End Of Day Report

Thursday, June 30, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Is Lynch Lying?

Washington is buzzing after news broke late yesterday that former President Bill Clinton met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch earlier this week. The meeting reportedly took place Monday evening onboard a private jet at the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to CBS News, “President Clinton saw the attorney general on the tarmac and wanted to say hello, so he boarded her plane to talk.” I’m sure he had a lot on his mind that he wanted to discuss with the attorney general.

Asked by local reporters about this impromptu meeting, Lynch said they chatted about grandchildren, golf, their travels and the Brexit vote. Lynch insisted that nothing about Benghazi or emails was mentioned.

Really? Consider me skeptical. And I’m not the only one.

The biggest national security case currently pending before the Justice Department just happens to involve the former president’s wife. Not only that, the president’s own foundation is also under investigation. The notion that they exchanged only pleasantries about golf and grandkids is ludicrous.

CBS News Justice reporter Paul Reid said the meeting is “shocking, absolutely shocking,” adding, “The appearance of impropriety is just stunning. . . The optics of this for the investigation going forward are horrible.”

Shocking. Stunning. Horrible. It is all of that and more.

Does Lynch have a habit of meeting with the spouses of individuals under FBI investigation? Of course not. She is a career prosecutor. She knows better.

So does Bill Clinton, a former lawyer himself. Even though he was disbarred, a first year law student knows this kind of meeting is unacceptable. Ah, but this is the Clintons and the rules just don’t apply to them.

Even some Democrats are having trouble defending this. Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) told CNN this morning, “I do think that this meeting sends the wrong signal. . . I think she should have steered clear.”

Republicans on Capitol Hill should be issuing press releases and statements today demanding that Lynch recuse herself. They should be calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to take over the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server and the public corruption investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

In addition, the chairman of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, should issue subpoenas today demanding Lynch appear before their committees to explain herself and whether she would accept this kind behavior from any prosecutor on her staff.

Terror In Israel

When you looked in on your children last night asleep in their bedrooms, did the thought cross your mind that they might not be safe? That thought regularly crosses the minds of Israelis, and with good reason.

Last night a Palestinian terrorist evaded the security around the Israeli town of Kiryat Arba. He broke into a home and stabbed Hallel Yaffa Ariel, a 13 year-old girl, to death in her own bed. According to the State Department, Ariel was also an American citizen.

The 17 year-old Palestinian terrorist who murdered her also attacked a civilian security guard before he was shot and killed.

This, of course, would be horrible even if it were an isolated event. But year after year, such attacks against Jews worshipping in their holiest places, riding on buses to work, sitting in schools, sleeping in their homes — simply doing what you and I do every day without a second thought — are set upon by rabid wolves. Palestinian youths are being driven to frenzies by a culture that urges its children not to be doctors, but to kill and die for Allah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the attack, warning that it represented the “bloodlust and inhumanity of incitement-driven terrorists against whom we stand.”

Netanyahu called on the international community to “condemn this terror attack like the terror attacks in Orlando and Brussels were condemned.”

He also called upon “enlightened nations” to “pressure the one who heads the network of incitement [Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas] that leads to the murder of children in their beds and not the State of Israel, which is working to protect its children and its citizens.”

But don’t hold your breath waiting for the president or secretary of state to say anything about this latest attack. They will be too busy pressuring Israel to make more concessions for peace.

Return To Normal

As of yesterday’s close, the British stock market had gained back everything it had lost in the initial trading sessions after last week’s Brexit vote. So the catastrophic result, which was going to destroy England and plunge the world into chaos, lasted a couple of days.

I remember the time when the media felt it had an obligation to put things into perspective. Now the media feels like it must always prop up the left-wing narrative, and everything is a crisis — whether it is shark attacks, global warming or Brexit.

Big Government Run Amok

We’ve got big problems. Islamic supremacists have attacked Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando and Istanbul. Meanwhile, Barack Obama insists we are winning. The attorney general says that love is our most effective response. The American people aren’t convinced.

According to a new Fox News poll, nine years ago fewer than half of Americans (47%) were concerned about a terrorist attack taking place on U.S. soil. Today, more than three quarters of Americans (78%) are concerned.

And they should be because this administration’s priorities are completely misguided. Just consider these headlines:

“Intelligence Community Held 12 Diversity And Inclusion Seminars Last Year.”

“There Are Now More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines.”

“The Marines Will Remove The Word ‘Man’ From These 19 Job Titles.”

“Report: 85 Percent Of Female Marine Recruits Failing Combat Job Tests.”

“Pentagon Lifts Ban On Transgender Troops.”

Perhaps that will help boost the statistics of “women” trying out for combat positions. But I suspect none of these stories will do anything to restore the confidence of the American people that this administration is up to the task of defeating ISIS and defending American interests around the world.

Barack Obama once said that ISIS was the “JV team” or junior varsity terrorists. I think we have a JV team of politicians governing our country.


End of Day Report

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Terror In Turkey

As Ramadan draws to a close, Istanbul’s Ataturk airport became the scene of the latest Islamic-inspired atrocity. Late yesterday afternoon, three suicide bombers staged a coordinated attack similar to the March attack at an airport in Brussels, Belgium. Forty-one people were killed and more than 230 were wounded.

Some suggest that the attack may have been retaliation for Turkey restoring formal ties with Israel this week. It has also been noted that the attack occurred on the second anniversary of ISIS formally declaring its caliphate.

Honestly, I don’t care why they did this. I’m not losing sleep trying to comprehend why they kill. Nor am I conflicted over why they hate us.

What does keep me awake at night is the fear that our politically correct leadership is unwilling to do what is necessary to defend Western Civilization and prevent us from falling into another dark age.

By the way, the Obama Administration hasn’t said much today. I suspect it is hard to exploit this latest attack to make the cause for gun control since the jihadists used bombs.

But I do recall Attorney General Loretta Lynch saying after the Orlando carnage that “Our most effective response to terror . . . is . . . love.” I can’t imagine why they didn’t want to repeat that pearl of wisdom today. [Sarcasm alert!]

So, who is it we’re supposed to love today? Certainly not the jihadists.

The victims? Well, shouldn’t we be trying to enact policies to make sure there aren’t any more victims? One approach might be stopping people from coming into the United States who might be like those who just blew up the airport in Turkey.

Crushing the ideology of Muslim supremacism and ridding the world of these death worshippers would be the greatest act of love we could do for the entire planet — especially those in the Muslim world who do desire peace.

“Willful Blindess”

Senator Ted Cruz led an important hearing yesterday in the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Obama Administration’s “willful blindness” and deliberate deemphasizing of radical Islam in its efforts to fight terrorism.

As Senator Cruz correctly noted, “We cannot defeat radical Islamic terrorism without acknowledging it exists and directing our resources to stop it . . . You cannot fight an enemy you do not acknowledge, you pretend does not exist and you refuse to confront.”

Not surprisingly, the Obama White House’s disdain for Congress, a co-equal branch of government, was on full display during the hearings. Officials from the Justice Department and the FBI invited to testify on behalf of the administration refused to attend. They would not have ignored the committee’s request without the blessing of the White House.

Senator Cruz noted their absence, saying, “No one from this administration is even willing to show up and defend their scrubbing of anti-terror materials.” (Did you hear about any of this on the evening news last night?)

By the way, it seems Obama’s bureaucrats aren’t the only ones obsessed with political correctness.

Remember how the left rushed to condemn the Orlando attacks as an anti-gay hate crime? Then they made the debate all about guns, while Republicans tried to argue it was radical Islamic terrorism.

Well, the next time dozens of Americans are slaughtered by a jihadist, Al Qaeda wants to make sure there is no confusion about the cause. The Islamist group has instructed its operatives in the West to target “areas where the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated.”

The command to target white people is clear: “This is in order not to deviate the essence of the operation and letting it be termed as a small issue as the American media is trying to portray in the case of Mateen. . . The media tried to portray the operation motives to be against a particular group of people in order to turn the American public away from the real motives of the operation.”

How much more of this can we take?!

While the jihadists scream, “Allahu Akbar,” Obama, Clinton and the Democrats refuse to admit that it has anything to do with Islam.

Even though Omar Mateen publicly pledged his allegiance to radical Islam, the left insisted the Orlando attack was about gays and guns.

Now Al Qaeda is instructing its jihadists to kill only white people whenever possible so the left can’t make any more excuses. Wake me up from this eight year nightmare!

“The People’s Spring”

You probably missed it, but CNBC devoted live coverage yesterday to a pro-E.U. demonstration in London’s Trafalgar Square. Hundreds of young Brits wanted to make it absolutely clear that they were not British, they were Europeans.

It reminded me of another generation of young Brits who once voted overwhelmingly to no longer fight for King and Country. That was 1933, just as Adolf Hitler was coming to power. These idealistic youth had learned all the wrong lessons of World War I. Just a few years later, many would end up fighting and dying for their country.

The chic internationalism on display in Trafalgar Square has infected many of our own youth. To those demonstrators I would say this: If you are ever on a humanitarian trip to Africa, a noble cause to be sure, and suddenly find yourself a hostage of Boko Haram or ISIS, I can guarantee that it won’t be the E.U. that saves you. It will be the special forces of the great nation of your birth (or perhaps the United States) for which you show such disdain.

In the wake of last week’s stunning Brexit vote, Marine Le Pen, president of the National Front party in France, penned an op-ed for the New York Times. Like the song of angry men from the popular play Les Miserables, her column portends what she calls the “the People’s spring,” the people of sovereign nations rising up against their globalist masters to reclaim their freedom.

Here are a few excerpts:

“British voters understood that . . . behind the debates of financial experts, only one question, at once simple and fundamental, was being asked: Do we want an undemocratic authority ruling our lives, or would we rather regain control over our destiny?

“Brexit is, above all, . . . about the free choice of a people deciding to govern itself. Even when it is touted by all the propaganda in the world, a cage remains a cage, and a cage is unbearable to a human being in love with freedom. . .

“More and more, the destiny of the European Union resembles the destiny of the Soviet Union, which died from its own contradictions.

“The People’s Spring is now inevitable! The only question left to ask is whether Europe is ready to rid itself of its illusions, or if the return to reason will come with suffering. I made my decision a long time ago: I chose France. I chose sovereign nations. I chose freedom.”
Sounds almost Reaganesque!

Clinton/Trump Tied?

The left-wing media won’t like this: A new poll by Quinnipiac University finds Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are essentially tied. Hillary is up by just two points, 42% to 40%, but that’s within the poll’s margin of error.

There is more good news for Trump in the poll.

  • Jobs and the economy were the most important issues according to those surveyed. Asked which candidate would be best at creating jobs, voters picked Trump 52% to 40%.
  • Asked which candidate would be most effective in handling ISIS, voters picked Trump 52% to 39%.
  • Voters were also asked what they felt was “the single most important personal quality or characteristic” a president should have. “Honesty/Trustworthiness” topped the list by a wide margin. Asked which candidate was more honest and trustworthy, voters picked Trump over Hillary by eight points.


End Of Day Report

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Twin Falls Cover-Up

In the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack and major Supreme Court decisions, a developing story in Twin Falls, Idaho, may have escaped your notice. The story hasn’t made it to the national news, but it should.

Like many small, rural communities around the country, the Obama Administration has chosen this town, located near the Nevada/Utah border, to receive hundreds of refugees from Muslim nations. No one asked the citizens of Twin Falls if they approved of this.

Residents of Twin Falls have voiced their frustrations to local officials. Some have been threatened, others have been spat on by the new arrivals. Then a truly horrible assault occurred. Three young refugees reportedly raped a mentally challenged five year-old girl.

Initially, local officials would not admit that anything happened. They stonewalled questions from citizens. Finally, law enforcement and prosecutors admitted that something really bad did happen. Two of the boys involved in the attack are from Sudan and one is from Iraq. Because of their ages — 14, 10 and 7 — they are being treated as juveniles and the case is sealed.

This situation is bad enough. It is a smaller example of what we saw take place on a much larger scale in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve. Government officials at all levels covered up horrible crimes committed by Muslim refugees against German women.

But the Twin Falls story took a turn that should make national news. Friday, U.S. Attorney Wendy J. Olson, the Obama-appointed federal prosecutor for Idaho, issued a chilling statement. After expressing her sympathy for the victim and her confidence in local prosecutors, Ms. Olson then issued a threat to the citizens of Twin Falls: “The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself . . . may violate federal law.”

While clearly high on the left’s wish list, there is no federal law under which someone can be prosecuted for “inflammatory statements.” As one law professor explained in the Washington Post, Olson’s statement “looks like an attempt to chill constitutionally protected speech through the threat of federal prosecution.”

Whatever her motivation, Olson is, unfortunately, reflecting the views of her bosses at the Department of Justice and the White House. Remember when Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings, threatened to prosecute anti-Muslim hate speech?

Let me close with this political point. There is not enough space here to name all the Republican officials who have attacked Donald Trump over his call for a moratorium on immigration from predominately Muslim nations while we are at war with radical Islamic supremacists. Often they use the same over-the-top rhetoric as Barack Obama.

Where are those GOP leaders now? Is Wendy Olson’s threat against the citizens of Twin Falls a reflection of our values? Is squelching free speech part of who we are? When did it become a reflection of our values to make those attacking us a protected class?

To all those Washington insiders who just don’t get where all the “anger” is coming from: Get out of town and go talk to the people of Twin Falls.

Political Prosecution Overturned

While we’re on the topic of politically motivated prosecutions, the Supreme Court yesterday did get one thing right — it overturned the conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

McDonnell was a rising star in the Republican Party. He was on Mitt Romney’s vice presidential short list in 2012. Many saw him as a future senator.

Political hacks at the Department of Justice decided to neutralize McDonnell. Relying on a wildly broad interpretation of “official acts,” he was indicted on federal corruption charges shortly after leaving office.

The case against McDonnell stunned even many Democrats. In fact, more than 40 former state attorneys general filed a brief supporting McDonnell and opposing his prosecution. They argued that the charges against him represented a “drastic, legislatively unsanctioned expansion of the federal police power.”

Yesterday, the Supreme Court agreed. In a unanimous 8-to-0 ruling, the justices blasted the Obama Administration’s “boundless interpretation of the federal bribery statute.”

Benghazi Report Released

The House select committee investigating the September 2012 attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, released its final report today. There are certainly some new details that offer a fuller picture of what took place on the ground there and the reaction here in Washington. Some details are quite compelling and should be topics of national debate.

For example, in an addendum to the committee’s report, Representatives Jim Jordan and Mike Pompeo tell us that the State Department needlessly delayed the deployment of a Marine response team. Why? The reason will shock you. According to Jordan and Pompeo:

“What has also emerged is a picture of the State Department eating up valuable time by insisting that certain elements of the U.S. military respond to Libya in civilian clothes and that it not use vehicles with United States markings. . . We will never know exactly how long these conditions delayed the military response but that they were even a part of the discussion is troubling.”
One commander told congressional investigators that “during the course of three hours, he and his Marines changed in and out of their uniforms four times.”

To paraphrase former Secretary of State Clinton, what difference does it make what clothes they are wearing?! If armed thugs are trying to break into your house, do you care if the police show up in uniforms or plain clothes?

Another portion of the report reveals that career officials within the State Department were deeply concerned that then-United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice went so far “off the reservation” in her public comments about the cause of the attacks.

As you may recall, Rice went on five Sunday talk shows — several days after the attacks — and repeated the myth that it was all a protest in response to a YouTube video. Like everyone else, these officials knew the truth and were stunned that top representatives of the Obama Administration were spinning such obvious lies to the American people.

Other officials expressed an unwillingness to go “on the record” with the CIA’s terrible talking points. One expressed his frustration with the Obama White House, which was “very worried about the politics.”

End Of Day Report

Monday, June 27, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

A Sad Day At The Supreme Court

Today is a sad day for the pro-life movement. In a 5-to-3 decision, the Supreme Court struck down laws passed by the state of Texas regulating the health and safety standards of abortion clinics. After Texas passed these regulations, more than half of the abortion clinics in the state shut down. Many states adopted similar laws in recent years.

Incredibly, the court’s majority opinion, written by Justice Stephen Breyer and joined by Justice Anthony Kennedy, claimed that the safety regulations failed “to justify the burdens upon access that each imposes.”

For those who recall the 1992 Planned Parenthood vs. Casey decision, today’s ruling is eerily similar. In that case, Justice Kennedy joined the liberal majority in striking down certain commonsense restrictions on abortion as “undue burdens” on a woman’s access to abortion.

It is ironic that the abortion industry is the one business that the left adamantly refuses to regulate. The left wants to regulate guns out of existence, effectively repealing the Second Amendment. It wants to regulate/redefine privacy in public bathrooms. It wants to dictate what kind of lightbulbs you can buy. It wants to regulate whole sectors of the energy industry into bankruptcy.

But when it comes to destroying innocent unborn life in the womb, the left wants no limits at all. Abortion until the moment of birth, paid for by the taxpayers — that is Hillary Clinton’s extreme position.

It is worth remembering that these state laws were a reaction to Kermit Gosnell and his barbaric abortion practices.

Today’s decision further highlights the stakes this November. Not only will the next president fill Justice Scalia’s vacancy, but he or she could likely make several appointments.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83 years old. Justice Anthony Kennedy will turn 80 next month. Justice Stephen Breyer turns 78 in August.

As disappointing as today’s decision is, I know the pro-life movement will not give up. Our Founders declared that life was an inalienable right endowed to each man and woman by our Creator.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade is built upon the same injustice as Dred Scott — that some people (black men and women or unborn babies) can be treated like property and disposed of on a whim. This nation is better than that.

The pro-life cause — just like the fight against slavery — is a noble cause. I am confident that one day, we will restore the sanctity of life in America. One day, all of our children will be protected by the law and welcomed into the world.

Polling As Propaganda

There’s no doubt that Donald Trump has been hurt in recent weeks since he locked up the Republican presidential nomination. But no candidate, including the people he defeated, would have fared any better given the over-the-top attempts by the left and the liberal media to make conservative values virtually unspeakable.

According to the left, if you favor border security, you are a racist. If you believe in traditional marriage, you’re a bigot. And if you think it is a bad idea to bring in more Muslims when we can’t adequately vet them, you’re an Islamophobe.

So the idea that there is another candidate — Bush, Cruz, Huckabee, anybody — who would be convincingly leading Hillary Clinton right now is absurd. Big media, crony capitalists and big labor have amassed incredible power and all three are gunning for the likely GOP nominee.

So, yes, Trump has been hurt. But how badly?

A month ago, Trump and Clinton were tied. Now two weekend polls show Trump is losing. One poll shows a close race, while the other suggests a Clinton landslide is in the making. The question is: Which one is correct?

If you work in the tech world, you’ve likely heard the old saying “Garbage in, garbage out.” Well, it’s the same with polls.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll found Clinton leading Trump 51% to 39%. But it oversampled Democrats by ten points. One recent Reuters poll that found Hillary Clinton leading Trump by a wide margin oversampled Democrats by 17 points!

Moreover, most pollsters are still surveying adults or registered voters, many of whom will not vote. The most accurate polls are surveys of likely voters.

In contrast to the ABC/Washington Post poll, this weekend’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found Clinton leading Trump by just five points. And when you factor in the Libertarian and Green party candidates, Clinton and Trump were tied.

Fallout Continues

The fallout from last week’s Brexit vote continues. There are growing demands in as many as eight European nations for their own votes on the E.U.

Not surprisingly, the financial turmoil also continued today. It must be noted that globalists like George Soros have a financial interest in continuing the turmoil in order to discourage other nations from following England’s example.

But as the socialist left gains more and more control, the one thing it produces in surplus is stupidity. For example, one of things most frequently said in the last few days is that we are now in “uncharted territory.”

No, it’s the exact opposite. The European experiment in a continental, transnational union was the uncharted territory we had been in for the past 23 years.

England has been an independent, sovereign nation for centuries. The European Union did not come into formal existence until the Treaty of Maastricht was signed in 1993. Now that Britons have decided they want out of these uncharted waters, their “masters” are in full-blown panic mode.

And speaking of panicking, just consider some of these Brexit-induced headlines:

“How Old People Have Screwed Over The Younger Generation”The Independent

“EU Referendum Results: Young ‘Screwed By Older Generations'”Huffington Post

“We Should Ban Old People From Voting”GQ Magazine
While the headlines contain a little satire, the sentiment behind them is serious. The increasingly intolerant left is all about “victimization,” identity politics and pitting this group against that one. Older voters are now out of favor with the left.

But there is some irony in these headlines.

The left wants convicted criminals to vote. It wants illegal immigrants to vote. The left wants people who can’t prove who they are to vote. The left wants younger teenagers to vote.

But now the left has found the one group that it doesn’t want to vote — senior citizens who still believe in nation-states, secure borders, patriotism and love of God and Country.

End Of Day Report

Friday, June 24, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

June 23rd: Britain’s Independence Day

As you know, there is a great conflict that has the entire Western world in turmoil. On one side are powerful forces of big government, big business and big media. Unanimously, they are telling us that borders are old fashioned, that everyone in the world has a right to migrate to wherever they wish, that nation-states are antiques.

They behave as if major decisions should be entrusted to government bureaucrats who claim to know what is best for us. And in the minds of these elites, Western Civilization owes a debt to the rest of the world for its oppression.

On the other side is the common man and woman in every nation who feels the normal sense of pride people have always felt about the place of their birth. They believe they know better how to run their lives, not people in distant cities and nations whom they have never met.

They know that without borders there is no nation. They know the civilization they are part of has brought more liberty and prosperity to more people than any other in the history of mankind. They believe that their elected officials should represent them and defend their nation first, rather than some vague concept of globalism.

For months these two sides have clashed in a historic battle in Great Britain. And in spite of threats from George Soros and Barack Obama, the people once proudly led by Winston Churchill voted for liberty, not submission. Yesterday the people of the United Kingdom voted to declare their independence from Brussels and to exit the European Union.

This is just the beginning. The next battle is likely to be fought in the United States. The British people rejected the fundamental transformation of their country. Now it’s our turn!


Reacting to the vote, British Prime Minister David Cameron, who supported the campaign to remain in the E.U., announced he would resign in the weeks ahead. There have been calls for Labour leader Jeremy Corbin to step down as well.

Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, was once dismissed as a fringe, crackpot candidate. Sounding a populist theme, he told supporters early this morning that “honesty, decency and belief in nation” had triumphed over the big banks, the multinational corporations and big government.

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson, who helped lead the Leave campaign and may become the next prime minister, said, “I believe we now have a glorious opportunity: we can pass our laws and set our taxes entirely according to the needs of the U.K. economy.” What a novel concept! Sadly, that is precisely what is at stake in the new world order.

Justice Secretary Michael Gove, also among those mentioned as a possible replacement for Cameron, declared the 23rd to be “D-Day” or “Democracy Day.” He compared the vote to the American Revolution, saying that Americans refused “to be ruled by someone who was distant and unaccountable. They decided to break free then and America has never looked back and the world had cause to be grateful.”

Gove urged Britons to have confidence in their institutions. He reminded them that voting to leave was an “embrace of optimism,” that England was not just some small rain soaked island, but a proud nation that “gave the world parliamentary democracy” and “moral leadership in the fight against slavery and the fight against fascism.”

A few years ago, I had the privilege of meeting with Secretary Gove in London. For over an hour, we discussed exactly this: Can the people find the courage to throw off the yoke of their politically correct masters and defend the values and culture of Western civilization?

I am greatly encouraged by this vote.

Implications For November?

In case you are wondering why you should care, think back to the 1980 Olympics and the U.S. hockey team’s upset victory over the Soviet Union. Some of us realized at the time that the tremendous reaction to a simple hockey game highlighted the swelling desire for someone to make America great again. That celebration foreshadowed Ronald Reagan’s victory.

This election in England is evidence of the great yearning among common people to reject political correctness and elite condescension, and to embrace commonsense values once again.

Today in America, there is great remorse among all the right people. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, all the left-wing websites — this is their nightmare. Proud people are standing up to the establishment.

It is the theme that turned the GOP primary battle on its head, handing the nomination to a candidate with admitted flaws (Don’t they all have flaws?), but one who understood that borders, nationalism, saving jobs from going overseas — making America great — were the salient issues simmering within the American people.

Yesterday, Donald Trump flew to Scotland. The cover story was that he wanted to check on his golf courses. Immediately, the Beltway consultants attacked him for leaving the country in the middle of the campaign. These are the same people who have been giving our nominees advice with a near perfect record of failure.

So when the results were announced, where was Trump? Standing before a throng of TV cameras in Scotland, delivering a press conference that was covered by every network. He connected the biggest news story in the world with what he is fighting for in this country. Brilliant!

He reminded the crowd that President Obama had threatened to punish England, sending it to the back of the line for future trade deals if Brexit passed. To the wild applause of the crowd, Trump promised that the “special relationship” with Great Britain would not be forgotten in his administration, that our friends would be at the front of the line in a new alliance between our two great nations.

Echoing the sentiments of Michael Gove, Trump said, “It will soon be time to believe in America again.”

Market Reactions

Needless to say, the elites around the world are panicking today. Global financial markets are in free fall. For weeks, elites have threatened that this would happen. And because they are the ones who can make it happen, they are, of course, making it happen.

The “little people” are the only ones getting hurt. Not because they made bad investment decisions, but because they aren’t like George Soros who can move billions at whim.

While I’m not a financial advisor, this reaction is ridiculous in my view. For it to be rational you have to believe that the disappearance of nation-states is rational. You have to believe that the submersion of Europe by a tidal wave of refugees is good for the economic health of the West. Both are utterly absurd!

How did England and the world survive before the E.U.?

It reminds me of Margaret Thatcher, who vowed to remove government price controls if she were elected. When polls indicated she could win, the markets dropped. The elites then warned of chaos. But Thatcher coolly promised that the markets would be free to be markets again, growing and prospering unhindered by the yoke of government. And she was right.

This too shall pass.

Voters Reject Obama’s Bathroom Mandate

Much like Britons rejecting edicts from Brussels, new polling finds that voters in key swing states oppose Barack Obama’s mandate redefining the bathroom policies of local schools across the country.

You may recall that last month the Obama Administration ordered every school to give boys who claim to be girls access to girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. Outraged parents have responded in some cases by suing the schools for violating the privacy rights of their children.

  • In Florida, the margin was 54% against to 37% in favor.
  • In Ohio, it was 55% against to 36% in favor.
  • In Pennsylvania, it was 53% against to 39% in favor.

    This is just one more issue where the American people are clearly with us and against the left, but too many of our leaders in Congress are afraid or unwilling to debate it.


End Of Day Report

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Trump’s Outreach Continues

Yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump’s campaign announced the formation of an Evangelical Advisory Board. Members of the board were not required to endorse Trump. Indeed, some have been very critical of him.

In a statement, the campaign said the board represented Trump’s “endorsement of those diverse issues important to Evangelicals . . . and his desire to have access to the wise counsel of such leaders.” Among those on the board are Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Richard Land and Ralph Reed, and it will be led by former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

I recognize that some conservatives are skeptical of Trump. He was not my candidate in the primaries. But he is clearly reaching out to evangelicals. And if we hope to have any influence in the next administration, I believe we need to reach out to him. We will get nothing from Hillary Clinton.

As Franklin Graham explained to those gathered in New York City yesterday, there will never be a perfect candidate this side of Heaven. The choice before us this November may not be one we wanted, but for the sake of the country and the values we cherish we must choose the better candidate, the candidate who is reaching out to us and is not overtly hostile to our values.

Trump Eviscerates Hillary

Donald Trump today took the fight to Hillary Clinton. In a speech this morning, he pulled no punches and hit themes certain to resonate with the American people.

Trump framed the election as a choice between the status quo and real change; between globalism and Americanism; between a successful businessman running to give back to his country and a corrupt politician, under FBI investigation, who puts personal gain before people.

By the way, Clinton’s former IT expert who set up her personal email server, plead the Fifth today more than 125 times! Again, what law does he think he broke?

Trump put November into stark perspective, saying, “The choice in this election is a choice between taking our government back from the special interests, or surrendering our last scrap of independence to their total and complete control.”

And Trump ripped into Hillary Clinton.

He challenged her judgment. He hit her on Benghazi and blamed the Obama/Clinton team for the rise of ISIS, which didn’t exist until they came into office. Trump said that Clinton’s foreign policy “spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere.”

Trump noted, “Her campaign slogan is, ‘I’m with her.’ You know what my response to that is? I’m with you: the American people.”

He also laid out a bold, positive agenda, promising to appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution, lift restrictions on energy production, repeal Obamacare, pass tax reform and rebuild our military.

If you missed Trump’s speech, you can watch it here.

Rubio Runs Again

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has decided to seek reelection to the Senate. This is good news.

Nine of the ten most competitive Senate races are GOP-held seats, one of which is Rubio’s. Polls have shown that Democrats had the advantage in an open seat contest this November. But a new Quinnipiac poll finds Senator Rubio leading both Democrat candidates by comfortable margins.

Nevertheless, Florida is a very competitive state and critically important to both parties in the race for the White House. Rubio gives Republicans a leg up, moving the race out of the “Lean Democrat” column, but we can’t afford to take anything for granted.

Please stand with CWF right now!

Obama’s Assault On Our Values

In yesterday’s report, I told you how congressional Democrats were attacking the Second Amendment. (They’re still at it. Democrats staged a sit-in on the House floor this morning demanding votes on gun control legislation.) Now I want to tell you about Obama’s ongoing assault on the First Amendment.

California has mandated that all insurance policies must cover elective, surgical abortions as “basic health care.” At least three churches filed a federal lawsuit against the mandate, which flies in the face of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.

The churches also asked the Department of Health and Human Services to investigate whether the California mandate violated federal legislation, known as the Weldon Amendment, intended to protect rights of conscience.

The Obama Administration ruled yesterday that church health insurance policies are not protected by the Weldon Amendment and, thus, churches can be forced to pay for elective abortions.

It is hard to imagine a more outrageous and blatantly anti-First Amendment order than this. If the government can force churches to pay for abortions, it’s not far from ordering pastors to perform same-sex marriages.

Meanwhile, another First Amendment controversy has been brewing, this one related to free speech. A number of left-wing state attorneys general are attempting to prosecute global warming skeptics for fraud. They are using the brute force of big government to shut down the debate.

Thankfully, this overreach is getting serious pushback. Last week, more than a dozen conservative state attorneys general publicly warned that if climate change skeptics could be prosecuted for fraud, so could global warming alarmists like Al Gore, whose wild predictions have never panned out.

Not long ago, the left was panicking about the coming ice age, not to mention global famine caused by overpopulation and “peak oil.” I’d say the right has a far stronger case to make when it comes to prosecuting environmentalist fraud.

The Importance Of Judges

As utterly ridiculous as these examples are, they are yet more evidence of the left’s growing intolerance for religious liberty and free speech. And as I noted in both examples, these issues are being fought over in the courts. They will be decided by judges.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of this upcoming election when it comes to control of the courts. The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has left the Supreme Court evenly divided between four reliably liberal justices and four generally right of center justices.

The decision upholding an individual’s Second Amendment right to own a firearm was a 5-to-4 decision. The Hobby Lobby decision, upholding religious liberty, was a 5-to-4 decision. Both will be overturned if Hillary Clinton is elected.

She may lie about many things, but she does not lie about her extreme pro-abortion record. Hillary Clinton will appoint radical, left-wing judges who will force churches to pay for abortions and effectively repeal the Second Amendment.

Donald Trump has produced a list of judges vetted by the best conservative organizations. If he is elected president, he will have to appoint conservative judges to counter the left-wing Obama appointees already on the courts who will try to block everything he does.


With all of the things we are dealing with in this country, I suspect tomorrow’s vote in Great Britain is not on the top of your list. The vote, dubbed “Brexit,” is shorthand for Britain exiting the European Union. It is worth mentioning because the battle taking place there is similar to the battle taking place here over fundamental issues of nationalism, globalism, sovereignty, control over borders and immigration policies.

European elites are pulling out all the stops to prevail in the Brexit vote. They are warning of economic collapse, of the British currency crashing, of England being politically isolated, of skyrocketing unemployment. Virtually every talking head on the BBC has wagged their fingers at British voters and accused them of racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia. (Sounds just like Hillary’s campaign against Trump!)

Given all the scare tactics, I expect the result of tomorrow’s vote will be to stay in the E.U. But here’s what I know for certain: If the vote is to stay, hundreds of thousands of migrants will continue pouring into England every year, changing it forever. In fact, the radical left-wing leader of England’s Labour Party is promising exactly that.

If, however, the British people vote to leave, it could be the beginning of a worldwide movement of people rising up against out-of-touch globalist elites to reclaim control of their own nations.

End Of Day Report

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Today’s Meeting With Trump

I am writing this report from the Marriott Marquis in New York City, where I have been in meetings with Donald Trump and more than 1,000 religious leaders. There were household names like Franklin Graham, who opened the meeting with an incredibly moving prayer.

Others present included Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Dr. Ben Carson, Penny Nance and Jerry Falwell, Jr., who endorsed Trump early on in the primaries. Falwell cited his admiration for Trump based on years of personal friendship.

There was a smaller, private meeting before the main event, which I was pleased to attend. Trump caught me by surprise when he singled me out among those in the room and praised our work, which is only possible thanks to you!

Here are a few key points that stood out to me:

  • In this meeting, Trump recapped his basic agenda. But I must say he spoke far more emphatically than I have ever heard him. For example, he vowed to rebuild our military, saying it would be far more expensive if we failed to do so because weakness invites war.
  • As one might expect, Trump took a number of questions about major religious liberty issues in the news. He consistently referred to his list of judges, which has been widely praised by leading conservative organizations. Trump noted that they were pro-life, and that the courts were the key to addressing this problem because left-wing judges were the ones forcing this nonsense on the country. He is absolutely right.
  • Trump also brought up the 1954 Johnson Amendment to the tax code. The amendment was authored by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson to muzzle pastors. Trump said he would work to repeal the Johnson Amendment so that religious leaders would no longer be afraid to speak up.
  • Trump expressed 100% support for Israel, and ripped Obama for tilting U.S. policy toward Iran and against our most reliable ally. He promised that would end on the first day of his administration.
  • Addressing concerns about his proposal to restrict Muslim immigration, Trump was unapologetic. He reiterated the need to be absolutely certain that our immigration policies are not putting Americans at risk. That is not xenophobia or bigotry. It’s just common sense!

    In conversations before, during and after the meeting, it was clear that many people there are still licking their wounds. My preferred candidate did not win the primary. Having said that, it was equally clear that everyone realized the risks we face this November. There is a coalescing taking place, and there must be.

    In short, today’s meeting was a positive for Donald Trump, and hopefully the beginning of an open and honest dialogue with values voters. I believe more evangelical leaders are on board today than yesterday.

    While everyone who came to New York today wants to make America great again, we know greatness is measured in more ways than just balance sheets and GDP reports. We know our strength is more than just the number of carriers deployed or troops in uniform.

    I believe America was a great, unique and blessed nation because our foundation rested upon the bedrock of Judeo-Christian values. I pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will maintain His hand of protection upon our nation. Men and women of faith have much to pray over in the days and weeks ahead.

    Working together, I know we can make America “a shining city upon a hill.”

    Campaign Update

    It is an understatement to say this campaign has been like no other in recent memory. It continues to be and will likely remain so until Election Day. With that in mind, here’s a brief update on some recent headlines.

  • In a column published yesterday at USA Today, I noted the left’s increasing appetite for violence, with some even justifying violence against supporters of Donald Trump.

    On a related note, an illegal immigrant from England was arrested Saturday in Las Vegas. Michael Steven Sandford drove four hours to attend a Trump rally. While there, he attempted to grab a police officer’s gun. Thankfully, he was tackled and escorted out of the room.

    Sandford has reportedly confessed to the Secret Service that he “had been planning to attempt to kill Trump for about a year,” even going to a gun range for target practice.

    Will anyone on the left justifying hateful violence against Trump’s supporters accept any responsibility for Sandford’s actions? I won’t hold my breath.

  • Corey Lewandowski was fired yesterday as Donald Trump’s campaign manager. The maverick political operative who successfully engineered Trump’s primary victory reportedly clashed with family members and more seasoned hands brought in to assist with the general election campaign. Faced with disappointing fundraising reports and a deluge of negative press, Trump evidently felt a change was needed to reinvigorate the campaign.
  • Polling continues to show a close race in November. A new national CNN poll finds Hillary Clinton leading Trump by just five points — 47% to 42%. Twenty-two percent of voters are still undecided.

    Meanwhile, polling in key battleground states finds Clinton leading in Florida, while the candidates are tied in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

    The Senate & The Second Amendment

    In response to the terrorist attack in Orlando, Democrats hijacked the Senate floor last week and demanded a series of votes on gun control measures. Last night they got their votes.

    Democrats offered two amendments and Republicans offered two counterproposals. I won’t bother going into the substance of each measure as none received the required threshold of 60 votes to pass.

    The left’s insistence on treating Orlando as an issue of “gun violence” is a total distraction. We should be attacking the terrorists, not the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.

    But so long as the left continues to assault your rights, let me arm you with some facts:

  • The term “assault weapon” is a manufactured phrase of the left intended to scare people. No one walks into a gun store and says, “I want to buy an assault weapon.”
  • It has been, generally speaking, illegal to purchase a machine gun or fully automatic weapon in this country since the 1930s. Laws regulating automatic weapons were further tightened in the 1980s. The “assault weapons” Democrats are referring to are, in fact, semi-automatic weapons. They fire one bullet each time the trigger is pulled, just like every handgun in America.
  • According to FBI statistics, more people are physically beaten to death each year than are killed with rifles, including “assault weapons.”
  • The real culprit in “gun violence” — another manufactured phrase of the left — is, of course, the criminal. But handguns, not so-called “assault weapons,” are used in the vast majority of shootings. According to the Congressional Research Service, “assault weapons” were used in just 27% of mass shootings from 1999 to 2013.