s what Hillary Clinton wants to do tonight:

  • She wants to make herself likeable, project warmth and connect with average voters. Good luck.
  • She wants the public to believe Trump is a liar — not her. Her campaign is demanding that moderator Lester Holt “fact check” Trump during the debate. In effect, she is asking Holt to join her in debating Trump. I would not want to be Mr. Holt. If he doesn’t follow Hillary’s orders, he may have to go into hiding.
  • Clinton wants to make Trump angry, hoping he will overreact and play into the public’s concern about his temperament. So Clinton can be expected to double down on accusations of racism and bigotry.

    But you will never hear the media say that Hillary has to obfuscate her real views. Many voters, including significant percentages of Democrats, often disagree with major positions she holds. She is out of step on significant issues as we have documented here.

    Clinton is for open borders.

    She thinks it is a mistake to call radical Islamic terrorism what it is: “radical Islamic terrorism.”

    She wants to increase the number of refugees coming into the country from the Middle East. The public rejects that.

    She is promoting a false narrative of widespread racism among the police, but 56% of Americans say they have a great deal or a lot of confidence in the police.

    Clinton believes in abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. Americans overwhelmingly support some restrictions on abortion, especially after the first trimester.

    Here’s what Donald Trump wants to do tonight:

  • Trump wants to appear presidential. He needs voters to be able to imagine him sitting in the Oval Office, serving as commander-in-chief. Even though Ronald Reagan had been governor of California, the media derided him as a “B-list actor” who could never be president. The left’s attempt to disqualify Trump is similar and Trump needs to overcome it.
  • He wants to contrast his strength — physically and on matters of national security — against Clinton in terms of her health and her weak border and national security policies.
  • No one expects Trump to have the same level of detail that Clinton has on various government programs. She is a Washington insider, while he is the change agent, running to turn the establishment upside down. That said, he wants to take her knowledge and turn it to his advantage.

    If Clinton says something like, “Donald, you don’t even know what the Title I program is,” Trump’s response should be, “Honestly, Hillary, I don’t. I’ve been busy creating jobs while you’ve been growing the government. You know all the names of the bureaucratic programs, but you can’t or won’t reform or abolish them.”

    Kudos To Cruz

    Friday’s endorsement of the Trump/Pence campaign by Senator Ted Cruz was a very important move. Polls are now showing that a higher percentage of Democrats are planning to vote for Donald Trump, while an ever-shrinking number of Republicans say they will vote for Hillary Clinton.

    The competition between Cruz and Trump was bitter. They represent two strains within the conservative movement — Cruz is a more traditional Reagan conservative, while Trump is more of a populist conservative. Going into the general election, it is crucial that the conservative movement be united.

    On a personal note, Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi, are friends of mine. I think his endorsement of Donald Trump was, first and foremost, good for the country, but also good for him. I believe it helps to ensure that the senator has a political career in the years ahead.

    Now, if someone could just get John Kasich on board!

    Obama Lied

    The FBI’s latest Friday night document dump revealed a number of bombshells. We know at least four individuals involved in Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of national security secrets were granted immunity during the course of the investigation.

    Again, I must ask the obvious question: What laws do they think they broke that justify grants of immunity?

    But we also learned that Barack Obama lied to the American people yet again. Obama told CBS News that he first learned about Hillary’s private email server “The same time everybody else learned it, through news reports.” Well, just like his alleged lack of knowledge about the IRS scandal, that’s not true.

    According to the FBI’s records, Obama was communicating with Hillary on her private server using a fake name. So clearly he knew about it and lied to the American people about what he knew and when he knew it.

    Whether it is Obamacare, shovel-ready jobs, Benghazi, the Iranian nuclear deal or Hillary’s server, Obama’s pattern of deception is rivaled only by Hillary Clinton’s! Yet her campaign is demanding that Trump be “fact checked” during the debate.


End Of Day Report

Thursday, September 22, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

The Chaos Continues

There was another night of rioting in Charlotte, North Carolina. This time the city’s business district was targeted. Apparently the mob heard the demand of Nation of Islam leader B. J. Murphy for an economic boycott of the city.

Here are some observations after a second day of anarchy in Charlotte.

First, where is President Obama? For nearly eight years, he has commented on virtually everything from pop culture and sports. But when Charlotte is being trashed by rioters, the president can’t seem to find a camera or microphone.

Ninety-three percent of black Americans voted for him. Presumably he has some influence. He is a constitutional law lecturer. This is an excellent time for him to remind the rioters that everybody — not just accused Muslim extremists, but even police officers — has a right to due process.

There is a report, courtesy of White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, that Obama addressed the rioting in a call to the mayor of Charlotte. Obama told her that “any protests should be conducted in a peaceful manner and that local law enforcement should find ways to calmly and productively engage those protesting.”

The mayor has no ability to make the protestors be peaceful. And how do police officers “calmly” engage with rioters? That phone call had one purpose — to tell the mayor to make sure the police were not assertive in restoring order. The result, sadly, was obvious.

If you watched video from the streets of Charlotte last night, the response to the rioting was pitiful. The police were vastly outnumbered and were under orders to keep their distance from the rioting. The mob controlled the streets.

Multiple stores and business were ransacked. One man was viciously beaten in a parking garage. Reporters covering the riots were attacked. In one instance, rioters attempted to throw a photographer into a fire.

One man was shot during the violence and is reportedly on life support. Late last night, Governor Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency and called out the National Guard.

Second, journalists need a refresher course on the plain meaning of English words. Breaking windows, stealing cigarettes, Red Bull and drugs, attacking journalists and other innocent bystanders is not a protest. That is a riot. It has no relationship whatsoever to a black police officer shooting an armed black man. But most media continued to refer to the violence as “protests.”

Finally, I want to review some statistics. There is little evidence to support the left-wing narrative that there is a widespread problem in American law enforcement of black men being killed by racist white cops. For example:

  • More whites are shot every year by police than blacks. The Washington Post reports today, “Law enforcement officials have fatally shot 706 people this year, 163 of them black men.” That means just 23% of fatal police shootings involved black men and the vast majority of those shootings were justified. (See below.)
  • A Harvard study found that there was zero racial bias by police in the use of deadly force. The black economics professor who conducted the study said, “It is the most surprising result of my career.” The New York Times conceded, “The result contradicts the image of police shootings that many Americans hold.” But they have that image because of media bias.
  • According to data from the Department of Justice, and confirmed by a study conducted by a University of Pennsylvania criminologist, black police officers were 3.3 times more likely to use deadly force at a crime scene than were other officers.
  • According to Heather Mac Donald, a research fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black criminal than a black citizen is to be shot by a police officer.
  • The Washington Post conducted a massive study of police shootings last year and concluded: “But only a small number of the shootings — roughly 5 percent — occurred under the kind of circumstances that raise doubt and draw public outcry. . . The vast majority of individuals shot and killed by police officers were . . . armed with guns and killed after attacking police officers or civilians or making other direct threats.”

    Trump/Cruz Detente?

    Like Jimmy Carter’s surrender of the Panama Canal, Barack Obama is trying to surrender the Internet to unaccountable international bodies. Senator Ted Cruz is leading the fight to stop Obama and yesterday Donald Trump endorsed the senator’s efforts.

    Cruz later tweeted his appreciation of Trump’s involvement in the battle, which got the Washington rumor mill buzzing about the possibility of a truce between the two men, perhaps even a Cruz endorsement.

    My personal opinion is that if Senator Cruz buried the hatchet, it would help solidify Trump’s support and the campaign might not have to worry so much about states like Georgia and Texas. Do it, senator!

    Boeing’s Bad Bet

    Boeing is in the business of selling airplanes. I get that. But sometimes corporate responsibility demands more than putting profits first. Sadly, Boeing was among the companies that rushed to do business with Tehran as soon as President Obama lifted sanctions on the rogue regime. And yesterday the Obama administration formally approved the sale of 80 Boeing airliners to Iran.

    The deal reportedly includes a restriction “to ensure that the planes will be used exclusively for commercial passenger use, and cannot be resold or transferred to another entity.” In other words, we don’t want Iran using the planes for military purposes.

    But how exactly is that going to be enforced? Iran is already using its civilian airliners for exactly this purpose, running troops and supplies into Syria on a regular basis.

    Obama has done everything he can to appease Iran. He lifted sanctions, sent the regime plane loads of cash and even looked the other way when it failed to comply with the terms of the nuclear deal. On a day when his failure to help African Americans (by stopping the rioting in Charlotte) is on full display, he continues doing everything he can to help Iran.

    What is less clear is why Boeing would bet on the Iranian regime — the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism — to keep its word.

    What Makes You Angry?

    We all have our pet peeves, but I have to confess — Hillary Clinton really made me angry this week. Her contrasting reactions to the New York City bombing and the Tulsa shooting were bizarre, yet very revealing.

    Check out my latest video contrasting Clinton’s response to these events. And be certain to share it with friends and family members.


End Of Day Report

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Jihadists vs. Policewomen

We learned a lot this week about what makes Hillary Clinton tick. Just like Barack Obama, the man she served for four years, Clinton sees it as her obligation to stoke the fires of racial tension while going out of her way to downplay Islamic terrorism.

Saturday night a bomb went off in a Manhattan neighborhood. The day before, a black man was shot by a white policewoman.

Reacting to the bombing event, Clinton was muted. Some said she seemed sedated or “zombie-like.” Hillary said, “We have to let this investigation unfold.” She also attacked Donald Trump for making rash statements about a bomb, adding, “I’ll have more to say about it when we actually know some facts.”

In contrast, Clinton went on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” yesterday to offer her thoughts about last week’s police shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here Hillary was not so restrained. There were no calls to let this investigation unfold.

Clinton appeared to assume that the female police officer was a racist cop. She called the incident “absolutely inexplicable.” Hillary said she would combat police violence by “speaking directly to white people” and vowed “to go right at implicit bias.”

Do you see the difference, my friends? Hillary didn’t call the bombing in New York City “absolutely inexplicable.” She didn’t promise to speak directly to the Muslim community or go right at radical Islamic extremism.

No, Hillary’s harshest criticism was reserved for the police, not the jihadists.

Chaos In Charlotte

Hillary Clinton and the left have repeatedly accused Donald Trump of using rhetoric that incites Islamic terrorism. But the left never accepts responsibility for its own rhetoric.

Chaos erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina, last night after reports of a police shooting in that city. More than a dozen law enforcement officers were injured in the rioting. One officer was hit in the head by a rock. “Protestors” looted a Walmart, stealing flat-screen TVs, iPads and other electronics.

Hundreds of demonstrators stormed a major interstate and shut down traffic. They broke into tractor trailers and burned the cargo on the highway. A police cruiser was also destroyed.

The violence in Charlotte erupted after Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by a police officer. A woman claiming to be Scott’s daughter said in a Facebook video that her father was sitting in a parked car, reading a book and waiting for his son at a bus stop when officers killed him.

That was a lie, just like “hands up, don’t shoot.”

Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Kerr Putney said yesterday, “It’s time to change the narrative, because I can tell you from the facts that the story is a little bit different as to how it’s been portrayed so far, especially through social media.”

According to Chief Putney, “Scott exited his vehicle armed with a handgun as officers continued to yell at him to drop it. He stepped out, posing a threat to the officers.” By the way, no book was found.

An increasingly visible and radical figure in Charlotte is B. J. Murphy, a local Nation of Islam leader. That is interesting because media have reported that rioters were yelling, “We’re out like the Taliban!”

Murphy is calling for an economic boycott of the city. “We’re watching our black men this week being gunned down, and there’s no redress for our grievances of black people being killed,” Murphy said.

“Since black lives do not matter in this city, then our black dollars shouldn’t matter. We’re calling on all black people in Charlotte to keep your money in your pocket,” Murphy added.

But is this really a racial issue? Keith Scott was a black man. Officer Brently Vinson, the police officer who shot Scott, is a graduate of Liberty University and a black man. Chief Kerr Putney is a black man. Four years ago, Mecklenburg County, where Charlotte is located, voted by 23 points for a black man to be president of the United States.

By the way, the initial protests were peaceful. But following the pattern we have seen in city after city, a gang of professional agitators turned up and that’s when the situation turned violent.

Is anyone at Obama’s Department of Justice investigating these groups that are turning peaceful demonstrations into riots, endangering the lives of innocent bystanders and our law enforcement officials? No, they aren’t. They are too busy trying to impose federal control of local law enforcement.

After eight years of Obama/Clinton, America’s racial divide is worse than at any time in recent history. And they were the ones who were supposed to bring racial reconciliation.

Obama’s Plea For Open Borders

President Barack Obama delivered his last speech at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday. (That’s something to cheer about!) But even when speaking for the last time as president of the United States before the world body, Obama couldn’t resist the temptation to get political and to bash Donald Trump.

Obama said, “Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.” That was the line virtually every media outlet seized on. ABC News ran with this headline: “Obama Evokes Trump’s Wall in Final UN Assembly Speech as President.”

In a world plagued by radical Islamic terrorism, with ISIS committing genocide and hiding terrorists among the migrants flooding into Europe and even America, Obama parrots George Soros and suggests that borders are the problem, that walls are wrong.

Really? Well, tear down your fence around the White House, Mr. President.

Have you seen Saudi Arabia’s wall?

Obama and Hillary want to bring in tens of thousands of additional Middle Eastern refugees, even though top officials have warned that they cannot be adequately vetted. (By the way, the number of immigrants who were issued deportation orders and then mistakenly granted citizenship is far greater than initially reported. It’s not 800, but more than 1,800.)

I don’t know what alternate universe Obama is living in, but the American people reject it. A new poll finds that just 18% of Americans support the Obama/Clinton plan to bring 110,000 more Muslim refugees to America, while 62% say the plan “poses an increased national security risk to the United States.”

End of Day Report

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Obama’s Terror Failures

In the past 24 hours, we have learned a lot more about New York City bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami.

  • His ex-wife says he hates America, the military and homosexuals.
  • He has a criminal record, including a domestic dispute.
  • His father says he called the FBI to warn his son was radicalized.
  • He made multiple trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan. On one trip, he married a new wife. She left the United States days ago and is currently being held in the United Arab Emirates. Remember the wife of the Orlando shooter? She disappeared too.
  • One of his brothers posted this on Facebook: “I bring the men who desire death as ardently as you desire life.” That’s a quote from Khalid al-Walid, one of Muhammad’s generals.

    Yet with all these markers the FBI did not have Ahmad Khan Rahami on a watch list.

    The first temptation is to excoriate the FBI because this is not the agency’s first failure. There were warnings about the Tsarnaev brothers. They were interviewed.

    There were warnings about the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen. The FBI interviewed him too.

    But it’s not the FBI’s fault. They have an almost impossible job. We’ve been told there are ISIS investigations going on in every state.

    Yet the Obama/Biden/Kerry/Clinton Administration, their left-wing media allies, and sadly even some elements of the Republican Party, have continued to bring in hundreds of thousands of people who may be fertile recruiting ground for Islamic supremacists. While we may catch some, we are not going to be able to catch every Islamic supremacist.

    So what do we do? Continue bringing in more potential jihadists? Not unless we want to end up like France, which has 15,000 jihadis roaming the country.

    Donald Trump is right. Immigration security is national security. We have got to call a time out until we can figure out how to identify the potential murderers.

    If we don’t, we are all going to end up living in a police state. There will be more demands for more law enforcement if these attacks continue. I urge our libertarian friends to join us, and jettison the idiotic idea that people should be able to freely cross borders in an age of Islamic supremacist terror.

    Hard Decisions?

    Hillary Clinton told reporters yesterday, “I’m the only candidate in this race who’s been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield.” In other words, Hillary is claiming that she has made the “hard decision” to kill terrorists.

    Well, first of all, as secretary of state, she didn’t make those decisions. But more importantly, in what world is that a hard decision to make? Please, Mrs. Clinton, explain to us why you found taking out terrorists such a hard call.

    And while she’s at it, Hillary should explain to the American people why she and Obama made the idiotic decision to send terrorists we already had in Gitmo back to the battlefield.

    Tough Hillary

    Donald Trump ripped into Hillary Clinton yesterday during a rally in Florida. Trump said:

    “Hillary talks tougher about my supporters than she does Islamic terrorists. . . She called patriotic Americans who support our campaign . . . deplorable and irredeemable. . . Has she ever talked that way about radical Islam? No. Or about those who murder women and gays overseas? Has Hillary Clinton ever called people who support these practices deplorable and irredeemable? No!”

    The Clinton News Network

    Talk show host Laura Ingraham said this morning that CNN is acting like a pro-Clinton super PAC. She is right.

    Sunday CNN removed words from Hillary’s statement so they could attack Donald Trump for saying a bomb had gone off in New York City while pretending that Hillary had not said the same thing.

    Yesterday CNN added a word to a Trump statement. During an interview with Fox News Trump suggested we should adopt profiling. CNN then ran headlines such as this one: “Donald Trump Defends Racial Profiling In Wake Of Bombs.”

    There’s just one problem with that headline: Trump never used the word “racial” in his Fox interview.

    What Trump is talking about is profiling based on behavior and demographics. That is what Israel does because it works.

    By the way, the left-wing media are melting down today over . . . Skittles.

    Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.” It’s a very reasonable point. Hundreds of immigrants have been charged with terror-related offenses in this country.

    Polling tells us that significant percentages of people in Muslim nations harbor extreme views. If 100 people come from a culture that promotes extremism, how many would have to be jihadists before society decides not to let the 100 in? It’s just common sense.

    But then again, Hillary and her allies are at war with common sense on issue after issue.

    The Pro-Life Candidate

    For many voters, the sanctity of life is a paramount issue. Hillary Clinton has been very clear about her pro-abortion extremism.

    Pro-life voters should be reassured about Donald Trump’s commitment to life. First and foremost, he chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence to be his running mate.

    In addition, the Trump campaign has announced the formation of a Pro-life Coalition, and I am honored to serve as one of the co-chairmen of this advisory group. In announcing this new coalition, Donald Trump once again pledged his commitment to the following critical issues:

  • Nominating pro-life justices to the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Signing legislation ending painful late-term abortions
  • Defunding Planned Parenthood
  • Making the Hyde Amendment permanent law to protect taxpayers from having to pay for abortions.

    You can read his letter here.