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Friday, November 22, 2013

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Remembering JFK

It is hard to believe that is has been 50 years since President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas by pro-Castro Marxist Lee Harvey Oswald. I can remember my long walk home from school that day and seeing the flags at half-staff. None of us knew at the time that the assassination would be just the first event in a tumultuous decade of protests, political violence, riots and social discord.

Of course, all week there have been Kennedy tributes, many of them portraying JFK as a symbol of and martyr of American liberalism. The reality is quite different. JFK ran in 1960 against Richard Nixon, accusing him and President Eisenhower of allowing the Soviet Union to surpass us in missiles. He campaigned on — and while president, pushed for — tax cuts to stimulate economic growth.

Columnist George Will pointed out this week that JFK chose a Wall Street banker, C. Douglas Dillon, to be Treasury Secretary. In Dallas, Kennedy was on his way to a speech promoting more tax cuts. In September 1963, he told a reporter that his policy on Vietnam was to “win the war there.”

In short, JFK would not be welcomed today by much of the modern political left!

In any case, America lost more than a young, inspirational president 50 years ago. Our innate sense of optimism was wounded and the decline is accelerating today.

Reid’s Assault On Checks & Balances

Washington is still reeling from the fallout of Harry Reid’s decision to nuke the Senate yesterday. I realize that for many Americans heated debate about arcane Senate procedure is largely “inside baseball.” But Reid’s rules change was a very radical move.

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN), not exactly a man prone to emotional outbursts or hyperbole, denounced Reid’s maneuver, saying, “This is the most important and most dangerous restructuring of Senate rules since Thomas Jefferson wrote them at the beginning of our country. It’s another raw exercise of political power to permit the majority to do anything it wants, whenever it wants to do it.”

The decision denies senators the right to block votes on presidential appointments with the exception of Supreme Court nominees. While partisans on both sides have complained about the abuse of the filibuster by the minority party from time to time, there is a bigger issue at stake.

The filibuster was one critical tool the legislative branch had as a check against executive power. In applauding Harry Reid’s move yesterday, Barack Obama noted many of the recent GOP filibusters of his nominees were not done “because they opposed the person, that there was some assessment that they were unqualified, that there was some scandal that had been unearthed.”

He’s partially right about that.

There is a long-established tradition in Washington of senators holding up presidential nominees in order to extract information or concessions on completely unrelated issues. For example, Senator Lindsey Graham recently vowed to block every one of Obama’s nominations. That might seem like an extreme position that justified Reid’s move.

But Graham took that unusual step because of the Obama White House’s stonewalling of the Benghazi investigation. Senator Graham was demanding that the White House allow the survivors of the Benghazi attacks to testify before Congress.

So, yes, Graham’s filibusters were unrelated to the qualifications of the person Obama had nominated. But they had everything to do with a major Obama scandal. I believe Graham was right to do everything in his power — including holding up nominations — to uncover the truth about Benghazi. Yesterday, Harry Reid took away that leverage.

Today’s Washington Post points out another major impact on the concept of checks and balances. Obama has made no secret about his desire to circumvent Congress and rule by regulation. Harry Reid just made that a whole lot easier.

Having lost the ability to block Obama’s nominations, Obama is now free to pack the critical D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and put his political hacks into other key government positions of power, where they will have free rein, as the Post writes, “to accomplish key second-term priorities, including tougher measures on climate change and financial regulation” that could not pass in Congress.

My friends, this is just one more reason why your support for CWF is so important. We must take back the Senate in 2014!

Just think now much more damage Obama could do to our federal courts over the next three years! If we are in the majority, then there is nothing Harry Reid can do to help Obama’s radical nominees. A united conservative majority would be able to vote them all down. Or, perhaps in the case of Eric Holder, impeach them!

Filibuster Flip-Flops

As the saying goes, where you stand depends on where you sit. Years ago, when they were in the minority and were routinely blocking George W. Bush’s judicial nominees, Democrats were staunch defenders of the Senate’s filibuster rules and traditions. When Republicans considered invoking the “nuclear option,” Democrats howled with outrage. Consider these few examples:

    Harry Reid in April 2005: “The threat to change Senate rules is a raw abuse of power and will destroy the very checks and balances our Founding Fathers put in place to prevent absolute power by any one branch of government.”

    Harry Reid in May 2005: “The filibuster is not a scheme and it certainly isn’t new. … It’s part of the fabric of this institution we call the Senate. …the filibuster has been employed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times. It’s been employed on legislative matters, it’s been employed on procedural matters relating to the president’s nominations for Cabinet and sub-Cabinet posts, and it’s been used on judges for all those years. …Senators have used the filibuster to stand up to popular presidents, to block legislation, and, yes, even, as I’ve stated, to stall executive nominees. The roots of the filibuster are found in the Constitution and in our own rules.”

    Then-Senator Joe Biden in May 2005: “This is the single most significant vote any one of us will cast… This nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. It is a fundamental power grab by the majority party… designed to change the reading of the Constitution…It is nothing more or nothing less.”

    Then-Senator Obama in April 2005: “Mr. President, I rise today to urge my colleagues to think about the implications of what has been called the nuclear option… [I]f the majority chooses to end the filibuster, if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the fighting, the bitterness, and the gridlock will only get worse. …

    “I fear the partisan atmosphere in Washington will be poisoned to the point where no one will be able to agree on anything. That does not serve anybody’s best interest, and it certainly is not what the patriots who founded this democracy had in mind.”


End Of Day Report

Thursday, November 21, 2013

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Today’s Obamacare Disaster Update
Each new day brings more bad headlines about Obamacare and more handwringing from Democrats. Here’s the latest:

  • The Washington Post reports in a front page story that Obamacare is limiting consumer choices — specifically the ability of consumers to choose some of the nation’s best, most well-respected hospitals.
    Among those excluded from Obamacare’s exchanges: “the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, and children’s hospitals in Seattle, Houston and St. Louis…” The effect: “That’s forcing people … to leave doctors they like.”

  • Approximately five million Americans in the individual insurance market have had their health insurance policies cancelled because of Obamacare. Obama apologized, sort of, for this disruption. But he was also quick to minimize the damage, saying, “We’re talking about five percent of the population who are in what’s called the individual market.” The assumption is that individuals or families who are covered through their employer are safe. They are not.
    Yet another report warns that a far greater avalanche of cancellations from employer-sponsored plans will hit next year, potentially affecting “up to 100 million small and large business policies.” 

  • Obamacare Navigators in Texas are embroiled in another controversy. First they were busted telling potential enrollees to commit tax fraud. Now they have been caught offering to leak personal information to what they thought was a liberal political campaign, another clear violation of the law. In other words, Obamacare is being used in a blatant political effort to “turn Texas blue.” Governor Rick Perry should immediately shut down these dishonest Democrat outfits.
  • The media are turning on Obamacare too. Politico has a column entitled, “Obamacare tradeoffs: Now they tell us …” It describes Obamacare as “a classic social welfare program. …transferring from haves to have-nots,” full of “highly disruptive” policy changes with “no subtle way to control costs.” Better late than never, I guess, but conservatives were warning of these sorts of problems years ago. And check out the latest cover of Time. That’s got to hurt given how often Obama has been prominently featured on its cover.
  • On MSNBC this morning, former Democrat Rep. Harold Ford suggested that Healthcare.gov faces even bigger “systemic challenges” than just a few glitches. Ford said the administration should “shut the whole thing down.” He also warned that among other problems, Obamacare is creating a severe doctor shortage.
    Meanwhile, former Clinton White House lawyer Lanny Davis acknowledged that Obamacare has been a disaster for Democrats. During a radio interview this morning, Davis said, “I’ll blame myself and every other Democrat … who didn’t think through the consequences of this very complicated system. That was a mistake. It was a huge mistake. …We need to start over.”

I agree with Davis. The voters can start to correct that mistake by defeating Senate Democrats in next year’s elections, and then we can really start over by taking the White House back in 2016!

Political Tremors Across The Country

Many political analysts are pointing to the recent election in Virginia as the first sign of a growing backlash against Obamacare. Democrat Terry McAuliffe enjoyed a huge lead in the polls and a massive fundraising advantage over his Republican opponent. Yet McAuliffe barely won.

The left-wing blog Daily Kos notes that in four local special elections this week in California, Iowa and Wisconsin, “Democrats badly underperformed … in all four of these races.” GOP candidates prevailed in three of the four races and nearly won the California race in a district that voted 63% for Barack Obama.

And the latest Quinnipiac poll from Colorado has Democrats worried. Colorado has been a bell weather state. George W. Bush carried it twice. So did Barack Obama.

Today, Colorado has a Democrat governor and two Democrat senators, and Democrats control the state legislature. But their left-wing agenda is starting to backfire. Liberal state legislators who backed gun control laws were recalled. Several counties have even voted to secede. Now that’s a backlash!

Now comes the Quinnipiac poll finding Obama’s approval rating at a dismal 36%. Sen. Mark Udall, who cruised to victory by 11 points in 2008, is up only three points against two potential GOP challengers. And get this: Looking ahead to 2016, Hillary Clinton is losing the state to three potential GOP candidates (Christie, Paul and Ryan) and is tied with a fourth (Cruz).

Obama’s Coming Over For Thanksgiving

Barack Obama may be showing up at your house for Thanksgiving next week. Not personally, of course. But if you have a liberal family member who is on Obama’s email list, be prepared.

Obama’s allies know they are in trouble, so they are once again urging supporters to “get in the faces” of friends and family members during the holidays. Believe it or not, Organizing for Action is sending out Obamacare talking points to liberals so they can defend this disaster at Thanksgiving dinners around the country.

I suspect the folks at OFA are afraid that many Obamabots, smacked by reality, are waking up from the trance they have been in for the past five years. This is a great time for conservatives to reach out to our liberal friends and family members in a respectful but firm manner.

To make sure you are prepared for whatever happens, we’ve included a few Obamacare talking points of our own, each hyperlinked to a news source.

  • Obama’s promise that we could keep the insurance and doctors we liked was a lie. And the administration knew it.
  • In its first month, Obamacare issued at most 106,000 new insurance policies. It cancelled five million.
  • Tens of millions of employer-sponsored policies could be cancelled next year.
  • Far from lowering insurance premiums, many Americans are experiencing rate shock.
  • Obamacare has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on a website that doesn’t work.
  • Top Obama officials were warned repeatedly that the website would not be ready on time.
  • Three cybersecurity experts testified before Congress that Healthcare.gov should be taken offline in order to fix basic security protocols.
  • Barack Obama has lost the trust of the American people.
  • Only 7% of Americans want to keep Obamacare “as is.”
  • End Of Day Report

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013

    To: Friends & Supporters

    From: Gary L. Bauer

    Getting Noticed

    Our latest video going after Senate Democrats for their lies about Obamacare has been picked up by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner.

    Keep it going! Share our video with friends and family. Post it on Facebook. As you will read in the next item, Obamacare is hurting Obama. Now it’s time to make vulnerable Senate Democrats feel the pain they are inflicting on America!

    By the way, more people have viewed a YouTube ad that we helped promote on Israel and Obama than have signed up for Obamacare.

    Obama Still Crashing

    I don’t like to dwell on polls because they can change quickly. But the latest poll from CBS, one of the more pro-Obama polls, finds that the president’s approval rating is down to just 37%. That’s down nine points in one month. Over all, Obama has a 20-point gap in his approval rating with 57% disapproving of his job performance.

    The numbers are even worse for Obamacare. Only 31% of Americans approve of Obamacare (down 12 points since last month) and 61% disapprove.

    Now here’s a key point to keep in mind as we go forward. Only 43% of those surveyed want Obamacare repealed. A solid majority want to either keep Obamacare as is (7%) or think it needs some changes (48%).

    I know Obamacare is a bad law. The public clearly does not like it. At the same time, the public is not yet convinced that the solution is to repeal Obamacare. We still have work to do.

    Obamacare Still Crashing

    The polls are clear that Obama is being dragged down by Obamacare, and the bad news about Obamacare shows no signs of letting up. Here are some examples:

    • In the last 24 hours, a bombshell report broke that may have some administration officials seeking legal advice. An outside consulting firm, McKinsey & Co., was brought in to check the progress of Healthcare.gov. The firm warned top administration officials at the end of March that the website would not be ready by October 1st.
      Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was briefed on April 4th. Yet, two weeks later Sebelius told members of Congress, “I can tell you we are on track.” Sebelius should be facing perjury charges.

      Again, it is worth reminding everyone what the government shutdown debate was all about. Congressional conservatives, led by Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, warned that Obamacare was bad law and was not ready for prime time. But Obama refused to admit what he knew was the truth!

    • Henry Chao, one of the Obama Administration’s top tech officers, dropped another bombshell yesterday during his testimony before a House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations subcommittee. Approximately 40% of the Obamacare website is not even built yet. “It’s not that it’s not working,” Chao said. “It’s still being developed and tested.”
    • While Chao was testifying, four cybersecurity experts were warning the House Science Committee that Healthcare.gov is at risk of being hacked and the personal financial information of its users is at “critical risk.” According to ABC News, “Three of the four witnesses agreed that the Obama administration should take the site offline in order to address the security flaws.”
      One of the witnesses, David Kennedy, told the committee, “Just by looking at the website, we can see that there is just fundamental security principles that are not being followed. We can actually enable their web cam, monitor their web cam, listen to their microphone, steal passwords,” Kennedy said. “Anything that they do on their computer we now have full access to.”

      We already know this administration has a problem keeping phone and tax records private. Now, thanks to Obamacare, your financial information is going to be at risk too.

    Jobs Reports Manipulated Too?

    One of the most important reports in Washington, especially during an election year, is the monthly jobs and unemployment report. When the October 2012 unemployment report was released just before the presidential election showing major job gains, former General Electric CEO Jack Welch set off a firestorm and was ridiculed for questioning the figures. Welch tweeted, “Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.”

    Welch was on to something. The New York Post reports that Julius Buckmon, a Census Bureau employee, was caught fabricating employment data two years ago and the report suggests it is still going on.

    A spokesman for the Census Bureau pushed back, saying, “We have no reason to believe that there was a systematic manipulation of the data.” But Buckmon said he was ordered to make up the data by his supervisors. Buckmon told the Post, “It was a phone conversation — I forget the exact words — but it was, ‘Go ahead and fabricate it’ to make it what it was.”

    House Republicans are vowing to investigate this latest revelation and they should. We were lied to about Benghazi. We were lied to about the IRS scandal. We were lied to about the scope of NSA spying. We were lied to about Obamacare. The pattern is clear and, more than likely, there is another scandal waiting to be unearthed here too.

    Al Qaeda In Kentucky?

    Desperate to change the subject from Obamacare, Democrats are trying to resuscitate their quasi-amnesty legislation. But a shocking report should refocus our immigration policy on enforcement and border security.

    ABC News reports that two Iraqis, Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, claimed refugee status and were resettled in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2009.

    Based on a tip, the FBI began investigating Alwan later the same year. Investigators were able to match Alwan’s fingerprints to an improvised explosive device assembled in 2005. It turns out that Alwan had even been arrested in Kirkuk, Iraq, in 2006 and confessed to making bombs. Yet somehow he was later granted asylum and allowed to enter the United States.

    In 2011, Alwan was arrested and sentenced to 40 years in jail. While Alwan’s case is old news, it rightly caused a reexamination of the asylum program. And according to one agent, the FBI is “supporting dozens of current counter-terrorism investigations” just like the one that brought Waad Ramadan Alwan to justice.

    In other words, right now law enforcement officials are trying to track down dozens of suspected terrorists. At the same time, Obama and his liberal allies are undermining our immigration laws and trying to make it easier for illegal immigrants to remain in the country.

    A Hopeful Sign

    In a 5-to-4 decision yesterday, the Supreme Court refused to block enforcement of a new Texas law that bans late-term abortion and requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. Twelve Planned Parenthood facilities have failed to meet that standard and will close as a result. Planned Parenthood is challenging the law and had sought an injunction against its enforcement.

    To be clear, the Supreme Court did not uphold the Texas law. It merely allowed it to remain in effect while Planned Parenthood’s challenge proceeds. But it is encouraging that a majority of the justices saw no reason to block it now.

    End of Day Report

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    To: Friends & Supporters

    From: Gary L. Bauer

    Mugged By Reality

    In late October, President Obama held a Rose Garden event surrounded by happy Obamacare supporters. He read out loud, with great satisfaction, a letter received from Jessica Sanford, a 48 year-old single mom from Washington. Ms. Sanford wrote that Obamacare was a life changing event for her. She could not afford insurance for the last fifteen years, and she wept when she signed up for Obamacare and discovered the huge subsidies she would receive enabled her to get coverage.

    CNN is now reporting that Ms. Sanford has been mugged by reality. Days after being cited by Obama, she received a notice from the Washington state healthcare exchange informing her that her $50,000 salary actually disqualifies her for subsidies from her fellow Americans. Sanford told CNN, “It was a huge disappointment, and especially since I had, you know, my story had been shared by the president, I felt like, you know, I just felt really embarrassed…”

    I understand why Ms. Sanford feels crushed. Relying on Obama’s rhetoric, she had come to believe that even though she earns $50,000 a year, Obama would give her free healthcare with money he would take from other Americans. She and millions of others, particularly single women, voted for him based on that belief. But now it’s “the morning after.”

    Mugged By Reality: Part Two

    For over a decade, Brandeis University in Massachusetts has had a formal partnership with Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, which is a school for Palestinian Arabs. The partnership, founded in part by the Ford Foundation, included exchanges of students, administrators and faculty with the goal of promoting peace and understanding.

    That partnership has now been canceled after a pro-suicide bomber rally was held at Al-Quds, which included demonstrators dressed in black military gear, armed with fake automatic weapons and doing the Nazi salute as they marched. When videos of the disgusting event became public, Brandeis came under heavy fire for failing to condemn it. Now, two weeks later the school has suspended the partnership.

    Brandeis’s liberals desperately wanted to believe that the leadership and students at Al-Quds wanted the same thing they wanted – reconciliation and peace. This is the same delusion that leads Obama and Kerry to think that they can trust Iran. Instead, Brandeis had to confront the reality that Hitler’s spirit is alive and well among the jihadists of the Middle East.

    Eat S***?

    Lefty MSNBC commentator Martin Bashir recently launched a vitriolic attack on Sarah Palin. How bad was it? He suggested that someone needed to defecate in her mouth and urinate on her. Good thing he is a member of the tolerant left or he might have really gotten nasty. Bashir ate his words yesterday and apologized. He should be fired.

    Obama Urges Supporters To Fight Back

    Last night Obama tried to rally his grassroots political operation to help him destroy our healthcare system (my words, not his). Speaking to 200,000 Obamabots, he told them:

      “It is a long race, and we aren’t near the tape yet, we have just got to keep on running…I hope you still have as much fight in you as I do. We aren’t going to stop until we get this done…When you are on the right side of something it gives you energy, it gives you motivation.”

    Obama And God

    Today is the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Filmmaker Ken Burns videotaped 61 noted Americans reading the famous words. One of them of course was President Obama, who you can watch here. You will notice that the President does something in his recitation that no one else does. At the point in the speech when Lincoln said, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom,” Obama leaves out “under God.”

    This isn’t the first time Obama has given God the boot. Repeatedly in the early years of his presidency, Obama did a similar edit of another key historical U.S. document, The Declaration of Independence, leaving out “endowed by their Creator,” from the second paragraph. I am guessing that God is not amused.

    End Of Day Report

    Monday, November 18, 2013

    To: Friends & Supporters

    From: Gary L. Bauer

    Obama Lowers The Bar

    After Obamacare’s disastrous October 1st launch, we were told the website needed more work and would be fully functional by the end of the month. But administration officials, including the president, are lowering the bar.

    The Obama White House now says it will be pleased with the Healthcare.gov website if it works for just 80% of users by the end of the month. And that’s after spending hundreds of millions of dollars — perhaps a billion dollars — on the website. Obama’s lofty promises sounded good, but Big Government couldn’t deliver.

    Liberals are starting to panic. We saw it Friday when more than three dozen House Democrats backed a Republican bill widely considered to be a direct assault on Obamacare.

    Liberal commentator Mark Shields said, “If this goes down … if health care, the Affordable Care Act is deemed a failure, this is the end — I really mean it — of liberal government.”

    In a column entitled “Obamacare’s Threat To Liberalism,” reporter Todd Purdum writes, “So the fiasco of the launch of Obama’s sweeping health care overhaul has put the reputation of Big Government progressivism at risk for at least this generation.”

    Their fear is our hope!

    “It’s Going To Get Worse”

    The hot topic of the Sunday news talk shows was obviously the ongoing Obamacare disaster and its potential ramifications. But I was struck by the number of commentators who now think that fixing the website is actually the easy part of the fiasco.

    It may take some time, but the technical glitches will surely be resolved. The policy glitches, however, are a different story. The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward bluntly stated, “It’s going to get worse.” At Politico there is a column headlined, “Obamacare: So, What Could Go Wrong Next?” Consider this paragraph:

      “The stumble-filled debut of President Barack Obama’s health care law is drawing new attention to the other risks that have been on the radar screen of health care wonks for months. Think health insurance plans sinking under the weight of sick customers, newly insured people being stunned that they still have to spend on health care, and possibly another wave of canceled policies — right before the 2014 elections.”

    Money Matters

    There is no doubt Democrats have been hurt politically by the fallout from the Obamacare disaster. The polling advantage Democrats enjoyed after the government shutdown has been erased.

    But it is way too soon for conservatives to start popping champagne corks.

    In spite of Obamacare’s terrible rollout, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (the party committee responsible for electing more liberals to the Senate) still managed to outraise its GOP counterpart by $1 million in October.

    Democrat politicians might be worried about Obamacare, but liberal donors are far from demoralized, and they intend to “double down.”

    A big lesson from last month’s Virginia election is that the left will spend whatever it takes to demonize conservative candidates. And while issues matter, if we are massively outspent the left’s lies will defeat conservative truth.

    Money matters. And complacency is a killer in politics. We cannot take anything for granted. We must take back the Senate in 2014, and we must maintain our majority in the House of Representatives.

    Liberals know how much is riding on this election, and they won’t give up easily.

    The Knockout Game

    One of the reasons millions of Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2008 was the hope for racial reconciliation. Sadly, as we prepare to mark the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, there is evidence that Obama’s racial politics have divided the country even more.

    From Louis Henry Gates to Trayvon Martin, Obama has stoked the fires of racial resentment. In addition, more and more Americans have been ensnared by dependency on Big Government welfare programs in the last five years. Those programs can undermine individual initiative, a sense of dignity and self-worth and the family unit.

    Violent crime has increased for two years in a row. So-called flash mobs, where teenagers engage in mass theft, continue to be a problem. The latest evidence of growing thuggery is the so-called “Knockout game” sweeping urban America.

    As of now, mostly black youths, approaching people on the street, attempt to knock someone out with one punch in totally unprovoked attacks. This “game” has already resulted in deaths and serious injuries. Breitbart.com has documented some recent cases.

    In New York, the attackers appear to be targeting members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

    Martin Luther King, Jr., would be weeping. As the first man of color to occupy the Oval Office, President Obama has a particular opportunity to speak out against this senseless violence and encourage minority youth to achieve a higher standard of conduct than that promoted in the “gangsta culture.”

    I hope that President Obama will stop his exploitation of racial politics and his divisive rhetoric, and, instead, following Abraham Lincoln’s example, will remember “the better angels of our nature.”

    End Of Day Report

    Friday, November 15, 2013

    To: Friends & Supporters

    From: Gary L. Bauer

    Stand With Israel; Stop Obama

    As we have reported in recent days, the Obama Administration is desperately trying to cut a deal with Iran. Even the French have called Obama’s effort a “suckers deal.”

    The Obama White House has already weakened the existing sanctions against the Iranian regime. Now it is actively opposing a bill calling for tougher sanctions, even though the bill has bi-partisan support in Congress.

    TAKE ACTION: Our friends at Christians United For Israel are fighting back against Obama’s attempts to go soft on Iran and undermine our ally Israel. Click here to send a message to your senators telling them to support stronger sanctions against Iran.

    Democrats, Media Reject Obama Fix

    There was a time when Obama’s words sent supporters swooning. But the left’s superstar seems to have lost his powers of persuasion. His much-hyped fix to Obamacare’s false promise about keeping insurance policies you liked has been widely panned by members of his own party as well as members of the media.

    Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, a Democrat, rejected Obama’s fix just hours after he spoke yesterday. Kreidler said he had “serious concerns” with the plan and stated flatly, “We will not be allowing insurance companies to extend their policies.”

    William White, Insurance Commissioner for the District of Columbia, said Obama’s fix “undercuts the purpose of the exchanges … by creating exceptions that make it more difficult for them to operate.”

    In a stunning report that would have been unimaginable four years ago, Obama is, according to Politico, “in serious danger of permanently losing the trust of Democrats in Congress.” In a separate story, Politico reports that Senate Democrats are “not fully satisfied” with Obama’s fix.

    Meanwhile, Obama’s media allies were similarly unimpressed. The New York Times editorial board wrote that Obama’s plan “raises a few troubling questions, most of which cannot be answered quickly.”

    The Washington Post piled on, adding, “Unfortunately, it was his promise that was wrong. …his proposed fix will have little impact except to let him shift the blame; at worst, it will undermine reform.” And USA Today called the proposal “ugly.”

    House Passes Keep Your Health Plan Bill

    Responding to the growing outrage of millions of Americans who have lost their health insurance because of Obamacare, the House of Representatives today overwhelmingly passed a bill sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) that allows individuals to keep health insurance policies they had. The Upton bill goes beyond Obama’s “faux fix” by allowing insurance companies to sell policies not just to existing customers, but to new customers as well.

    Obama has vowed to veto the bill because it is a direct threat to Obamacare. The reason is obvious: The policies Obamacare is eliminating were much cheaper than those offered under Obamacare. If the uninsured have a choice between current, inexpensive plans or Obamacare’s often outrageously expensive plans, Obamacare loses.

    Earlier today Newt Gingrich suggested that this would be a very telling vote about Obama’s waning influence. Newt said, “If more than 40 Democrats vote with Upton, there is a real crack in the Obama machine.” Thirty-nine Democrats backed the Upton bill today.

    By the way, Gingrich also highlighted another major problem with Obamacare — it has a massive marriage penalty. That shouldn’t surprise anyone because Democrats routinely lose the married vote, even married women, so they don’t care if their policies punish married couples. Sadly, Obamacare is driving some people to divorce.

    Holder In The Hot Seat

    While Obamacare is dominating the headlines, House Republicans have not forgotten about Operation Fast and Furious. In fact, 20 House Republicans are supporting articles of impeachment against Attorney General Eric Holder.

    Introduced by Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX), the impeachment resolution charges that Holder has “engaged in a pattern of conduct incompatible with the trust and confidence” of his office. It specifically cites his failure to comply with congressional subpoenas related to Operation Fast and Furious, his failure to enforce the laws of the country, including the Defense of Marriage Act, his failure to prosecute individuals involved in the IRS scandal and committing perjury during congressional testimony related to the Justice Department’s investigation of Fox News reporter James Rosen.

    Obama’s War On Birds

    In addition to waging an aggressive war on coal, the Obama Administration and its left-wing allies are also pushing alternative energy mandates at the state and federal level. That has led to the growth of massive windmills and solar farms. In addition to raising your energy prices, it is also killing birds.

    We’ve known for a while that wind turbines were a danger to birds. But one recent study estimated that they may slice and dice nearly 1.5 million birds and bats each year, including endangered species such as bald eagles. Now we’re learning that large solar farms are “frying birds” and causing them to crash into solar panels.

    Years ago, environmentalists put the logging industry on the ropes to save the spotted owl. I wonder how tree huggers feel about Obama’s war on our feathered friends?

    End Of Day Report

    Thursday, November 14, 2013

    To: Friends & Supporters

    From: Gary L. Bauer

    New Ad Hits Obama’s Credibility

    Obama continued to push a deal with Iran during his press conference today. Bill Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel (I serve on the board) is pushing back with a one-minute ad that will run on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. If we can’t believe Obama on healthcare, we surely can’t believe him on Iran. Watch the ad here.

    Obama’s Trust Deficit

    A new Fox News poll will have White House aides reaching for the Maalox. Obama is losing the respect of millions of Americans who now question his integrity.

    According to the poll, 55% of registered voters disapprove of Obama’s job performance. That’s a record high disapproval rate for the Fox poll. But that’s the least of Obama’s problems.

    Like recent polls from Quinnipiac and Gallup, 55% of voters told Fox pollsters that they believe Obama has tried to deceive them about Obamacare. Half say he “knowingly lied” when he repeatedly promised that individuals could keep their current health insurance policies. Only 40% gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    When asked about the president’s “apology” to the millions of Americans who have lost their health insurance coverage because of Obamacare, only 38% said they felt Obama’s apology was sincere.

    Of course every president hits a rough patch in the polls from time to time. But it is something completely different when the American people conclude they were lied to and deceived. After all, the greatest offense of Watergate wasn’t the crime, but the cover up. And this administration has been very Nixonian in more ways than one.

    Democrats Head For The Lifeboats

    Yesterday Democrats got not one but two gut punches. First came dismal poll numbers showing that the Democrats’ advantage after the government shutdown had completely evaporated. Then came the terrible enrollment figures for Obamacare.

    This morning several media outlets are reporting that members of Obama’s party are in open revolt. The Hill writes: “Vulnerable Democrats are scrambling to find ways to stand apart from the White House on Obamacare…”

    Meanwhile, new reports suggest that nearly five million Americans have received notices that they are losing their current health insurance coverage because of Obamacare. So Obamacare — which was supposed to increase access to health care — has cancelled nearly 50 times more policies than it has issued.

    When Republicans have held votes to repeal Obamacare, Obama has accused them of trying to make sure people don’t have insurance. But Obama is the one who is taking insurance away!

    At least two Senate Democrats have introduced their own bills to prevent Obamacare’s continued cancellations of health insurance policies. The fact that Democrats have introduced these bills is an incredible admission that Obama’s repeated promise about keeping policies you liked was a lie.

    Tommorrow the House is scheduled to vote on legislation that would allow individuals to keep their current policies.

    Obama Waves His Magic Wand

    The White House is working overtime to prevent a significant number of House Democrats from defecting and voting for the House GOP bill. That’s why the president stood before the Washington press corps today and once again waved his magic wand to try to undo the damage he caused. Obama announced this afternoon that he was tweaking the regulations to allow cancelled policies to be renewed through 2014.

    But Obama’s administrative fix really isn’t a fix at all. The president admitted that, saying, “it won’t solve every problem for every person.” Consider this excerpt from the Associated Press:

      “It’s unclear what the impact of Thursday’s changes will be for the millions of people who have already had their plans canceled. While officials said insurance companies will now be able to offer those people the option to renew their old plans, companies are not required to take that step. …

      “Under Obama’s plan, insurance companies would not be allowed to sell coverage deemed subpar under the law to new customers, marking a difference with legislation that House Republicans intend to put to a vote on Friday.”

    Still Panicking

    The reaction to Obama’s announcement did little to stem the panic. A spokesman for the health insurance industry warned that Obama’s proposal “could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers.” Nancy Pelosi, seemingly unsatisfied with Obama’s approach, said that House Democrats would offer their own plan to address this problem.

    Democrats aren’t the only ones jumping ship. CNBC’s John Harwood has been a staunch apologist for the administration from day one. But after the president’s address this afternoon, Harwood was uncharacteristically skeptical of Obama’s latest pronouncements.

    Moreover, Howard Dean questioned Obama’s authority to do it. “I wonder if he has the legal authority to do this, since this was a congressional bill that set this up,” the former Vermont Governor and chairman of the Democratic National Committee said.

    Speaker John Boehner also questioned Obama’s legal authority. “I don’t see within the law how they can do this administratively,” Boehner said. “No one can identify anything the president could do administratively to keep his pledge that would be both legal and effective.”

    Bishops Battle On

    Another of the major problems with Obamacare is its assault on religious liberty and conscious rights. Several lawsuits are pending in the courts challenging Obamacare’s mandate that forces religious institutions and Christian-owned businesses to pay for medical services and procedures that violate their values. So far, the administration is losing more of these cases than it is winning in the lower federal courts.

    Yesterday the nation’s Catholic bishops, meeting at their annual General Assembly, unanimously passed a “Special Message” vowing to resist Obamacare’s “coercive mandate.” The resolution also blasted the Obama White House for “refusing to uphold its obligation to respect the rights of religious believers.” You can read more here.