End Of Day Report

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


The Real Marriage Crisis

During the last several days the same-sex marriage issue has dominated political debate. Vice President Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan voiced their support for same-sex marriage. President Obama says he opposes it but adds that he is “evolving.” Most observers believe his endorsement is just a matter of time.

North Carolina is voting today on whether it will keep marriage as one man/one woman, and polls indicate they will become the 31st state to do so. Major media tell us the country is ready for same-sex marriage, but every vote of the people so far has said otherwise.

What is striking to me is the amount of energy, time and money devoted by the political, cultural and media elite of our country on an issue that directly impacts only a small portion of our population. Unless the normal impulse of men and women to “cleave” unto each other has been repealed by modern day liberalism, the number of same-sex couples seems destined to remain a distinct minority.

There is a gigantic marriage problem in America, but it is not the result of a lack of legal rights for homosexuals. America’s family crisis is a direct result of fleeing men and fatherless children. Over 40 percent of live births in the United States are to single mothers. In New York City over the last ten years there have been 500,000 out of wedlock births, including around 80,000 to single teenage mothers. Other urban areas have similar figures. These numbers continue at high levels in spite of the widespread availability of contraception and of increasingly explicit sex education courses in our public schools. Kids who have no idea of who the Founding Fathers were or what century the Civil War took place in get great grades when tested on how to correctly put a condom on a banana.

This is a national crisis and we cannot allow the “chattering classes” to brow beat us into embracing same-sex marriage. Our problem is not that men cannot marry men. Our problem is that women and men are not marrying. Our crisis is due to the millions of American children being deprived of what has been the normal family unit for centuries – mothers and fathers loving and raising their children. The “victims” are everywhere. Women whose support comes from government via the taxpayer. Men who are never domesticated by the responsibilities of fatherhood. Schools that don’t work. Gangs that keep growing. Decaying inner cities. But rare is the politician who will talk about any of this. They would rather court the “gay vote.”

Buffet Breaks With “O” On Pipeline

The “Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffet, is a close political ally of President Obama’s. In fact, Buffet has become the “poster boy” for increasing taxes on capital gains and dividends. He has been so vocal that Obama named his tax increase proposal “The Buffet Rule” and invited Buffet and his secretary to be guests at last January’s State of the Union address.

But apparently Buffet’s embrace of the Obama agenda only goes so far. In an interview this week on Fox News, Buffet had this to say about the Keystone Pipeline, which Obama has repeatedly refused to authorize building. “I’m not an expert, but it certainly seems like it makes sense to me. There are an awful lot of pipelines running in the United States and net, they’ve certainly been a huge plus for the country.”

Now that sounds like a “Buffet Rule” I could support.

Hollywood Wisdom For Today

I used to like Sonny and Cher. But alas, Sonny passed away and Cher is, well, Cher. Here is her contribution to our nation’s political discourse today. She tweeted, “If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if i can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Woman Hating Tea Bagger Masters.”

How do you really feel, Cher?


2 thoughts on “End Of Day Report

  1. Gary Bauer is taking a dangerous, dead-wrong feminist position blaming marriage-absence on “fleeing fathers”. David Blankenhorn started this myth in “Fatherless America” (1995), without offerring even one citation of authorities to this day. There is not one credible study anyplace proving this theory. There is plenty of proof that feminism and N.O.W.'s acidly anti-marriage public policies are the cause. It is sickening that some conservative leaders do N.O.W's dirty work in blaming men for what radical feminists achieved in the “divorce revolution” launched by Betty Friedan. Everyone should call Gary Bauer and demand he stop doing this for it only justifies the passage of more feminist welfare policy destroying marriage while blaming men.

    David R. Usher, President, Center for Marriage Policy


  2. Gary Bauer also does not know what is driving same-sex marriage. It is being driven by the National Organization for Women (not gay men). SSM has been N.O.W.'s top feminist supremacy agenda for 15 years. When any two women can marry, take over the institution of marriage, and have government as the automatic third party in the marriage collecting child support for children born by liasons outside the marriage, N.O.W. will have more political power than any other organization in America.
    See: http://www.intellectualconservative.com/2011/11/24/why-same-sex-marriage-is-unconstitutional/


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