End Of Day Report

Thursday, March 31, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Trump Stumped On Life

My friends, I feel so strongly about the profound misrepresentation of the pro-life cause that happened yesterday that I am sending my thoughts to you now rather than later today.

It’s no secret that conservatives have been split about Donald Trump. His strong policies on border security and his defense of America’s working class have touched a responsive chord with millions of people. Increasingly, however, Reagan conservatives have serious questions about whether his governing vision is rooted in anything beyond whatever happens to pop into his mind at any given moment.

Yesterday’s disastrous exchange with left-wing hit journalist Chris Matthews on the sanctity of life only exacerbated those concerns. It has the potential to severely hurt Trump in Tuesday’s voting in Wisconsin and in the states to follow.

Matthews asked Trump if women who have abortions should be punished. Here’s the exchange:

MATTHEWS: Do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no as a principle?

TRUMP: The answer is that there has to be some form of punishment.

MATTHEWS: For the woman?

TRUMP: Yes, there has to be some form.
Trump’s suggestion that if abortion were banned in the future, women who got abortions would have to be punished is evidence that he hasn’t spent any time seriously thinking about or discussing one of the most fundamental issues facing the country.

No serious leader in the pro-life movement advocates punishing women if abortion is banned.

The pro-life position has been absolutely clear: Every abortion negatively affects two people — it seriously wounds the woman while destroying the life of her innocent unborn child.

How could Donald Trump give such an ill-conceived answer? I have a hunch.

In the past, Trump has been, by his own admission, pro-abortion. Asked by Tim Russert in 1999 whether he would ban partial-birth abortions, Trump answered, “Well, look, I’m very pro-choice.” Pressed again as to whether he would ban partial-birth abortions, Trump replied, “No. I am pro-choice in every respect.”

Now that was a long time ago — 17 years. There have been many pro-abortion people who end up becoming pro-life over time. But they always have an explanation. Perhaps they saw their first child’s sonogram and were convicted by the knowledge that they are looking at a human being.

Maybe they have a religious conversion and came to fully appreciate the Old Testament verse, “Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”

Trump says he is pro-life now, but he has a weak narrative to explain it. One is left with the suspicion that he hasn’t had a genuine “road to Damascus” experience, but a “road to Cleveland” experience, where the Republican National Convention will be held.

Faced with a question he hasn’t thought through, it appears as though he was attempting to pander to pro-life conservatives. At one point during the interview, Trump said, “Well, people in certain parts of the Republican Party and conservative Republicans would say, ‘yes, [women] should be punished.'” Mr. Trump is simply wrong.

Sadly, he legitimized one of worst stereotypes of the left when it comes to pro-life conservatives — that we want to put women in jail.

Every politician I have ever known manages to hurt themselves in some way. That is the nature of politics. In this case, Trump hurt himself, helped the pro-abortion left and damaged our cause of wanting an America where all of our children are welcomed into the world and protected under the law.

Before the evening was over, Trump’s campaign issued multiple clarifications, eventually aligning him with the position of the pro-life movement. But the damage has been done. You simply cannot adlib your way to the Oval Office.


End Of Day Report

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Iran Cheats Again

Western nations that negotiated last year’s nuclear deal with Iran have sent a letter to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon declaring that the Islamic Republic’s recent ballistic missile tests are violations of U.N. Resolution 2231.

In their letter, officials from the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany warn that the missiles Iran launched were “inherently capable of delivering nuclear weapons.” As a result, the launches were “inconsistent with” and “in defiance of” U.N. resolutions, and the various countries are demanding that the Security Council consider “appropriate responses.”

That’s a big deal, right? Well, maybe not so much.

According to Reuters, “Western officials say that although the launches went against [Resolution] 2231, they were not a violation of the core nuclear agreement between Iran, Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States.”

The fact that Iran can continue to test ballistic missiles without violating the nuclear deal is a good indication of just how bad Obama’s deal really is. Common sense would seem to dictate that any deal covering Iran’s nuclear weapons program should have included its ballistic missile program, the purpose of which is to deliver nuclear warheads!

Only a few weeks ago, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before Congress, saying that Iran “would choose ballistic missiles as its preferred method of delivering nuclear weapons.”

Clapper added, “Iran’s ballistic missiles are inherently capable of delivering [weapons of mass destruction], and Tehran already has the largest inventory of ballistic missiles in the Middle East.”

Today, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had this to say about his country’s missile tests, “Those who say the future [of Iran] is in negotiations, not in missiles, are either ignorant or traitors.”

It is painfully obvious to everyone, except the Obama Administration, that the Iranian regime is not interested in peace. It is doing everything it can to develop its nuclear weapons program — testing its delivery systems while waiting for the day when it can rush to a “breakout” point.

Court Struggles For Compromise

The Supreme Court is struggling with the loss of Justice Antonin Scalia. No doubt many of the justices deeply miss their friend. Scalia’s absence on the court has resulted in at least one 4-to-4 decision already.

That case involved forced union dues for public school teachers. The court’s split decision leaves a pro-union ruling from the left-wing Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals intact.

But an even bigger split may be emerging when it comes to religious liberty. The justices have ordered new arguments in the case involving Obamacare’s contraception mandate and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Other religious non-profit organizations are also involved in this case, which arrived at the Supreme Court when different appeals courts reached different conclusions in their respective cases. In other words, a split decision in this case would result in different standards around the country.

The order for new arguments is an unusual move, suggesting the justices may not be able to reach a decision and yet are eager to avoid the ensuing legal chaos that could result if they fail to reach a compromise.

Here’s the bigger point. The president and the left are saying now that the Supreme Court is not a political entity and should be above the partisanship that dominates Washington. But, of course, the court is political.

Four liberals on the court and three conservatives plus Kennedy are looking at the exact same Constitution and coming to diametrically opposed views. That is why the justices are split 4-to-4 on forced union dues and the issue of religious liberty.

Some politicians on the left are pointing to these splits as evidence of the urgent need to confirm Obama’s latest nominee, Judge Merrick Garland. Their faux concern for the judicial confirmation process is pathetic. All they want is a five-vote majority in favor of their political views!

A Tale Of Two Governors

Here’s tale of two governors. One is a tale of courage. The other is a tale of cowardice.

Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina recently signed legislation that overturned a Charlotte city ordinance that allowed men who claimed to be women to use women’s restrooms. The new law creates a uniform policy that protects privacy rights and upholds common sense in public facilities.

It is sad that we even have to debate this issue today. But this is what happens when a culture can’t even get something as simple as marriage right.

The ACLU is vowing to sue the governor and, Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s Democrat attorney general, is refusing to defend the new law. Senate President Phil Berger is demanding Cooper resign. If he doesn’t, I suggest Senator Berger launch impeachment proceedings.

Where did Cooper get the idea that public officials in this nation of laws can pick and choose which laws they want to defend? Perhaps he got it from the Obama Administration, which routinely ignores laws it doesn’t like.

Needless to say, the left has come down on North Carolina like a ton of bricks. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo banned all non-essential state travel to North Carolina. Talk about left-wing hypocrisy! Cuomo is eager to go to Cuba, but not North Carolina!

Thankfully, Governor McCrory isn’t backing down, and is boldly defending the values and common sense of the people of North Carolina.

Meanwhile, Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia recently vetoed a religious liberty bill that would have protected pastors and faith-based organizations from being forced to participate in activities that violated their deeply held beliefs.

Corporate elites, including the NFL and Disney, threatened to pull business from Georgia if the legislation passed. So, compromise language was negotiated and sent to the governor’s desk.

Sadly, Governor Deal was unable to stand up to Hollywood and big business. He vetoed even that weakened bill, suggesting it was a solution in search of a problem.

I recommend that Governor Deal introduce himself to former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran.

Notice the instincts of two officials involved here. The Democrat attorney general feels so strongly about his position that he throws caution to the wind and refuses to enforce the law.

The governor of Georgia goes in the exact opposite direction and refuses to allow the legislators of his state to enact a law that reflects the values of the citizens of his state.

It is exactly this kind of abject surrender that has the party of Lincoln and Reagan on the verge of disintegrating.

We Must Win

I was on Fox Business today talking about the latest twists and turns in the GOP presidential campaign. I warned party officials against doing anything that would result in the election of Hillary Clinton. Watch the interview here.

End Of Day Report

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Terrorists Target Turkey

ISIS-inspired terrorism from Syria and Iraq is increasingly spilling over into Turkey. The nation has been rocked by a series of recent bombings that have killed nearly 100 people since the beginning of the year.

Today, there are credible reports that a major ISIS attack targeting Jewish children is “imminent.” The intelligence was obtained from six ISIS jihadis who were arrested last week.

Various media outlets are now reporting that the Pentagon and the State Department have ordered the evacuations of family members of diplomats and military personnel in southern Turkey. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged Israeli tourists to leave Turkey immediately.

Apologize, Donald

For many voters, a major part of Donald Trump’s appeal is that he doesn’t apologize for anything. There is a real market for that when the demands for apologies so often come from the censors of left-wing political correctness.

But what about apologizing when you have in fact made a mistake, especially one that ends up affirming your critics? That is the position Donald Trump finds himself in today.

You probably know the details. An unaffiliated, independent super PAC recently distributed suggestive photos of Melania Trump — photos, by the way, that were taken for GQ magazine 15 years ago. (Mrs. Trump is a former model.) Trump blamed Ted Cruz and retaliated by retweeting a very unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz.

With that one retweet, Trump appears to have magnified the problems he already had with crudeness and insensitivity toward women. (Remember Trump’s comments about Carly Fiorina?)

In the heat of campaigns, as it is in life, people do and say stupid things. But personal attacks against the appearance of a candidate’s wife are generally considered beyond the pale.

The simple solution when people do stupid things is to apologize, something that Mr. Trump seems to have a hard time doing. Perhaps he is worried that an apology will damage his brand. But his brand IS being damaged by this episode.

There is some evidence that the controversy is hurting him in Wisconsin, a state initially believed to be good ground for him. Last month, Trump enjoyed a 10-point lead in Wisconsin. But two recent polls have Senator Cruz leading narrowly. Today, Senator Cruz picked up the endorsement of Wisconsin’s conservative governor, Scott Walker.

In recent days, Trump has done interviews with several conservative talk radio shows in Wisconsin, and the hosts have pummeled him, demanding he apologize to Mrs. Cruz. Or, at a minimum, concede that Ted Cruz was not responsible for the suggestive photos of Melania Trump being used in an ad and that attacking Heidi Cruz was inappropriate.

Even some Trump supporters have been deeply offended by his reaction. On Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last night, Newt Gingrich said that Trump’s reaction was “just utterly stupid,” adding, “I’m not sure anybody in the Trump campaign understands yet what a big mistake this is.”

During an interview this week, Ann Coulter, a very vocal Trump supporter, shared her disappointment. “Our candidate is mental. Do you realize our candidate is mental?” Coulter said. “It’s like constantly having to bail out your 16 year-old son from prison. . . This is the worst thing he’s done.”

Mr. Trump has not asked for my political advice, but I’ll offer it anyway: Clean this up now, Donald. If you don’t, and still manage to get the GOP nomination, this is the kind of nonsense that will make it very hard for you to appeal to female voters (half the country) in a general election against a well-known female candidate.

Common Sense Still Prevails

Reasonable people can disagree about whether there should be a total ban on Muslim immigration. I have argued that we need to institute serious screening efforts in our immigration policies.

Not only must we keep out possible terrorists, but I would argue that we should not allow into the country immigrants of any faith who embrace hatred toward Christians and Jews, or any faith. We don’t need haters coming into America.

When Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have said we need a time out on Muslim immigration, not only do the media and many Democrats go crazy, but significant Republican leaders join them in piling on.

Well, they may want to call their offices. A new poll finds that 50% of all voters support a temporary ban on Muslims coming to the United States. That includes 34 percent of likely Democrat voters and 49 percent of independents. Just 38% oppose a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

Here’s more: 49% of voters, including 35% of Democrats and 46% of independents, support Senator Cruz’s call for more surveillance of Muslim communities. Only 36% of voters oppose additional surveillance of Muslim communities.

And more Americans (45%) support the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, than oppose them (35%).

On each of these issues the public supports the conservative position, but many establishment politicians are shocked. Part of this problem stems from the fact that too many GOP elites spend too much time reading the editorial pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post and not enough time connecting with the American people!

Quite frankly, more Americans support these commonsense proposals than much of the GOP economic agenda like cutting Social Security and more trade deals.

Once again, on culture and values — issues like immigration policy, marriage, life, what America is about — Republican Party insiders too often preemptively surrender and allow the left to redefine us. This is just one of many reasons we have been unable to win the presidency in recent elections.

Kudos To Gov. Rick Scott

Friday, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed legislation cutting off taxpayer dollars to abortion clinics. The new law has a direct impact on the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Florida now becomes the 12th state in the nation to end taxpayer-funding to Planned Parenthood.

Predictably, the left is crying crocodile tears. Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards blasted the new bill as “cruel” and “designed to rip health care away from those most at risk.”

Richards added that “thousands of people across Florida may no longer be able to access essential reproductive health care, such as cancer screenings, birth control, and well-woman exams.”

That is an absurd claim. According to Planned Parenthood’s website, it operates 22 centers in Florida.

But as John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, noted, “there are 636 Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) sites and Rural Health Clinics in the state of Florida. . . These FQHCs provide far more care, not less, than the limited services that Planned Parenthood and similar abortion-centric facilities provide.”

End Of Day Report

Monday, March 28, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Easter Horror

With the world still reeling from the Brussels attacks, radical Islamists demonstrated their ability to strike anywhere, anytime and without any mercy whatsoever. A Taliban faction that pledged its support to the Islamic State carried out a horrific attack in Lahore, Pakistan.

A suicide bomber targeting Christians celebrating Easter Sunday blew himself up in a crowded park. Seventy-two people, including 36 children, were killed. More than 300 people were wounded.

The scourge of radical Islam is killing and maiming innocent people all over the world. The countries where it is able to do the most damage often have weak border controls and immigration policies, and an inability to control the flow of people.

If what happened in Lahore was evil, what the president said this weekend was bizarre. In his weekend radio address, President Obama doubled down on his demand to take in more refugees from the Middle East even though top security officials have expressed doubts about our ability to vet them.

Obama also went on to attack conservative calls for border security and commonsense counterterrorism policies as “counterproductive” and “contrary to our character. . . values, and to our history as a nation built around the idea of religious freedom.”

When a candidate like Ted Cruz actively argues against this foolishness the left attempts to label him as a fringe candidate. Sadly, a significant part of the Republican establishment is so browbeaten by the charge of bigotry that it won’t even make the case for secure borders, while polls show the public overwhelmingly supports secure borders.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are incredibly vulnerable on this issue. Yet it is the one issue on which many GOP insiders are the least willing to fight.

State Department Delusions

Responding to last week’s terrorist attack in Brussels, State Department spokesman John Kirby said, “This isn’t about a religion. . . And we don’t believe that it is indicative in any way of the Muslim faith or the people who practice Islam as a religion.”

Apparently, the jihadists didn’t get the memo. The Islamic State released a video after last week’s attack in Brussels praising jihad as a central tenet of Islam.

“Every Muslim who is well aware of the history of Islam, knows that the holy war against infidels is an integral part of Islam, and those who read history would know,” the video said.

The radical Islamists know they are at war, and they know why they are waging war. Whatever our State Department might like to believe, waging jihad has been a regular part of Islam’s history.

A Tale Of Two Rallies

Imagine for a moment that two political rallies are taking place, both led by candidates generally considered to be outside of the political mainstream.

At one rally, fights break out between protestors and supporters of the candidate. The crowd erupts in chants of “USA! USA! USA!”

At the other rally, a bird lands on the podium and the candidate declares the bird is a dove asking for “No more wars.” The crowd erupts in wild applause and starts chanting, “No More War.”

I don’t know about you, but I am not bothered by chants of “USA!” I am deeply concerned by cries of “No more war” given the war that is being waged against us. When one side gives up and refuses to fight back, that’s called surrender.

Kudos To Gov. Pence

Just before the Easter holiday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed one of the strongest pro-life laws in the nation. The bill passed by the Indiana legislature prohibits abortions based solely on race, sex or disability.

After signing the legislation (HEA 1337), Pence issued a statement reaffirming his commitment to the sanctity of life. He said:

“Throughout my public career, I have stood for the sanctity of life. . . I believe that a society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable — the aged, the infirm, the disabled and the unborn. HEA 1337 . . . prohibits abortions that are based only on the unborn child’s sex, race, color, national origin, ancestry, or disability, including Down syndrome.

“Some of my most precious moments as Governor have been with families of children with disabilities, especially those raising children with Down syndrome. These Hoosiers never fail to inspire me with their compassion and these special children never fail to move me with their love and joy. . . I sign this legislation with a prayer that God would continue to bless these precious children, mothers and families.”
Tragically, only two states in the nation — North Dakota and now Indiana — extend legal protections to unborn children with Down syndrome.

The bill Governor Pence signed last week demonstrates just how extreme the left is. According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, just seven states prohibited abortion for sex selection. (Talk about sex discrimination!) Now there are eight. But polls show that 77% of the American people oppose abortion based only on sex selection.

Sanders Surge?

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won three landslide victories Saturday. Sanders took 70% of the vote in Hawaii, 73% in Washington and 82% in Alaska.

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains the clear favorite to win the Democrat presidential nomination, the contest is actually much more competitive than the media narrative suggests.

In the delegate contest, Hillary Clinton currently leads Sanders by more than 700 delegates. But two-thirds of her margin comes from so-called “superdelegates.”

Take the superdelegates out of the picture and Clinton leads Sanders by only 268 delegates. With more than 1,600 delegates still up for grabs in the weeks ahead, 268 is a figure easily overcome. But 700 is much harder.

You’d think the GOP could have lots of fun mocking Democrats about the very un-democratic concept of “superdelegates,” except that some in the GOP establishment are envious they don’t have more superdelegates themselves to stop the top vote-getters in the GOP primaries.

End Of Day Report

Thursday, March 24, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Leadership Matters

In the era we’re living in, it is important that more and more Americans understand the value of leadership when it comes to national security. As a former Under Secretary of Education, I know the importance of testing. So here is a pop quiz that might help to inform our response to the attacks in Belgium. Are you ready?

Question: Imagine that radical Islamists attack one of our allies. Hundreds of people are killed and wounded, including Americans. Which of the following options is NOT an appropriate response by the commander-in-chief?

A) Hold an immediate conference call with allies to reassure them the United States will stand with them.
B) Return from a foreign trip and convene an emergency meeting of the National Security Council.
C) Instruct the secretary of defense to launch counterstrikes within 48 hours.
D) Submit a plan to Congress to defeat the jihadist enemy.
E) Do the wave with a communist dictator at a baseball game.
F) Dance the tango (badly) in Buenos Aires.
If you answered E and F, congratulations! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what our current commander-in-chief has been doing while the people of Brussels and Europe grapple with the latest Islamic State atrocity.

Seven Minutes

Here’s a brief history lesson. On the terrible morning of September 11th, 2001, President George W. Bush was visiting an elementary school in Florida. As he was reading to a classroom of schoolchildren, Chief of Staff Andy Card leaned over and whispered in his ear, “America is under attack.”

Video of that moment shows the president processing what he has been told, and he takes another seven minutes to finish the story to the class. He left the room and was taken to Air Force One, where he directed our nation’s response for the rest of the day.

But those seven minutes, where the president remained calm and finished reading to the children, was used by the left as a cudgel to pummel him for the next seven years. Meanwhile, most of big media are giving Obama a free pass for going to a ball game and dancing while bodies were being dragged out of the rubble in Brussels.

Silencing Conservatives

Monday morning students at Emory University found messages written in chalk at various places on the campus. Some students were traumatized and complained to the administration that they were afraid and “in pain.”

What did they see? Swastikas? Was “KKK” scrawled in large letters on the side of a dorm? Did they see the Arabic writing from the ISIS flag? No. What was so incredibly offensive to these students was, “Trump 2016!”

I thought universities were supposed to be places where the free exchange of ideas was welcomed, where diverse opinions were celebrated. Yet these students are having nervous breakdowns over chalkings of the name of a presidential candidate. Seriously. Offended students were offered “emergency counseling” by the student government association.

If they need counseling, they may have to get in line behind Emory’s president, Jim Wagner, who has joined in the collective breakdown. In an email to the Emory community, President Wagner stated that his administration was taking steps such as:

“Immediate refinements to certain policy and procedural deficiencies (for example, our bias incident reporting and response process); Regular and structured opportunities for difficult dialogues (like the Transforming Community Project of several years ago); A formal process to institutionalize identification, review, and addressing of social justice opportunities and issues.”
If I were paying tuition to Emory University, I’d be furious at how my money was being wasted.

Once again, we are seeing the intolerance of the left, which is trying to make universities “no-go zones” for conservative thought and opinion.

It started with eliminating conservative speakers. They are going after students who defend traditional values and the state of Israel. There have been physical violence and bomb threats.

I have had to have extra security when speaking on college campuses. Now they are even trying to ban the names of political figures.

The assault on conservative speech at Emory University is worthy of a speech by the speaker of the House. Yesterday, Paul Ryan condemned harsh rhetoric in our political dialogue. How about a speech condemning the left’s attempt to squelch dialogue on our university campuses?

End Of Day Report

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Results: The Democrats

Senator Bernie Sanders notched two wins last night. He won Idaho 78% to 21% and carried Utah by an even larger margin — 80% to 20%. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton carried Arizona 58% to 40%.

The delegate allocation from the three states slightly favored Sanders — 57 to 51. But he is still a long way from catching Mrs. Clinton. In the total delegate count for the Democrat nomination, Hillary Clinton has 1,681 delegates (71% of the total needed to win the nomination) to 937 for Senator Sanders.

Democrats will go to the polls in three more states this Saturday — Alaska, Hawaii and Washington.

Results: The Republicans

Republicans got a split decision from yesterday’s results in Arizona and Utah. Donald Trump carried Arizona with 47%, followed by Ted Cruz (25%) and John Kasich (10%).

Senator Cruz crushed his competition in Utah, taking 69% of the vote. Gov. Kasich finished second with 17%, while Trump was third with 14%.

In the delegate race, Donald Trump leads with 739 delegates — 60% of the total needed to secure the nomination. Cruz has 465, while Kasich has 143.

Yesterday’s split decision means the deal is not yet sealed and the battle will likely continue. North Dakota votes next on April 1st, followed by Wisconsin on April 5th.

Looking forward to the general election, a new Quinnipiac poll finds Hillary Clinton leading Senator Cruz by three points, within the poll’s margin of error. She leads Donald Trump by six points.

In other campaign news, Senator Ted Cruz picked up the endorsement of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. I suspect if someone had asked Bush last year who he would support if he didn’t get the nomination, Cruz would have been near the bottom of his list. But his endorsement today is another example of Cruz consolidating support across the wide spectrum of those who oppose Trump.

Meanwhile, a new poll by Monmouth University asks Republican voters about the prospect of a contested convention — where no candidate arrives with the necessary number of delegates to secure the nomination outright. A clear majority — 54% — said the nomination should go to the candidate with the most votes in the primaries and caucuses. Only 34% said the nomination should go to someone else.

The Left Trashes Cruz

Responding to the Islamist attacks in Brussels yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz said that law enforcement in this country should more closely monitor Muslim neighborhoods for signs of extremism. Predictably, he is being hammered today by left-wing activists and their media allies. Cruz’s comment was labeled “incendiary,” “un-American,” “dangerous” and “racism-fueled xenophobia.”

Some even suggested that American Muslims are not like those in Europe. One commentator dared Senator Cruz to “name one community, one city where we have a large group of radicalized Muslims.” How about Minneapolis?

The first question we should be asking is, “In which communities do we have radicalized mosques?” There are many. Mosques built with Saudi money often have imams trained in radical Islamic theology.

It is amazing how far we have drifted since 9/11. We used waterboarding after 9/11 and it saved lives. Now elite opinion insists that waterboarding is beyond the pale. But beyond that, we have drifted so far from a wartime mentality that we can’t even get an iPhone opened.

After the San Bernardino attack, we learned that there was a monitoring program in place that might have prevented that attack. But the Obama Administration shut it down over fears of profiling.

There were plenty of warnings about the Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan. But our military leaders were too worried about their careers, too afraid of left-wing political orthodoxy to do anything about it.

Who in the government was fired after the Fort Hood attack? Who was fired after the Boston Marathon bombing? Who was fired after the Chattanooga shooting? Who was fired after San Bernardino?

Here’s the bottom line: There is no price to be paid if the government fails to stop an attack. But anyone who dares to suggest steps that might prevent terrorist attacks is likely to pay a heavy price in public scorn and ridicule.

Belgium’s 9/11

Belgium is a relatively small European nation with a population of 11 million people. The United States has roughly 30 times Belgium’s population. Comparing the casualties proportionally to our respective populations would be like the U.S. suffering more than 900 people dead and 6,000 wounded.

My point is this: Yesterday’s attack in Brussels, the headquarters of NATO, was Belgium’s 9/11. And that event warranted only 51 seconds of Barack Obama’s time yesterday. After a brief press conference in Havana, the president took in a baseball game. He even did the wave with Raul Castro.

This is not evidence of Obama being tone deaf or frivolous. He is a very serious man. This is his approach to Islamic terror — ignore it as an inconvenient distraction.

As he told ESPN yesterday, “You want to be respectful and understand the gravity of the situation. But the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people’s ordinary lives.”

Major terrorist attacks be damned. Nothing is going to stop Obama from going to that ball game! How respectful and understanding is that? By the way, at least a dozen Americans were injured in the attacks.

When our enemies strike us or our allies, Obama’s life should be disrupted by planning how to strike back!

Yucking it up with a communist dictator on a day of such tragedy fits Obama’s pattern. After the Benghazi attacks, Obama made a brief statement and then flew off for a fundraiser.

Obama dismissed ISIS as a “junior varsity team.” After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, world leaders streamed to Paris to march arm-in-arm. But not Obama. This is a deliberate effort to downplay and ignore the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

Bankrupting Nuns

There is one kind of “religious extremism” Obama is all in on fighting — slapping down the beliefs of Christians who take their faith seriously.

Yesterday in Cuba, he legitimized a regime that routinely throws Christians in jail. Today, his lawyers are arguing before the Supreme Court that the Little Sisters of the Poor, if they remain faithful to Catholic teaching, should be bankrupted, even though they serve constituents the president claims to care about.

This is the administration that took years to determine that ISIS was committing genocide against Christians. Obama referred to people who “cling” to their Bibles in a derogatory way. Yesterday the president commented on how much Cuba and America have in common. Hostility to Christianity is one trait his administration and Castro’s seem to share.


Jews throughout the world are celebrating Purim today. It is the story of Queen Esther, who broke protocol and saved the Jewish people in Persia from a plot to annihilate them.

Just as it did so many centuries ago, Israel is once again facing an existential threat from modern day Persia (Iran), whose leader routinely promises a second Holocaust and the annihilation of Israel.

To all of our Jewish friends and supporters, Chag Purim Sameach!

End of Day Report

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

ISIS Attacks Brussels

Once again, jihadists have struck in the heart of Europe, this time in Brussels, Belgium. Reports indicate that at least 30 people were killed and more than 180 were wounded after coordinated attacks at an airport and subway station. ISIS has taken credit for the attack.

The Brussels attack follows a bombing over the weekend in Istanbul, Turkey, in which a suicide bomber stalked a group of Israelis. He blew himself up as they were leaving a restaurant, killing four people, including two Americans.

Brussels is the headquarters of NATO. The subway bombing occurred at the station that serves the European parliament. This attack targeted the heart of the European experiment in open borders and multiculturalism. (See more below.)

Paris. San Bernardino. Istanbul. Brussels. Thanks to radical Islam, the ripped flesh and broken bodies of the innocent is becoming the new normal.

Around the world, an increasing number of nations are subjected to organized attacks planned and executed by the soldiers of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, along with increasing numbers of so-called “lone wolf” attacks here in the United States.

While the radical Islamists are solely responsible for the carnage, the flaccid policies of multiple governments, including our own, are making the danger far worse.

Open Borders

For decades now, Europeans have attempted to create a world that does not exist, and their citizens are dying as a result. That world is essentially defined as a continent in which nation-states no longer matter, and borders are seen as an impediment to the free flow of goods and people.

It is a nice theory, as long as everybody ignores reality. Some borders run along the old and reemerging Russian empire. Others are near the boiling cauldron of North Africa and the Middle East. The free flow of goods and people has allowed an invading army of unknown size to embed itself in every major European city.

In spite of the growing stack of corpses, political parties in Europe that say the obvious — you can’t have open borders when you are at war with barbarians– are labeled as “fascist” and ostracized by elite opinion. In the United States, any politician who dares to suggest that our borders be secured risks similar scorn.


Not only is Europe encouraging large numbers of people from different cultures to come to the continent, it is failing miserably to integrate them into European values. As a result, there are growing neighborhoods that can be thought of as “Little Baghdad” or “Little Kabul.” In these “no-go zones,” strict interpretations of Islam prevail, and the infection spreads throughout Europe as more and more ISIS fighters return to the continent.

Here in the U.S., while the process is not as far along as it is in Europe, liberal elites bristle at the idea that English should be our official language. They constantly smear our country and history as oppressive (see Obama in Cuba), and they promote separatism, rather than unity, in multiple ways.

We are by no means immune to the same radical Islamic virus that has infected Europe. Minneapolis, Minnesota, of all places, is a center of Somali immigration. It has provided more recruits for Islamic jihad than any other city in America.

When conservatives have dared to suggest that we should be monitoring mosques more closely, elite opinion makers are aghast and repulsed. But a new study finds that textbooks affiliated with hundreds of Islamic schools right here in the U.S. are critical of America and biased against Israel.

Meanwhile, through his rhetoric and actions, Barack Obama continues to feed the notion that American Muslims are victims, that Middle Americans are bigots and that there is an epidemic of anti-Islamic hate crimes in America.

American Muslims are not victims. They left countries where they likely would have been victims and came to the freest nation on earth. The American people have been admirably restrained in the face of a series of Islamic-inspired attacks. According to FBI statistics, the overwhelming majority of religiously-biased hate crimes are committed against Jews, not Muslims.

Meanwhile, the president is spending the day in Cuba, which has a Hezbollah base. And all our media can do is talk about the great new market place that may open up.

Israel Takes Center Stage

After suffering through Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday morning, I watched Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump address the 18,000 attendees at the annual AIPAC conference. Both speeches were extraordinarily good. The heavily Democrat audience rose to its feet for multiple standing ovations.

I believe the United States and Israel are the two pillars of Western Civilization, and must stand together in this daily onslaught from radical Islam. I believe both candidates helped themselves with their speeches, but there was a fundamental difference between them.

What Cruz said yesterday was completely consistent with what he has said about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It was consistent with what he has been saying about Iran and the dangers of radical Islam.

While Trump has been aggressive on radical Islam, his rhetoric yesterday was not consistent with past statements that he intends to be neutral in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Mr. Trump says he wants to oversee a breakthrough deal.

Presidents from both parties have frequently thought they could do what no other president could do in the Middle East. But such hubris has repeatedly been blown up by men who worship death and have no desire to read “The Art of the Deal.”

If the stronger position Mr. Trump articulated yesterday represents a new understanding, that is good news. Pro-Israel voters who believe in the U.S./Israel alliance will have to decide whether the Trump who spoke last night is the real Donald Trump or if the one who says he we will be a neutral mediator is the real Donald Trump.

As for me, I know that what Ted Cruz said last night is what he believes and what he would do.

Castro Castigates America. . . Obama Agrees

Yesterday’s joint press conference between Barack Obama and Raul Castro was a sorry spectacle to behold. Predictably, Castro launched into a tirade against America, castigating us for a variety of alleged sins and human rights violations. Obama’s defense of our values was about as limp as his wrist.

At one point Obama said, “I actually welcome President Castro commenting on some of the areas where he feels that we’re falling short.”

Of course, any American conservative who tells Obama where he is falling short is quickly branded a bigot. But when it comes to the Marxist Castro, Obama welcomes the critique.

Cubans have been fleeing the “workers’ paradise” for decades. Even after the supposed thaw in relations, they are still choosing to leave, coming across the Texas border in record numbers.

But there’s more. Castro also lectured Obama about a favorite left-wing theme — the notion that women in America are paid less for equal work. Sadly, Obama didn’t have the courage to remind Castro that equal pay for equal work in Cuba amounts to about $20 a month for men and women. Isn’t socialism wonderful? Everyone is equally poor!