End Of Day Report

Friday, March 29, 2013

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Good Friday

I don’t know how your week went, but this has been a tough week in Washington. I never thought I would see the day when marriage between a man and a woman would be put on trial before the United States Supreme Court!

I know the battle goes on, but I’m glad this week is over. And I am even more thankful for the time of spiritual reflection and celebration in the days ahead.

As we approach the Easter holiday, this is a good time to reflect on the truth of scripture and exactly what it is that we as Christians are celebrating. (Hint: It’s not chocolate bunnies or marshmallow chicks.)

Christmas is the “big event” of the year, when friends and family gather to exchange gifts. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the whole holiday season. But, ultimately, it is not a birthday that we celebrate – it is the resurrection. Far more than Christmas, it is Easter that makes us Christians!

If Christ had not risen from the grave, He would have been forgotten as a common “rebel rouser” whose birthday would have no significance.

Today, on Good Friday, we think about the Cross and the sacrifice paid for our sins; the amazing love that took our place; and the grace we have been given. Thank God for the cross and the empty tomb!

With Christ’s resurrection, we have confidence. We have confidence in a caring Creator, rather than the chaos of the cosmos. We have confidence in a glorious future, rather than the finality of the grave. It is this confidence that sustains us in times of trial and tribulation – in times like these.

Why do we have such confidence? Because “It is finished.” Christ’s atoning work on the Cross is done, and we are saved.

On Easter morning, we do not gather to remember a martyr. We come together to worship the risen Son of God!

He is risen! He is risen indeed!


End Of Day Report

Thursday, March 28, 2013

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

The Family Values Meltdown Continues

The GOP’s meltdown over marriage and the sanctity of life continues. Tuesday, former Republican Senator Larry Pressler announced his support for same-sex “marriage,” calling it the “new conservative position.” Tellingly, Pressler made his announcement on Al Gore’s Current TV.

He could not be more wrong. There is nothing conservative about redefining marriage. And there is nothing conservative about turning to unelected judges to invalidate the will of the American people. That is called liberal judicial activism, and conservatives have rightly opposed it for decades.

In 2006 the voters of South Dakota approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. If Larry Pressler was entertaining the notion of a political comeback, I suspect he would not get half the votes he did last time after coming out of the closet to support redefining marriage. He is another out-of-touch politician who thinks he knows better than the people of his own state.

But Pressler joins other politicos like former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and Nicolle Wallace in denouncing supporters of normal marriage as bigots. When Pressler was in the Senate, he was always someone conservatives had to worry about.

Not surprisingly, Pressler voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and publicly campaigned for him in 2012. Huntsman, of course, served in the Obama Administration while Obama was taking over the healthcare system, raising taxes and promoting abortion. Nicolle Wallace, who I debated on Fox News Sunday last week, famously aimed her vitriol during the 2008 campaign at Sarah Palin rather than Barack Obama.

My point is simply this: The Republicans who are now coming out and insisting that we should downplay values issues have never been full members of the team to begin with. They are part of the same establishment that bitterly fought Ronald Reagan.

Huntsman, Pressler and Wallace don’t understand Middle America and do not appreciate the values of hard-working, men and women of faith. There are millions of blue collar folks — Nixon’s Silent Majority and former Reagan Democrats — who vote for Republicans because of values issues not because of GOP promises to protect billionaires from tax hikes.

The more GOP elites signal their disdain for values voters, condemning their deeply held religious values as bigotry, the more they risk losing them. In the end, the very elites who claim they are trying to save the party will end up causing its crack-up.

An Opportunity

In the days leading up to the Supreme Court’s hearings on marriage, Democrats tripped over each other trying to get to the nearest microphone to be the next to embrace same-sex marriage.

Some of them are up for reelection next year and come from states that have passed marriage protection amendments by wide margins. If the GOP will take a second to stop preemptively surrendering, they might discover some real opportunities are right in front of them. For example:

  • Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) now supports same-sex marriage. Alaska voters approved a constitutional amendment preserving normal marriage by a vote of 68%-to-32%.
  • Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) endorsed same-sex marriage this week. Virginia voters approved a marriage protection amendment by a vote of 57%-to-43%.
  • And yesterday Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) announced her support for men “marrying” other men. It has not even been one year since the voters of the Tar Heel state approved a constitutional amendment preserving traditional marriage by vote of 61%-to-39%.

Talk about having a Senate seat handed to you on a silver platter! Most politicians would give their right arm to win with 61%. I believe this seat could be easily won if the Republican candidate is bold enough to articulate a strong stand for traditional marriage. We could teach them how in 30 minutes, but I doubt anyone in the RNC apparatus is even thinking about it.

The fact that Begich, Warner and Hagan feel free to publicly oppose the vast majority of their constituents shows they have concluded that the GOP will be afraid to use it as a campaign issue.

The party elites may be backing down but, my friends, I am not! With your support, this political action committee will do everything we can to defeat politicians who oppose our values!

Obamacare Is Raising Costs

Obamacare was urgently needed, we were told, because healthcare was too expensive. Obamacare will lower premiums by $2,500, right? Wrong! This week brought yet more evidence proving what conservative critics said all along: Big Government solutions will only increase costs.

The latest study comes from the Society of Actuaries — professionals, not partisans. According to their report, Obamacare will increase the costs insurance companies pay on medical claims by an average of 32%. In some states, the increases are massive: 80% in Ohio, 68% in Indiana, 67% in Maryland, 62% in California.

Try as they might, liberals have yet to find a way to suspend the fundamental laws of economics. If you raise costs for businesses, you raise costs for consumers. Obamacare’s regulations are dramatically raising costs for insurance companies, and that means higher — not lower — healthcare premiums for you.

Big Government Still Wasting Billions

In spite of all the apocalyptic warnings about how painful the sequester spending cuts will be, we continue to learn about the myriad ways in which Big Government is still wasting your hard-earned tax dollars.

According to Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), “We (the federal government) spend about $8 billion a year maintaining properties that we have no use for.”  Breitbart.com reports that the government sold a federal building last month for $20 million. But the sale took ten years to complete because of red tape!

And while the White House remains closed to schoolchildren and tourists, and workers are facing furloughs, the Obama Administration has spent over $1 million on puppets and nearly $900,000 to study New Zealand mud snails.

It’s your money, folks. Washington doesn’t earn a dime. Whatever it spends on empty buildings or puppet shows it has to first take from hard-working taxpayers.

End Of Day Report

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

March For Marriage

As the Supreme Court was deliberating yesterday on the constitutionality of normal marriage, thousands of Americans made their voices heard in the March for Marriage. The crowd was estimated to be between 7,000 and 10,000 people. The gathering was noteworthy in part because of the large number of minorities who were there standing for faith, family and freedom.

There was a fascinating moment when the vanguard of the march reached the Supreme Court. Homosexual, anti-traditional marriage protestors had gathered outside the court building. Of course, being the “tolerant” sort, they immediately began heckling the marchers. But the shrill voices demanding a radical redefinition of marriage quickly hushed as they saw more women, blacks and Hispanics among our ranks.

The marchers were overwhelmingly Christians. There were white women from North Carolina and Latinos from New York City. I was struck that these people have invested in different political parties for different reasons. Many minorities are Democrats because they believe in helping the poor. Many are Republicans because they believe in smaller government.

But they all believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Regrettably, they have never been able to unite in a political party that supports their values. As a result, values voters increasingly find their issues relegated to the back burner, with few champions in the political arena, and left to the whims of unelected judges. That this why so many have become cynical and disengaged from the political process.

I addressed the March for Marriage yesterday. I finished my remarks by telling the crowd, “I’m a Republican — many of you I’m sure are Democrats — I’m a Republican. Let me say to my party: If you bail out on this issue, I will leave the party and I will take as many people with me as I possibly can.” It was not an idle threat. If the GOP came out in favor of bigger government and higher taxes, how long do you think liberterians would stay in the party? We can’t allow the party to take us for granted either.

Learn From The NRA

After the CBS Evening News finished its lead segments promoting same-sex marriage, it reported the results of a new poll on Second Amendment rights. Immediately after the Sandy Hook shootings 57% of the public favored more restrictions on your constitutional rights to own a weapon. Yet after several weeks of browbeating by the media, statements by Barack Obama and millions of dollars of ads by Michael Bloomberg, support for gun restrictions has fallen ten points. More people now favor leaving gun laws as they are or support relaxing those laws.

I believe the reason for the shift is the effectiveness of the National Rifle Association. It is big enough, has plenty of resources and has avoided being tied to just one party. And in spite of terrible polling weeks ago, it refused to cower and has aggressively made its case for why more laws are a bad idea.

Against all the odds, one organization that believes in its mission has been able to turn the tide. Maybe Republican elites should go over to the NRA and get a lesson in winning rather than managing their losses.

What Will They Do?

It is always dangerous to try to predict how the Supreme Court will rule on a case based on the proceedings during oral arguments. Many liberals were terrified after the hearing on Obamacare, but the court ultimately upheld the law as a tax.

Yesterday’s arguments on Proposition 8 left many on both sides of the issue feeling that the justices were hesitant to make a sweeping ruling that would invalidate traditional marriage laws across the country, in the same way that Roe legalized abortion virtually overnight.

Several justices questioned why they even took the case. A few questioned the impact on children. As Justice Alito noted:

“Traditional marriage has been around for thousands of years. Same-sex marriage is very new. There isn’t a lot of data about its effect. And it may turn out to be a good thing. . . But you want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the effects of this institution (same-sex marriage) which is newer than cell phones or the Internet? I mean we do not have the ability to see the future.”

There is plenty of research supporting the traditional family — not to mention history and common sense. And I am glad the justices did not buy into the lie that there is plenty of research supporting same-sex parenting. There isn’t!

But the court doesn’t exist to review academic journals. The purpose of the court is to decide if there is something in the Constitution that prohibits the people of California or any other state from defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

One of the great moments of the hearing occurred when Justice Scalia confronted Ted Olson, a top flight attorney who until taking this case had strong conservative credentials. Justice Scalia asked, “I’m curious, when did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from marriage? 1791? 1868? When the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted?”

Olson could not answer the question and with good reason. While the left-wing media have spun this entire debate as nothing more than bigots being against same-sex marriage, the fact is it was never legal anywhere until a few years ago. The “right” of same-sex marriage is being invented out of thin air.

End Of Day Report

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Will High Court Redefine Marriage?

The United States Supreme Court today heard arguments in a case challenging Proposition 8 — California’s voter-approved constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. It is unclear how the court will rule. Most observers expect Justice Anthony Kennedy to provide the deciding vote in a 5-to-4 decision. In two previous cases involving homosexual rights, Kennedy sided with the court’s liberal majority.

That said, supporters of same-sex marriage cannot take Kennedy’s vote for granted. While writing the majority opinion striking down state sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Texas, Kennedy also wrote that his decision “does not involve whether the government must give formal recognition to any relationship that homosexual persons seek to enter.” Translation: Kennedy was not embracing the concept of men “marrying” other men — at least not in 2003.

The justices may be hesitant to issue a sweeping ruling that invalidates the laws of dozens of states, many of which were approved at the ballot box by the voters specifically to prevent judges from redefining marriage. Even a left-wing activist like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a former ACLU attorney, concedes that Roe v. Wade was a mistake. At a legal symposium last year she remarked, “It’s not that the judgment was wrong, but it moved too far too fast.” Well, she’s half right — the judgment and the timing were both wrong.

As for the conservatives, all eyes are Chief Justice John Roberts. He stunned conservatives and brought joy to the White House with his support for Obamacare, albeit on relatively narrow grounds. And a homosexual family member, who attended today’s arguments at the Supreme Court, believes Roberts will rule against Proposition 8.

If the court desires, it can dodge the issue completely. The question of standing and the court’s jurisdiction has come up in both the Proposition 8 case and the challenge to the federal Defense of Marriage case because neither the state government nor the federal government were willing to defend the pro-marriage laws. The justices took the unusual step of asking for an additional brief by Harvard Law Professor Vicki Jackson specifically addressing this issue. You can read more about that here.

Will America Survive This Fight?

There is a big debate in the media and in the conservative movement about the importance of values issues. There are many politicians on both sides of the aisle who would like nothing more than to avoid values issues entirely. They would prefer the political debate focus only on budgets and spending.

I am acutely aware of our debt crisis and the growth of big government, and what they will do to America. But if we continue to lose on values — religious liberty, the sanctity of life, what children are taught about right and wrong, the meaning of marriage — it won’t matter if we balance our fiscal budget. Our moral/virtue deficit will kill the American dream.

In fact, I would argue that if we lose these issues we won’t balance the budget. A huge part of our fiscal crisis is the result of the breakdown of the family and the demand for more government programs and spending to clean up the resulting damage.

We will have lost the America our Founding Fathers created in 1776. They believed that our rights came from God, not government. They believed that only a moral, virtuous people could remain free. They believed in ordered liberty under God.

Anyone who thinks we need a “values truce,” or who suggests we should toss aside life, liberty and marriage in order to deal with the “important” stuff, is missing the crisis that is plaguing America’s urban centers and spreading rapidly — the breakdown of the family. Nearly half of all children today are born to unwed mothers.

There is a moral dimension to marriage, and to suggest otherwise is simply absurd. But I would ask my libertarian friends this question: If the country can’t get marriage right, why would such a country ever get the moral dimension of imposing debt on the next generation? If we can’t comprehend the sanctity of life, why should we understand the virtue of balanced budgets?

Summit Ministries

Today’s news is a good time to remind our readers about Summit Ministries.

About one-third of the 18 million students who will enroll in college this fall claim an evangelical Christian faith. But if statistics hold true, the majority of them will have their faith decimated by an onslaught of worldviews and cultural influences hostile to Christianity. If you want your children and grandchildren to cherish the things you cherish, I encourage you to check out Summit Ministries.

Research shows that Summit graduates are significantly more likely than their peers to love God, engage the culture and defend their faith. They are nine times more likely than the average American to hold a Christian worldview. They read more books, watch less TV, vote more often and are more generous with their time and money. That’s why I am proud to be a member of the Board of Reference for Summit Ministries.

The late Chuck Colson said, “Summit has set the gold standard for training students in Christian worldview.” Before college, Summit. And don’t delay — Summit sessions fill up rapidly, and the $200 Early Bird Discount ends March 31st. Sign up at summit-student.org/info.

End Of Day Report

Monday, March 25, 2013

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Fighting For Our Values

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on Fox News Sunday to make the case for traditional marriage. As my family can attest I am a severe critic of my own performances, but I felt good about the show. If you missed it, you can watch the show here.

This debate was unique because instead of the usual suspects on the left, I was up against Nicolle Wallace, a former Communications Director in the Bush White House and a top aide to John McCain’s presidential campaign. (She is also the person widely believed to be responsible for many of the campaign’s unkind leaks against Sarah Palin.) That said, I just don’t think Mrs. Wallace had a good grasp of the key issues in this debate.

Her main point was the fact that polling data has supposedly shifted on the notion of men “marrying” other men. But if the public is overwhelmingly in favor of redefining marriage to accommodate sodomy, then the strategy the left, along with some quisling Republicans like Christine Todd Whitman and Bill Weld, is pushing makes little sense. If they are so confident, why are they so anxious to take the issue away from the American people and instead have it decided by unelected judges?

To top it off, Wallace stated that her view was the legitimate conservative position, and she added that there was even “a moral imperative” to support same-sex marriage. I could not disagree more.

I argued that it was fundamentally undemocratic for the left to use the courts to force its morality on the American people — telling millions of Americans that they have no right to believe marriage is between a man and woman; that the entire country and most of human history has gotten it wrong. But that is precisely what the left has done time and time again, whether the issue is the sanctity of life or religious freedom.

With advisors like Mrs. Wallace, you realize why John McCain’s campaign didn’t get off the ground or take off the gloves and fight harder on values issues.

Will The Reagan Coalition Survive?

On another Sunday talk show, Karl Rove was asked if he could see a Republican candidate in 2016 endorsing same-sex marriage. Rove responded, “I could.” In the last campaign, Jon Huntsman had endorsed civil unions and like Barack Obama his “evolution” is now complete.

Whether they realize it or not, GOP elites are toying with political suicide. These guys want values issues to just go away. But what they don’t fully appreciate is that Ronald Reagan’s winning coalition — the three-legged stool of economic conservatives, foreign policy conservatives and social issue conservatives — will cease to exist without values voters. Read more in my op-ed posted at FoxNews.com.

I also had the opportunity to discuss values issues on Governor Mike Huckabee’s radio show this afternoon. Click here to listen to my interview.

It’s your support, my friends, that makes our work possible and keeps me in this fight!

Furloughs & Foreign Aid

The Federal Aviation Administration let it be known Friday that the sequester was forcing it to shut down 149 air traffic control towers at small airports around the country. On the same day, the Obama Administration announced that was releasing $500 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority and $200 million in additional foreign aid for Jordan.

It’s worth noting that combined these foreign aid funds would more than cover the $637 million that the FAA is losing under sequestration. I suspect most Americans would feel that keeping air traffic control towers open is far better use of their hard-earned tax dollars than sending their money to Palestinian jihadists.

Moreover, Congress voted to cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority after it pushed a statehood resolution at the United Nations over our objections. I’m not aware of the Palestinian leadership apologizing for defying us or renouncing the statehood resolution.

So why is the money flowing to Mahmoud Abbas while federal workers are facing furloughs and American schoolchildren still can’t get into the White House? It’s a matter of Obama’s priorities.

Speaking of priorities, the Associated Press reports that Attorney General Eric Holder “has averted daily furloughs of 3,570 federal prison staffers around the country.” Really? I thought the “draconian” budget cuts had to be administered across-the-board with zero flexibility, no matter how painful. Not exactly.

As the AP explained, Holder transferred $150 million from other Justice Department accounts in order to “stave off a serious threat to the lives and safety of correctional staff, inmates and the public.”

That is exactly what he and every other department executive ought to do. It exposes Obama’s scare tactics for what they are and proves what conservatives have explained repeatedly — that the executive branch does in fact have considerable flexibility in how the sequester cuts are administered.

Arafat Still Looms Large

The liberal media and political left routinely blame Israel for the lack of a peace agreement between Israelis and the Palestinians. But Israel has made repeated concessions for peace. It gave up Gaza and has gotten regular rocket attacks from Gaza as a “thank you.”

Yet after every concession, it has gotten the same response — more violence, more suicide bombings, more rocket attacks. The real culprit is Palestinian terrorism and the jihadists who are not interested in a piece of Israel, much less peace with Israel.

Even as President Obama was trying to jumpstart the peace talks, Palestinian militants responded by firing rockets into southern Israel last week.

The malevolent legacy of Yasser Arafat still looms over the region. It was on full display last week when Barack Obama met with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. The two men spoke under a giant banner of Arafat’s picture.

You may recall that before Barack Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, the White House demanded that an inscription for the name of Jesus be covered. But he had no problem standing beneath a huge photo of the man who legitimized modern terrorism and who is directly responsible for the deaths of dozens of Americans.


Tonight, Jews all over the world will celebrate the miracle of Passover. The last plague that God used to free the Jews from Pharaoh and Egyptian captivity was to send the Angel of Death to kill all the firstborn males. Forewarned by God, Jews marked their doors with the blood of a lamb, and, as a result, the Angel of Death passed over their homes. (Exodus, Chapter 12.) God told the Jewish people to mark the day as a memorial day and to observe it as a feast to the Lord forever. To all our Jewish friends, we wish you a happy Passover and all of God’s blessings.

End Of Day Report

Friday, March 22, 2013

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Be certain to tune in (or set your DVR to record) Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I will be debating same-sex marriage with Nicolle Wallace, former Communications Director for President George W. Bush. Wallace recently signed onto a legal brief urging the Supreme Court to declare traditional marriage laws unconstitutional. Click here for local air times.

After the show airs, I hope you will take a moment to send a brief email to fns@foxnews.com thanking Fox for having me on and encouraging them to invite me back for future segments.

March For Marriage

Next week the Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases case seeking to redefine marriage. Once again the left is counting on unelected judges to impose its morality on society and invalidate the will of millions of Americans who have voted for state amendments to preserve normal marriage. Sadly, the court may exactly do that.

Please join me in our nation’s capital on Tuesday, March 26th for the March for Marriage. I am proud to co-sponsor the March for Marriage along with the National Organization for Marriage and other pro-family organizations.

Please share this report with like-minded friends, family members and fellow worshippers, and encourage them to attend. Visit MarriageMarch.org for handouts, talking points, a schedule of the day’s events and more.

Reid In Retreat

It’s been a rough week for Harry Reid. He took it on the chin — and rightly so — for suggesting that seven Marines who died tragically in a training exercise were killed by Republican budget cuts.

Then he tried to drop a top item on the left’s legislative wish list — a ban on so-called assault weapons. Gun-grabbing leftists everywhere erupted in howls of rage.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) accused Reid of “a major betrayal of trust.” Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote, “Shame on Harry Reid for killing any prospect of an assault weapons ban.”

During a CNN interview, Michael Moore ripped into Reid, saying, “If a man with an assault weapon goes into the school where Harry Reid’s grandchildren [attend] and kills his grandchildren, would he stand in front of that microphone … and say, ‘…my grandchildren just got killed today but, you know, we can’t get it passed because we don’t have the votes.’ Would he do that really? I don’t think so.”

And the White House wasn’t happy either. Vice President Joe Biden told NPR, “I have never found that it makes any sense to support something and declare that there is no possibility of it passing. …the president and I are going to continue to push and we haven’t given up on it.”

Harry Reid appears to be in retreat. In a statement released last night, the Senate majority leader promised that the ban will get a vote. But whatever happens with it — whether it is included in the full bill, gets a separate vote as an amendment, or is abandoned entirely — the rest of Reid’s anti-Second Amendment legislation is still extremely bad.

I have received several emails this week from folks who misunderstood my earlier comments on this issue, and who were concerned that I might be indifferent to universal background checks. I am not.

Background checks sound innocent enough. But what Senate Democrats are proposing could make it illegal for a father to give his son a gun. In many parts of the country, this is a rite of passage. In many families, hunting rifles and other firearms are treasured heirlooms, passed down from one generation to the next. If Senate liberals get their way, children would have to go to a gun store and apply for clearance before they receive a hunting rifle as a gift.

Moreover, it’s unlikely to accomplish anything beyond creating yet another burden for law-abiding citizens. According to FBI statistics, you are more likely to be strangled or kicked to death than be murdered with a rifle or a shotgun. And thugs don’t bother with background checks!

So what’s the point? As we see many governments around the world trampling on individual rights, and nervously watch our own government mandating insurance and restricting religious liberty, it is perfectly understandable why people would be concerned that universal background checks could easily serve as the first step toward registration and confiscation.

End Of Day Report

Thursday, March 21, 2013

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Obama’s Middle East Adventure

President Obama is launching a “charm offensive” in Israel (or is it “offensive charm?”). Despite previous visits to several Middle Eastern countries — Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia — this is Obama’s first presidential visit to our most important, reliable ally in the Middle East.

Speaking in Tel Aviv yesterday, President Obama said, “The United States is proud to stand with you as your strongest ally and your greatest friend.” But a recent Jerusalem Post poll found that President Obama is not a very popular guy there. According to the poll, 36% of Israelis believe the Obama Administration is pro-Palestinian, 26% believe it is pro-Israel and another 26% believe their “greatest friend” is neutral.

At a press conference yesterday, Obama said he was prepared to “do what is necessary” to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. But the only thing his administration has been willing to do is impose sanctions. And it has always supported the weakest possible sanctions at that! Thankfully, bi-partisan majorities in Congress have forced the White House to accept tougher measures, but even those have yet to persuade the mullahs to back down.

That said, I pray the president will be forced to accept reality. That reality became obvious this morning when as many as five rockets were fired into Israel by Palestinian militants in Gaza. Remember that Israel gave up Gaza in 2005 hoping for peace. Instead, the jihadists turned it into a launching pad for more rocket attacks that could reach deeper into Israel. And Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei today threatened to destroy Tel Aviv. But Obama urges Israel to take more “risks” for peace!

Where Is Jerusalem?

Here’s another reason why some Israelis may be questioning the president’s support. Prior to his trip, the White House produced an online video highlighting his scheduled stops in the Middle East. The map of Israel appeared to exclude major locations, such as the Golan Heights, as being part of Israel.

Moreover, the White House’s schedule refers to presidential visits in Amman, Jordan, Tel Aviv, Israel, but mentions Jerusalem without identifying it as being in Israel. I don’t believe this was a mere oversight.

The Obama Administration and the left-wing media contend that Jerusalem will have to be divided, with half of it becoming part of a new Palestinian state. Imagine turning half of that city over to Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. But it may be all of Jerusalem. When the Islamists are broadcasting to their own people, they make it clear that they don’t want half of Jerusalem, they want all of it.

There has been an ongoing effort for several years now, often with the cooperation of U.N. entities, seeking to delegitimize the idea that Jerusalem was ever a city of the Jews. They deny that the Western Wall is part of the Second Temple.

Wherever you are on this issue, even if you are not entirely pro-Israel, you need to understand that if Jerusalem has not been a home for Jews for thousands of years, then Christianity is built on a lie. If the Islamists succeed in delegitimizing Jews in Jerusalem, if it was never David’s city, the city that Christ rode into on a donkey before his crucifixion, then they have also delegitimized Christianity.

Who Is Not Paying Their Fair Share?

Kudos to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). Yesterday the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee passed legislation sponsored by Rep. Chaffetz that would require federal employees to pay their taxes or lose their jobs.

Who could disagree with that? After all, federal employees only have jobs because Americans are paying their taxes. But Chaffetz was compelled to introduce his legislation after learning that more than 100,000 federal workers owe more than a combined $1 billion in delinquent taxes. “The very least an individual on the federal payroll can do is pay their taxes,” Rep. Chaffetz said.

Committee Democrats didn’t see it that way. Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the committee, blasted the bill, claiming that it “seeks to demonize federal employees.” But with all the left’s rhetoric about everyone needing to pay their fair share, Chaffetz’ bill only seems fair.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Capitol Hill, senators were working on a stopgap funding measure to keep the government open for the remainder of the current fiscal year. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) offered an amendment to restore the White House tours cancelled by Obama by reallocating funds from other parts of the budget. But his amendment failed 45-to-54 on a largely party-line vote.

Every Democrat but one voted to keep the White House closed to American families and schoolchildren who have worked and saved to come to the nation’s capital and visit “the people’s house.” Democrats are so desperate to make any cut in spending so painful to the American people that they will reject any fix — even if it means punishing little children, which is precisely what they routinely accuse Republicans of doing!

Every Republican member of Congress should be sending out press releases about this vote. I urge them to run ads exposing the Democrats’ absurd priorities so we can take back the Senate and restore some fiscal sanity to Washington.