End Of Day Report

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Stand With Me


Your $5 gift will become $10.

$25 will become $50.

$250 will become $500. And so on.

Religious liberty in America is at stake.

Fight back! Stand with me.

The Fight For Faith

A lot of foolish things have been said since the Supreme Court redefined marriage. But none are more foolish than the suggestion that the marriage fight is over and that Republicans, conservatives and Christians who were “on the wrong side of history” can now move on to other issues.

For example, former Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough, a co-host on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” has said that the marriage issue is off the 2016 agenda. No, it’s not.

Here’s why: The same political and social forces that are spending us into huge debts, attacking the successful, gutting our military and retreating around the world are aggressively attempting to rip America out of the rich soil of Judeo-Christian civilization.

As I noted yesterday, demands are already being made for the legalization of polygamy. Calls for censorship are growing.

Other battlefronts emerged even before last week’s decision. The most obvious being whether anybody of orthodox faith has the right in this country, a country built on religious liberty, to say, “No, I am a doctor and I will not perform abortions.” (Pro-life Americans need to understand that what happened last week regarding marriage was a major defeat for them too.)

Just consider Memories Pizza, the mom and pop pizza shop in Indiana that recently became national news. As of now the owners can go to church and hear a sermon that says God defined marriage as a between a man and a woman. But it is increasingly likely that the church they attend will lose its tax-exempt status.

A column this week at Time.com argues that “. . . the logic of gay-marriage rights could lead to a reexamination of conservative churches’ tax exemptions.”

Justice Alito raised the danger of religious institutions losing their tax exempt status during the Supreme Court’s oral arguments. The Obama Administration’s lawyer said in response, “I don’t deny that, Justice Alito. It is going to be an issue.”

Being decent people, the owners of Memories Pizza serve anyone who comes into their restaurant to buy a pizza. But, as they sadly discovered when they answered a hypothetical question, the left would force them to serve the customer who comes in and says, “Hi, I’m John, and I’m marrying Mark. We want 50 pizzas to serve at our reception.”

The media and corporate America are already defining people who politely say, “No, we don’t want to participate in same-sex marriages,” as equivalent to the racists who would serve only whites at their lunch counters. Too many politicians, and even some pastors, are unable to craft the intellectual response to that absurdity.

In the days ahead, there will be a battle over whether the Republican Party will drop its traditional marriage plank from its platform. The more important question will be whether the party’s nominee will be willing to confidently make the case that, in a nation built on religious liberty, people have a fundamental right not to be forced to participate in things that violate their faith.

Don’t miss the irony here: In order to establish a right (same-sex marriage) that is nowhere in the Constitution, many of our elites are prepared to surrender a right (religious liberty) that clearly is in our Constitution.

Iran Deadline Missed

Today was the deadline for Iran and five major world powers to reach an agreement on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. No deal was reached, and the existing interim deal has been extended to July 7th.

I hope they miss the next deadline too. It is obvious that any deal President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry agree to will be a bad deal, 1,000% percent worse than no deal at all.

You may recall that a major roadblock in the negotiations has been guaranteeing access for international inspectors to Iran’s military sites — a non-negotiable necessity when it comes to verifying Iran’s compliance with the deal. The ayatollah has repeatedly said he would not allow it. The Iranian parliament passed a law against it.

News broke yesterday that this impasse has been resolved. A senior U.S. official said, “The entry point isn’t we must be able to get into every military site, because the United States of America wouldn’t allow anybody to get into every military site, so that’s not appropriate.”

Allow me to translate: Obama just caved again.

As my friend Bill Kristol put it, the left has replaced the moral equivalence between the Soviet Union and the United States with moral equivalence between the U.S. and Iran. Kristol wrote:

“Think about that. The American official argues that Iran — a rogue regime that sponsors terror and that has lied about its nuclear program, and that is under sanctions precisely because it has proved time and again it can’t be trusted — should be held to the same standards as the U.S. Amazing.”

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned, “I am not impressed by the potholes in the nuclear talks. . . . This agreement is going from a bad agreement to a worse agreement, and is becoming worse by the day.”

So while the left blows up our culture internally, it is also greasing the skids for a nuclear-armed Iran that will dominate the Middle East, threaten our interests and Israel, and make war more likely.


End Of Day Report

Monday, June 29, 2015

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Stand With Me


Your $5 gift will become $10.

$25 will become $50.

$250 will become $500. And so on.

As you will read below, the battle over marriage isn’t over.

Do not give up! Stand with me!

In Your Face

As if his Rose Garden speech praising the Supreme Court’s ruling forcing same-sex marriage on every state in the union wasn’t enough, President Obama chose to bathe the White House in the symbolic colors of the gay rights movement Friday night.

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

It’s hard to imagine a more in-your-face gesture to millions of men and women of faith. If you are as upset by this as I am, help me make sure we end the Obama nightmare in 2016!

On the few occasions when conservatives have prevailed in recent years, our leaders don’t allow a moment to celebrate before they are lecturing us against gloating. We’re told that even though we won, we must demonstrate a charitable spirit.

Remember how many times GOP leaders said that the message from the 2014 elections was that the voters wanted Republicans to work with Obama? Well, there is no such tolerance or grace from the left.

Obama and the left have been doing a victory dance ever since Thursday’s Obamacare ruling, and it reached an audacious peak when the president chose to turn the White House into a celebratory symbol after the destruction of thousands of years of history and tradition. And I doubt anyone at the White House cares.

I couldn’t help but wonder whether anyone on Obama’s staff thought to light up the White House red, white and blue when Osama bin Laden was brought to justice. Somehow I suspect it never crossed their minds. But on this issue, they were eager to spike the football.

Rush Limbaugh has said in his own way that for some on the left, the enemy is not Ayatollah Khamenei or ISIS, but conservatives. The gloating on display Friday was the kind of gloating you might expect when you have vanquished an enemy, not after you narrowly won a debate at the Supreme Court on an issue that deeply divides the country. And certainly not an issue on which, just a few years ago, you insisted you agreed with the other side.

The Left’s Moral Relativism

I was struck over the weekend by a profound column written by Bari Weiss of the Wall Street Journal. Weiss, who has always supported gay marriage, cheered Friday’s ruling. But at the same time, she blasted the left for its moral relativism when it comes to radical Islam. Consider these excerpts from her column:

“How else to explain the lack of outrage for the innocents murdered on the beach, while vitriol is heaped on those who express any shred of doubt about the Supreme Court ruling? How else to make sense of the legions of social-justice activists here at home who have nothing to say about . . . flogging, beheading or stoning?

“How else to understand those who have dedicated their lives to creating safe spaces for transgender people, yet issue no news releases about gender apartheid in an entire region of the world? How else to justify that at the gay-pride celebrations this weekend in Manhattan there is unlikely to be much mention of the gay men recently thrown off buildings in Syria and Iraq, their still-warm bodies desecrated by mobs? . . .

“The barbarians are at our gates. But inside our offices, schools, churches, synagogues and homes, we are posting photos of rainbows on Twitter.”

Where They Stand

The presidential candidates, most of them, were quick to respond to the court’s ruling Friday. Not surprisingly, all of the Democrats celebrated the news. Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders used the ruling to highlight their early support for same-sex marriage in contrast to Hillary Clinton’s slow evolution.

Every Republican candidate opposed the decision, but there were considerable differences in their statements. David Brody at CBN graded the responses. You can read his summary here.

Meanwhile, many pro-family Americans are rightly asking, “What do we do now?” My friend Maggie Gallagher offers some useful suggestions in her latest column at National Review Online.

By the way, don’t think that the marriage fight is over. The celebrations over same-sex marriage had only just begun Friday when some on the left began demanding more. The battle over polygamy is next.

Thoughts On A Flag

With the July 4th holiday coming up, I thought you might enjoy my surprising essay on the flag. Read it here at The Weekly Standard. Just be certain to read it all the way to the end!

End Of Day Report

Friday, June 26, 2015

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer



Your $5 gift will become $10.

$25 will become $50.

$100 will become $200. And so on.

Please let me know that you are still in this fight.

Do not give up! Stand with me!

Supremely Wrong On Marriage

Today, five unelected lawyers on the Supreme Court decided that they know better than thousands of years of Judeo-Christian civilization and millions of American voters.

The majority opinion, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, redefines marriage coast-to-coast. Once again, the Supreme Court has imposed its morality on the entire country and told millions of citizens that their votes and their values do no matter.

In his dissent, Chief Justice John Roberts told supporters of same-sex marriage that they could celebrate their victory and the expanded benefits that come with it. “But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it,” he wrote.

Roberts also predicted that polygamy would be next:

“Although the majority randomly inserts the adjective ‘two’ in various places, it offers no reason at all why the two-person element of the core definition of marriage may be preserved while the man-woman element may not. . . . It is striking how much of the majority’s reasoning would apply with equal force to the claim of a fundamental right to plural marriage.”

Justice Antonin Scalia, well-known for his scathing critiques, was particularly harsh in his dissent. He called the decision a “judicial putsch” and compared Justice Kennedy’s reasoning to “the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie.”

Scalia warned that the decision represented a “threat to American democracy.” Consider this excerpt:

“Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court. . . . This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine . . . robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves.”

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in his dissenting opinion, “Aside from undermining the political processes that protect our liberty, the majority’s decision threatens the religious liberty our Nation has long sought to protect.”

We will provide more analysis in the days ahead. But there is one thing we must focus on right now: How do we respond?

Are we going to throw up our hands and give up? If that response is widely embraced, I guarantee you that your children will grow up in a country that no longer tolerates religious liberty.

So you can run up the flag of surrender or you can redouble your efforts at your church, within your families and with the groups and candidates you support.

This is absolutely critical in the upcoming 2016 elections. The men and women we elect to public office nominate and confirm the judges who serve on our courts, including the Supreme Court.

Four justices of the Supreme Court are 76 years-old or older. The odds are overwhelming that the next president we elect will have the opportunity to fundamentally change the ideological balance of the Supreme Court.

This issue alone would be worth every effort you can possibly make and every dime you could possibly invest between now and next November to ensure that we take back the White House and hold the Senate!

So I must urge you once again to please stand with me now.

Put The ISIS Flag Down

While the American left and its media allies continue their battle to eliminate a symbol of slavery from the 1860s, today’s flag of slavery is brazenly on the march once again.

  • In France, a radical Muslim attacked an American-owned gas company. He posted a decapitated head on the company’s fence along with Islamic flags.
  • In Kuwait, a suicide bomber attacked a mosque, killing 13 people.
  • In Tunisia, a terrorist attacked a beach resort frequented by Europeans, killing at least 28 vacationing tourists.

    Perhaps the White House and the political left could take time out from purging every last vestige of the Confederate flag and instead focus on more urgent matters . . . like putting down the flag of the Islamic State!

    The radical Islamists have already enslaved millions under their control throughout the Middle East and parts of Africa. They intend to enslave us all.

    The Enemy Within

    As ISIS strikes overseas, the United States is facing its highest terrorist threat level ever. The FBI is rounding up known ISIS sympathizers in what appears to be a significant effort to thwart attacks during July 4th celebrations. And the danger could be far greater than we realize.

    I have written repeatedly about the obvious deficiencies in our immigration and refugee policies when it comes to importing the hatred and bigotry that is so prevalent in the Islamic world.

    The Center for Security Policy recently commissioned a poll to examine the sympathies of Muslims here in America. It found that 51% of Muslims favored the use of shariah law, while only 39% of American Muslims felt they should be subject to U.S. courts and our Constitution.

    But far worse, nearly 20% said violence was “justified in order to make shariah the law of the land.”

    Think about that for a moment. Estimates of the Muslim population in America vary dramatically. But let’s use the most conservative estimate of roughly 3 million. If the poll is accurate, there could be 600,000 Muslims in America who are prepared to use violence in order to subvert the Constitution.

    Why aren’t we having a national conversation about that?

  • End Of Day Report

    Thursday, June 25, 2015

    To: Friends & Supporters

    From: Gary L. Bauer

    Supremes Save Obamacare Again

    Today’s 6-to-3 decision upholding Obamacare’s subsidy scheme marks the second time that the nation’s highest court has saved Obamacare. As infuriating as the decision is, the ruling really wasn’t much of a surprise.

    Everyone knew the four left-wing justices would side with the administration, as they did in 2012. And as he did in 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion in this case, King v. Burwell, and was joined by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who frequently sides with the left.

    Justice Antonin Scalia ripped the majority’s reasoning, and suggested that the Supreme Court should assume ownership of the law. Scalia wrote:

    “Words no longer have meaning if an Exchange that is not established by a State is ‘established by the State.’ . . . Under all the usual rules of interpretation, in short, the Government should lose this case. But normal rules of interpretation seem always to yield to the overriding principle of the present Court: The Affordable Care Act must be saved. . . . We should start calling this law SCOTUScare.”

    In his closing remarks, Chief Justice Roberts attempted to justify his decision as an exercise of judicial restraint — showing deference to the wishes of our elected representatives. Here’s what he wrote:

    “In a democracy, the power to make the law rests with those chosen by the people. Our role is more confined. That is easier in some cases than in others. But in every case, we must respect the role of the Legislature and take care not to undo what it has done.”

    While I applaud the spirit behind his words, I have little confidence that this court will respect the role of state legislatures and the voters of dozens of states when it comes to the meaning of marriage. I am more than willing to be proven wrong, and we will find out very soon.

    Democrats Against Iran Deal

    In a strongly worded statement today, the Washington Post editorial board warned President Obama against making any more concessions to Iran during the finals days of negotiations over its nuclear program.

    Ironically, today’s Post also featured a significant story noting how the administration is making additional concessions. For example, Obama has made much of his threat to “snap back sanctions” if Iran is caught violating the terms of the deal.

    Well, it seems he is caving on that point too. According to the Post, the administration is seeking “flexibility to reimpose limited sanctions” and that sanctions would only “inch back” if we detected “minor breaches.”

    In other words, the administration is expecting Iran to cheat and it will only get a slap on the wrist for doing so.

    Meanwhile, there are reports that Obama’s growing concessions are making congressional Democrats nervous. In fact, even five former advisers to President Obama are publicly warning that his concessions “may fall short of meeting the administration’s own standard of a ‘good’ agreement.”

    Farrakhan’s Flag Flap

    Rush Limbaugh predicted it on his show this week. He warned that the fight over the Confederate battle flag would eventually encompass the American flag. Many people dismissed his remarks as hyperbole, but Rush was right. Many on the left say the same things about the American flag that are said about the Confederate flag.

    You may think that is absurd, but it is not to those who are saying it. University professors say the American flag is a flag of terrorism. Native Americans claim it is a flag of genocide. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, said this yesterday:

    “I don’t know what the hell the fight is about over the Confederate flag! We need to put the American flag down. . . Who are we fighting today? It’s the people that carry the American flag. What flag do the police have? . . . What flag flies over the White House?

    Don’t overlook Farrakhan’s choice of words — he wants to put the American flag down just as you would put down a rabid animal.

    His audience at the historic Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., roared its approval.

    By the way, how did Farrakhan get into that pulpit? Everyone knows he is a Jew-hating bigot. But Metropolitan AME Church is not just any church. It is just a few blocks from the White House. Presidents, including Obama, have worshipped there.

    Farrakhan’s remarks are outrageous. I am still waiting for members of Congress to denounce them. The person who now resides in the White House should speak up, but to the best of my knowledge Obama has remained silent.

    End Of Day Report

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015

    To: Friends & Supporters

    From: Gary L. Bauer

    Summary Of The Obama Era

    You’ve seen the stories. Sensitive personal information on millions of U.S. government employees has been compromised in a massive Chinese hack. There is widespread outrage and concern.

    The head of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the agency responsible for maintaining the information, testified before a Senate committee yesterday. Conceding that the hackers were from China, senators asked OPM Director Katherine Archuleta who in the Obama Administration was responsible for the lax protections of sensitive data.

    Ms. Archuleta didn’t hesitate in her response: “I don’t believe anyone is personally responsible.”

    There it is, folks. Seven words that sums up the wreckage of the Obama years.

    As Obama Weakens, Iran Gets Tougher

    Every day, as the June 30th deadline nears, brings a new U.S. concession in the Iranian nuclear talks. Predictably, Iran meets each new concession with its own new demands.

    Yesterday, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei rejected a freeze on nuclear research, insisted inspectors not be allowed on Iranian military sites and demanded all sanctions on Iran be lifted BEFORE a final deal is signed.

    At this rate we will be agreeing to shut down our nuclear weapons program before the negotiations are over.

    Slavery Today

    In speeches and in this daily report, I have often urged our friends to take a moment to read and share with their families President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address. It is only one page long.

    When Lincoln delivered it he was, in many ways, a broken man, made so by presiding over the bloodletting of the Civil War, in which more than 600,000 Americans died.

    In that single page, Lincoln mentions or refers to God and the Bible a dozen times. He ponders the possibility that God, being just, might permit the war to continue until enough blood had been shed, North and South, to equal the blood drawn by the slave master’s lash.

    He ends by extending an extraordinary hand of reconciliation to the defeated South, “With malice toward none, with charity for all. . .”

    Now 150 years later, the kind of deep reflection and thinking that marked Lincoln’s rhetoric and informed his actions is virtually a relic.

    Our current president just went on a show called “WTF” and used the “N word.” Our leftist elites are acting like the future of America is dependent on the status of the Confederate flag and claiming their own moral superiority.

    My friend Bill Kristol is taking fire today because he dared to point out the naked hypocrisy of the left’s posturing. Slavery is long gone in America, but it is experiencing a revival around the world. Everywhere ISIS and other Islamist groups spread, slavery advances.

    Remember “Bring Back Our Girls”? Those Nigerian girls were seize by Boko Haram and sold into sexual slavery. Religious and ethnic minorities that fall under the authority of radical Islam are being enslaved throughout Africa and the Middle East.

    Conservatives have argued that we have a moral obligation to defeat the modern Islamist slave traders and liberate their slaves. It is a liberal president and his left wing supporters who won’t use the power of the United States to stop slavery in 2015.

    Clinton Crushing All Competition?

    That’s the message from Big Media’s reporting of a poll released yesterday by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. The results showed Hillary Clinton dominating the Democrat primary and leading the Republican frontrunners by wide margins. But I’m not going to get into those details in this report because the poll is an outlier.

    To begin with, it was not a poll of likely voters. A significant percentage of those surveyed were not even registered to vote. Moreover, the poll oversampled Democrats by ten points. So the survey fundamentals skewed to the left and, not surprisingly, produced skewed results.

    The media and many commentators seem to believe that the election is a foregone conclusion. The “Obama coalition” will sweep Hillary into the White House — so they say. But history strongly suggests that may not be the case.

    Since World War II, it has been exceedingly rare for any party to win a third term. In fact, it has happened only once — in 1988, when George H. W. Bush won Ronald Reagan’s “third term.” After one party holding the White House for eight years, the American people almost instinctively vote for change.

    For all the hype about the dominance of the “Obama coalition,” the 2012 election was not a landslide. Obama won 51% to 47% nationally and many key states were even closer. While the Electoral College map presents a challenge, here’s how the GOP candidate could prevail in 2016.

    FLORIDA: Obama won the Sunshine State by just 74,000 votes out of nearly 8.5 million cast for a 50% to 49% win.

    OHIO: Obama won Ohio by 166,000 votes out of more than 5.5 million cast for a 50% to 48% win.

    VIRGINIA: Obama won Virginia by 149,000 votes out of more than 3.85 million cast for a 51% to 48% win.

    If these three states flipped from Democrat to Republican, the Electoral College totals would be 272 Democrat to 266 Republican. That means the Republican nominee would have to win one more state such as Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico or New Hampshire in order to prevail. In 2004, George W. Bush carried four of those five states.

    End Of Day Report

    Tuesday, June 23, 2015

    To: Friends & Supporters

    From: Gary L. Bauer

    Can America Be Forgiven?

    My friend, columnist, commentator and talk radio host Dennis Prager, has a powerful column at Townhall.com today. He writes that he was deeply moved by the relatives of the slain black church members who told Dylann Roof that they forgave him. But he also disagreed with their gesture.

    Prager argues that under his Jewish faith and under standard Christian doctrine only the victim of a wrong can forgive the perpetrator of the wrong. I would remind my friend that the families are victims too, and in that sense, their forgiveness is noble. Sadly, there is no surplus of forgiveness in America.

    But what intrigued me even more in Prager’s column was his main point: When will America be forgiven for sins committed by ancestors who are long dead? This is not the America of 1850 nor even the America of 1950.

    Most of the country desperately wants racial harmony. Millions of white Americans voted for Barack Obama for that very reason — they thought his election would heal the wounds of the past.

    Killer Dylann Roof’s murderous rampage is not evidence of widespread racist sentiment in white America any more than the New Black Panthers and their frequent calls for violent revolution represent the sentiments of millions of God-loving black Americans.

    Confederate Flag Controversy

    Yesterday South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley, flanked by a bi-partisan coalition of lawmakers, including South Carolina’s two Republican United States senators, called on the state legislature to remove the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the state capitol. Haley said:

    “We are here in a moment of unity in our state without ill will, to say it’s time to move the flag from the Capitol grounds. A hundred and fifty years after the end of the Civil War, the time has come.”

    Governor Haley is the daughter of Indian immigrants. Standing with her yesterday was Senator Tim Scott, the first black senator in South Carolina’s history. They are living proof of the GOP’s diversity.

    Almost immediately after the Charleston church shootings, the left-wing media went into attack mode. Virtually every Republican presidential candidate was asked about the Confederate flag in a not-so-subtle attempt to entrap Republicans with “gotcha questions.”

    But here’s something the liberal media won’t tell you: The Confederate flag was first flown over the South Carolina capitol by Democrat Governor Fritz Hollins in 1962.

    Now that this issue has been taken off the table, I hope we can move on to more important trends hurting our nation, including the breakdown of the family and the growing disrespect for faith in America.

    The U.N. Does It Again

    Anyone looking for examples of overt bias should look no further than the United Nations. Once again, it has produced a biased report accusing Israel of war crimes in last summer’s Gaza war.

    Yesterday the U.N. Human Rights Council issued a report on the conduct of the war. It claimed that there were “serious violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law by Israel and by Palestinian armed groups,” some of which “may amount to war crimes.”

    This is beyond absurd. Yes, mistakes happen. Yes, innocent people suffer. That is why we say “War is hell.”

    But between the nation of Israel and the terrorists of Hamas, it is absolutely clear who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. The moral equivalency in the U.N. report is repugnant and totally unacceptable.

    It was Hamas — not Israel — that was caught digging terror tunnels in order to launch sneak attacks on religious holidays.

    It was Hamas — not Israel — that was caught hiding weapons in schools and hospitals.

    It was Hamas — not Israel — that placed rocket launchers in civilian neighborhoods. When Hamas did that, it committed war crimes and became responsible for any civilian deaths that resulted from Israel acting in self-defense.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forcefully denounced the U.N. report yesterday as “flawed and biased.” Here are some excerpts of his remarks:

    “Israel is a democracy committed to the rule of law. Time and again it is forced to defend itself against Palestinian terrorists who commit a double war crime: They deliberately target civilians while deliberately hiding behind Palestinian civilians. . . . In defending itself against such attacks, Israel’s military acted, and acts, according to the highest international standards.

    “The report in hand was commissioned by a notoriously biased institution. . . The United Nations Human Rights Council has a singular obsession with Israel. It has passed more resolutions against Israel than against Syria, North Korea and Iran combined. In fact, it has passed more resolutions against Israel that against all the countries of the world combined.

    “So, Israel treats this report as flawed and biased, and it urges all fair-minded observers to do the same.”

    End Of Day Report

    Monday, June 22, 2015

    To: Friends & Supporters

    From: Gary L. Bauer

    “But God Meant It For Good”

    Christians and Jews are very familiar with the story of Joseph, found in the book of Genesis. Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers. Later in life, a free man, he meets with his brothers, who fear retribution.

    Instead they find only grace. Joseph tells them, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive as they are today.”

    Racist Dylann Roof murdered nine black Christians after sitting with them as their welcomed guest at their church Bible study. He fervently hoped his act would ignite a race war. That did not happen.

    Sadly, some politicians are already exploiting the murder spree with rhetoric that is intended to further divide the country, thereby increasing the risk that Roof’s sick hope comes true.

    But take heart. Across America in countless pulpits and synagogues, the people of God of all races worshipped together and called for unity. Racism was condemned.

    Many houses of worship rang their church bells nine times in honor of the dead. Hymns of redemption were sung. Our church congregation — black, white, Hispanic, Asian — together sang the faith-infused words of “It is well with my soul.”

    America’s hope today, as it has always been, resides in the hands of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus. As Ronald Reagan famously said, “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

    We Cannot Trust Iran

    Iran’s parliament yesterday voted to ban international inspectors from Iranian military sites and from interviewing Iranian nuclear scientists. Let’s be absolutely clear about something: Iran is a dictatorship. Nothing happens without the blessing of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    If the ayatollah — recognizing how such a vote might complicate the nuclear negotiations — didn’t want that vote to happen, it wouldn’t have happened.

    But just nine days before the June 30th deadline, Iran’s parliament has drawn a line in the sand on one of the most essential elements of any deal, obviously with the ayatollah’s blessing. Without unfettered access to Iran’s military sites and scientists, any nuclear deal is meaningless.

    I have written at length about all the reported problems with this proposed deal. They are enormous. Some, under other circumstances, could be finessed if there were signs that the regime was changing.

    But there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that anything is changing. Even as the negotiations are taking place, the tyrants in Tehran are stoking anti-American hatred.

    For example, Amir Taheri writes in today’s New York Post that “Iran is experiencing an intensification of anti-American propaganda with public support from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.”

    Taheri notes that the regime recently hosted a “Death To America” conference. One of the speakers, Dr. Hassan Abbasi, is known as the “Henry Kissinger of Islam” for his strategic thinking.

    Dr. Abbasi told the attendees of this “Death to America” conference that Iran’s most important purpose is to “work tirelessly for the destruction of the United States.” Dr. Abbasi added:

    “Our fight against America is not about this or that problem. It is about the very existence of America and its economic and political and cultural systems. This fight will not cease until we have turned the United States itself into an Islamic Republic.”

    So let’s review. Iran’s leader calls us “the Great Satan.” He routinely leads crowds in chants of “Death to America.”

    Other leading Iranians say that Iran’s most important goal is our destruction, while they vow to wipe Israel off the map.

    Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. It has the blood of American soldiers and civilians on its hands.

    And yet President Obama, who traded five Taliban leaders for one deserter, thinks he can cut a deal with Iran over its nuclear weapons program. There is no deal Iran will sign that we can ever trust.

    The Enemy Within

    Last week we reported that the FBI had launched “a broad campaign” against suspected ISIS terrorists and sympathizers involving, “hundreds of investigations . . . in all 50 states.” Yesterday, Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, confirmed the danger confronting us.

    Speaking on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Rep. Nunes warned that the United States is now facing “the highest threat level we have ever faced in this country . . . including after 9/11.”

    I know it is not politically correct to talk about a “clash of civilizations,” but let me connect the dots.

    The Iranian regime in Tehran is chanting “Death to America” while some inside America present the greatest terrorist threat to our homeland since 9/11.

    What do they have in common? Their devotion to radical Islam.

    At the end of the day, my friends, lower tax rates, free trade deals or naive concepts of tolerance and diversity won’t save this country or the world from another dark age.