End Of Day Report

Monday, April 30, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer



Here’s the latest bit of evidence that the Obama reelection effort is running out of ideas: Washington is buzzing about a new Obama campaign video that seems to suggest its 2012 slogan will be “Forward.” Hope and change is obviously out the window. The change is terrible, and many Americans have already lost hope in Obama.

But “Forward”? It’s more like “Back to the Future: Jimmy Carter’s Revenge.” (Let’s hope there is a similar ending!) Many commentators can’t help but notice just how similar Obama’s new slogan is to the “Lean Forward” slogan of MSDNC — I mean MSNBC.

And if we needed more evidence of just how politically obsessed the Obama White House is, consider this: Obama has held more reelection fundraisers than the past five presidents — COMBINED!

Boehner Calls Obama’s Bluff

Here’s another example of just how crassly political Barack Obama has been: In recent days, Obama barnstormed the country, giving campaign speeches at college campuses, desperately trying to energize the youth vote. His main talking point was a false accusation that congressional Republicans wanted to increase interest rates on student loans.

So Speaker John Boehner called Obama’s bluff. House Republicans put legislation on the floor Friday to preserve low interest rates on federally subsidized student loans. And they paid for it by cutting funds from an ObamaCare slush fund.

Can you guess what happened next? House Republicans overwhelmingly voted to prevent student loan interest rates from rising, while House Democrats voted against the bill.

Personally, I think the interest rates should be higher than they are today. America is facing a tsunami of student loan debt and keeping the rates artificially low sends the wrong message that taxpayers will just keep bailing out one struggling group after another. (Who is going to bail out the struggling taxpayer?) But I can understand why House Republicans didn’t want to let Obama get away with creating yet another manufactured “crisis.”

If students are worried about their student loan burdens, they should A) Blame their liberal universities, which have no incentive to control costs due to cheap cash from the federal government and B) Blame Obama for the bad economy that has prevented so many recent graduates from finding decent paying jobs!

Savage Attacks On Faith And Tolerance

Fanatical homosexual activist Dan Savage is the news again. Savage has never let any boundary stop him from promoting his radical agenda, not even assault.

When I ran for the Republican presidential nomination, Savage wormed his way into my Iowa campaign headquarters and knowingly tried to infect me, my campaign staff and volunteers with the flu by licking glasses, door knobs and office equipment. Then he had the audacity to write about it. As a result of incriminating himself, he was charged with voter fraud and sentenced to community service.

Was this just a youthful indiscretion? No. For one, Savage was 35 when he infiltrated my campaign. The Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association recently invited Savage to address the National High School Journalism Conference. They should have known better. Savage may be welcome at the Obama White House, but a cursory review [WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE] would have turned up enough to know this man is not an appropriate speaker for most public audiences.

His speech to aspiring young journalists quickly devolved into a savage attack on the Bible. The man who is supposedly dedicated to teaching tolerance was, true to form, incredibly intolerant of Judeo-Christian values and anyone who believes in them.

About 100 students had the courage to get up and walk out of Savage’s profanity-laced bigoted rant. But Savage was just getting warmed up. The anti-bullying crusader bullied the students who left, calling them “pansy a–ed.”

Unbelievably, the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association have not apologized for Savage’s offensive speech or for inviting him to speak. But what if Savage had said similar things about Muslims or the Koran? Not only would the audience likely have booed him, but these “journalistic” organizations would be under incredible pressure from the media and politicians. Yet Savage’s vile anti-Christian bigotry is shrugged off.

In their non-apology statement, the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association said Savage’s speech was a “teachable moment” for students. Indeed it was, and it is a teachable moment for men and women of faith everywhere. The lesson is that liberal tolerance is a one-way street. Faith in America is under assault like never before. Elections have consequences, my friends, and we cannot take our cherished values for granted.

The Radical Green Energy Fiasco

The failures and follies of “green energy” are mounting by the day. New research shows that wind farms are contributing to global warming! Remember, friends, whether its bankrupt Solynda or global-warming inducing, bird-dicing wind farms, Obama wants to “double down” on these bad bets with billions of your hard-earned tax dollars.

Speaking of radical environmental fiascos, Al Armendariz, the EPA regulator who said his enforcement philosophy was to “crucify” oil and natural gas companies, resigned yesterday. In a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Armendariz wrote, “After a great deal of thought and careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that my continued service will distract you and the agency from its important work.”

I suspect Armendariz was thrown under bus by the Obama White House, perhaps hoping to shut down a promised congressional investigation into his outrageous remarks and some highly questionable actions by the EPA. But Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is promising to pursue the matter, as are members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The “Comedian In Chief”

I’m sure you’ve seen the glowing press coverage of this White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Some pundits are now referring to Obama as the “Comedian In Chief.” Obama was no better than any other president. The only difference is that his jokes are being written by Hollywood sympathizers, and the audience was full of adoring fans.

But did you notice which jokes got the biggest laughs? Most involved Washington’s recent scandals like the $800,000 GSA conference or, believe it or not, Operation Fast and Furious. Really? If Bush or Reagan had joked about a brewing scandal they would have been booed out of the room and excoriated by the press for being out-of-touch and trivializing “serious issues.”

But when Obama and his liberal media allies get together, the waste of hard-earned taxpayer dollars and even the death of a Border Patrol agent are just fodder for one-liners. I bet the family members of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry aren’t laughing. The past three years have been a cruel joke for millions of Americans, but they will get the last laugh on November 6th!


End Of Day Report

Friday, April 27, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Growth Slows

The economy is sputtering but still moving forward according to the latest economic report. First quarter gross domestic product showed 2.2% growth. Economists had been predicting 2.6%, and it is significantly lower than last quarter’s 3% figure.

House To Cite Holder For Contempt

CBS News reports that Speaker John Boehner has given Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, permission to draft a resolution formally citing Attorney General Eric Holder for contempt. Rep. Issa has been investigating the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal for two years now, and has grown increasingly frustrated by the Justice Department’s reluctance to provide information.

This is not just a petty partisan game of “gotcha.” Fast and Furious was a botched operation that cost the life of an American law enforcement official. As you may recall, the Fast and Furious scandal involves a government program that allowed weapons to “walk” across the U.S./Mexican border. Ultimately, weapons that were part of the Fast and Furious operation were used in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The Justice Department is already in hot water for previously transmitting false and misleading information about Fast and Furious to Congress. But rather than stop the stonewalling and fully cooperate with Congress, Holder has dug in and evidently exhausted the patience of the House leadership. Stay tuned.

How Was Your Vacation?

How many vacations have you taken to Hawaii or Spain in the past three years? What’s that — you didn’t get one, much less to two such exotic locations? I know the economy has been tough, but you certainly paid for them!

Barack and Michelle Obama are taking a lot of heat today for their lavish lifestyle. While millions of Americans are struggling in the wake of the Great Recession, reports that the Obamas have enjoyed so many lavish vacations since moving into the White House have many taxpayers steaming mad.

According to recent focus group surveys, blue collar Democrats are “resentful” that the Obamas are taking so many vacations at taxpayer expense. One such trip to Spain by Michelle Obama in 2010 cost taxpayers nearly $470,000. According to one report, the Obama’s 17-day Christmas vacation to Hawaii cost us $4 million!

It’s interesting that while Obama’s main attack against Mitt Romney is based on class warfare, he’s regularly hosting outlandish parties at the White House, taking really expensive vacations and playing more than 90 rounds of golf! One commentator remarked that Obama wants us to be more upset about how Mitt Romney spends his own money than we are about how Obama is spending our money!

By the way, the first lady said recently that it was her fantasy to “walk right out the front door [of the White House] and just keep walking.” Millions of Americans share that same fantasy — just so long as she takes Barack with her. And in 193 days, we’ll get to make that dream come true!

An Apology And A Retreat — For Now

Here’s some good news. Al Armendariz, the EPA regional administrator who compared his enforcement philosophy to crucifixions, is apologizing for his outrageous remarks. In a statement released Wednesday, Armendariz wrote: “I apologize to those I have offended and regret my poor choice of words. It was an offensive and inaccurate way to portray our efforts to address potential violations of our nation’s environmental laws.” Offensive is certainly correct, but I fear it is an accurate representation of this administration’s mindset when it comes to our energy producers.

The Labor Department is beating a hasty retreat from its plans to impose child labor laws on family farms. In a statement released yesterday, the Department stated: “The decision to withdraw this rule … was made in response to thousands of comments expressing concerns about the effect of the proposed rules on small family-owned farms. To be clear, this regulation will not be pursued for the duration of the Obama administration.”

Labor’s backing down is good news. But I suspect it was reacting not to the thousands of comments but the possibility of Obama losing 50 votes. No that’s not a typo. I’m referring to the number of votes in the Electoral College from a handful of key states where the farm vote could be decisive.

But I guarantee you, my friends, these are just temporary victories. Remember what Obama said when he leaned over to whisper in Russian President Dmitri Medvedev’s ear? “After my election I have more flexibility.” If Obama gets reelected this farm child labor issue is coming back, along with cap and trade and much, much more of Obama’s radical agenda.

Speaking of which, First Lady Michelle Obama has been dropping some not-so-subtle hints about what Obama’s true agenda is and what is at stake this November. It has been reported that in private meetings with donors Michelle is promising that Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor will vote to redefine marriage. Here’s what Mrs. Obama has said:
“Let’s not forget what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices, and for the first time in history our daughters and our sons watched three women take their seat on our nation’s highest court. But more importantly, let us never forget the impact their decisions will have on our lives for decades to come — on our privacy [abortion on demand] and … yes, love whomever we choose [same-sex marriage]. That is what’s at stake here.”
She’s right. If Obama gets four more years not only will he raise taxes through the roof, gut defense, spend us into bankruptcy and crucify our most productive industries, he will also continue to pack our courts with left-wing ideologues who will redefine and undermine every value and virtue pro-family, pro-life conservatives hold dear!

End Of Day Report

Thursday, April 26, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


“Crucify Them!”

Ever since President Obama took office, conservatives, business executives and industry leaders have complained that he has an anti-business, anti-free market, anti-energy agenda. Remember Obama’s constant bashing of Wall Street and the financial industry? Remember Obama’s outrageous statement that doctors were cutting off people’s feet for profit? Remember top White House officials repeatedly saying they were going to put a “boot on the neck of BP?”

Well if we needed more evidence of this administration’s mindset, we got it yesterday. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), the ranking Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee, announced that he was launching an investigation into the comments of Al Armendariz, an EPA regional administrator.

Here’s how Armendariz during a speech described his approach to regulating America’s oil and natural gas companies:

“I was in a meeting once and I gave an analogy to my staff about my philosophy of enforcement… I’ll go ahead and tell you what I said: It was kind of like how the Romans used to … conquer villages in the Mediterranean.  They’d go in to a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them. Then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years. It’s a deterrent factor.”
Inhofe is not only investigating these outrageous comments, but he is also demanding answers from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson regarding a series of equally outrageous public statements and emergency orders aimed at restricting new high tech drilling efforts. The U.S. has made tremendous gains in domestic energy exploration in recent years, thanks entirely to the work of our private energy industry and some remarkable technological breakthroughs, including hydraulic fracturing. But the Obama Administration is aggressively trying to limit the practice.

On Fox News this morning, Inhofe blasted Obama for speaking out of both sides of his mouth. The senator said, “Let’s keep in mind, this is all a part of Obama’s war on domestic energy. He’s the one who said that we have good natural gas and it’s plentiful and all of that but we’ve got to stop hydraulic fracturing. This is the war on hydraulic fracturing. …So it’s an attempt to try to satisfy both sides. He’s whispering to the left … then he’s saying to the public at the same time that we are for natural gas and all that.”

Senator Inhofe is right. This administration is driven by hostility toward America’s most successful industries and businesses. And, of course, it is filled with haters of fossil fuel.

Let me remind folks again — ignore Obama’s rhetoric and focus on his record. Forget about Obama’s claim that “We’re drilling all over the place.” Look at what he has done:

  • The first thing Obama’s Interior Secretary did when he took office was cancel scores of drilling leases. This is the same man, by the way, who as a senator filibustered a bill to allow more domestic drilling — even if gasoline reached $10 a gallon!
  • The number of operational rigs in the Gulf of Mexico was cut in half after the 2010 BP spill. Why? Because of an Obama drilling ban that held up scores of permits.
  • Since Obama took office, drilling has declined on federal lands. A March 14th report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration noted, “Total sales of all fossil fuels produced on Federal and Indian lands … dropped by about 6 percent between FY 2010 and FY 2011.” [Emphasis added.]
  • Obama’s Energy Secretary once advocated $8.00-a-gallon gasoline.
  • A Harvard study estimated that Obama’s cap and trade scheme could have resulted in $7.00-a-gallon gasoline.
  • Barack Obama blocked the Keystone XL pipeline that would bring in more oil from friendly Canada.
  • He said he wants to bankrupt the coal industry, which he admits will cause electricity rates to “necessarily skyrocket.”

My friends, if you haven’t yet seen the video “If I Wanted America To Fail,” please watch it now and then share it with your friends and family members. America can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama!

High Court Takes Up Illegal Immigration

The justices of the United States Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday on Arizona’s tough anti-illegal immigration law known as SB 1070. The law allows police officers to check the immigration status of individuals who have been detained for other offenses.

The Arizona law is overwhelmingly popular. A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 68% of registered voters support the law, while just 27% opposed it. Hispanic voters were narrowly divided with 47% in favor to 49% against.

The Obama Administration, however, sued to block implementation of the law, arguing that immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility with virtually no role for the states. Historically, the courts have adopted that view.

But the Roberts court has shifted somewhat towards expanding state authority. Last year in a 5-to-3 decision, the court upheld another Arizona law that revoked business licenses for companies that repeatedly hired illegal immigrants.

And according to various press reports, the justices appeared likely to uphold SB 1070 too. As MSNBC noted, “The justices strongly suggested Wednesday they are not buying the Obama administration’s argument that the state exceeded its authority” and “even some of the court’s liberal justices seemed to find no strong objection.”

And while I would be surprised if Justice Sonia Sotomayor ruled in favor of SB 1070, she was nevertheless especially critical of the administration’s lawyer, Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. At one point Sotomayor, who once deemed herself a “wise Latina woman,” said of Verrilli’s argument against the Arizona law, “General, I’m terribly confused by your answer,” and added, “You can see it’s not selling very well.”

Jobless Claims Drop, But Numbers Rise

I’m beginning to think that the bureaucrats who track our employment statistics need to take a crash course in remedial math. Once again, the administration is reporting a drop in weekly claims for unemployment benefits. And, once again, the numbers don’t add up because the previous week’s figures were first revised upward.

This week, claims for unemployment benefits reportedly dropped by 1,000 to 388,000. But last week’s figures were revised up from 386,000 to 389,000. So claims didn’t really fall by 1,000, they’re up by 2,000!

One frustrated economist commented, “We seem to be chasing our tail … with seemingly reported declines in weekly numbers coming from persistently higher levels week-after-week. Today’s reading also gives the uncomfortable drift upwards in initial claims the feel of a trend rather than aberration.”

Speaking Of Unemployment Benefits…

Liberal Democrat Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) made a startling prediction last night on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show. Rep. Fattah suggested that Barack Obama would benefit politically from high unemployment. Here’s what he said: “…those people who are unemployed, they’re not going to be voting for the party who wants to cut their benefits, cut access to food stamps, cut job training.”

Rep. Fattah’s statement was very revealing. He hopes that Obama is buying enough votes to win. I hope the taxpayers who are paying for all these things won’t vote for the party that wants to further raise their taxes so it can redistribute more of their hard-earned income. Yet another reminder of why we must win in November!

End Of Day Report

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Grand Slam, Governor!

After sweeping five state primaries yesterday, Governor Mitt Romney kicked off the general election campaign with a victory speech that put the 2012 election in very stark terms. I was cheering last night as the governor aggressively attacked Obama’s failed record and brilliantly critiqued Obama’s “fairness” claims. Here are some excerpts:

“Tonight is the start of a new campaign to unite every American who knows in their heart that we can do better! The last few years have been the best that Barack Obama can do, but it’s not the best America can do! …

“Four years ago Barack Obama dazzled us in front of Greek columns with sweeping promises of hope and change. …What do we have to show for three and a half years of President Obama? Is it easier to make ends meet? Is it easier to sell your home or buy a new one? …Do you pay less at the pump?

“If the answer were ‘yes’ to those questions, then President Obama would be running for re-election based on his achievements…and rightly so. But because he has failed, he will run a campaign of diversions, distractions, and distortions. That kind of campaign may have worked at another place and in a different time. But not here and not now. It’s still about the economy, and we’re not stupid. …

“This president is putting us on a path where our lives will be ruled by bureaucrats and boards, commissions and czars. He’s asking us to accept that Washington knows best — and can provide all. …

“This America is fundamentally fair. We will stop the unfairness of urban children being denied access to the good schools of their choice; … we will stop the unfairness of requiring union workers to contribute to politicians not of their choosing; we will stop the unfairness of government workers getting better pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve; and we will stop the unfairness of one generation passing larger and larger debts on to the next.

“In the America I see, character and choices matter. …We’ll stop the days of apologizing for success at home and never again apologize for America abroad.

“There was a time — not so long ago — when each of us could walk a little taller and stand a little straighter because we had a gift that no one else in the world shared. We were Americans. That meant something different to each of us but it meant something special to all of us. We knew it without question. And so did the world. Those days are coming back. That’s our destiny.

“We believe in America. We believe in ourselves. Our greatest days are still ahead. We are, after all, Americans! God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.”
Governor Romney clearly made the case why Barack Obama does not deserve a second term, and many voters agree. In today’s Rasmussen tracking poll of likely voters, Romney leads Obama 49%-to-44%. Obama can — and must — be defeated!

Newt Out

According to Fox News “senior campaign aides” have confirmed that former Speaker Newt Gingrich will suspend his campaign for the GOP nomination next week. Gingrich had hoped for a possible upset win last night in Delaware to keep his campaign alive, but Gov. Romney won Delaware by a 30-point margin.

Unforced Error, Governor

While Governor Mitt Romney is clearly enjoying a bounce in the polls and a boost in momentum, his campaign still has some work to do when it comes to reassuring the conservative base and values voters. That’s why his appointment of Richard Grenell, who worked in the Bush Administration, to be his spokesman on national security issues was a disappointment to many conservatives.

I share their disappointment not because Grenell is gay. He is not weak on defense. In fact, former Ambassador John Bolton is defending Grenell today. Conservative pro-family leaders are disappointed because Grenell has been an outspoken advocate of redefining normal marriage. For the overwhelmingly majority of folks who support Governor Romney that issue is starkly clear — marriage is the union of one and one woman. But Grenell once caused a controversy by trying to have his partner listed as his spouse when he worked at the U.N.

Thankfully, Grenell is not going to be making policy on domestic issues. But his appointment was disappointing because it comes at a time when the Romney campaign should be reaching out to the conservative base. Instead, this appointment seems like a slap at the base.

Moreover, Grenell is known for having an acerbic personality, and critics have described his comments in social media as being “catty.” He may be competent, but he is creating controversies on multiple fronts where the Romney campaign can least afford them.

That said, we should not exaggerate this. Homosexuals were part of the Reagan Administration and the Bush Administrations. Our concern is policy. One of the ways Governor Romney can reassure values voters is to make more statements in his speeches that speak to their concerns about the sanctity of life, the meaning of marriage and the importance of faith and family.

Pointing this out does not hurt Mitt Romney. I am making this observation precisely because it is so important that he defeat Barack Obama. There is no path to victory for a Republican presidential candidate that does not involve massive turnout by pro-family voters. The only way Mitt Romney will end up with a majority on Election Day — and I will do everything I can to make sure that happens — is to unite economic, defense and social conservatives behind his candidacy.

Government Gone Wild

With all the issues making headlines these days — from rising gas prices to our record national debt — you would think that Obama could get his bureaucrats to focus their attention and prioritize their efforts. Think again.

There is news today that Obama’s Labor Department is getting ready to ban chores on family farms. The bureaucrats in their infinite wisdom have decided that it is an urgent priority to enforce child labor laws down on the farm.

The Daily Caller reports, “The new regulations … would also revoke the government’s approval of safety training and certification taught by independent groups like 4-H and FFA, replacing them instead with a 90-hour federal government training course.”

Not to be outdone, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a ruling this week expanding federal anti-discrimination statutes to include transgendered individuals. As if small business owners needed yet one more confusing and burdensome regulation from the Obama Administration, the EEOC contends that “The term ‘gender’ encompasses not just a person’s biological sex but also the cultural and social aspects associated with masculinity and femininity.”

America cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama’s out-of-control bureaucracy!

The Christian Crisis “60 Minutes” Ignored

Earlier this week I told you about the outrageous “60 Minutes” story that claimed to be about Christian persecution in the Middle East. Instead of accurately portraying the real threat to Christians in the Middle East — radical Islam — CBS presented Israel as the villain.

In response to this biased presentation, Pastor John Hagee and I published an op-ed today on the Christian crisis that “60 Minutes” ignored. You can read our column here. Please share it with friends and family members.

End Of Day Report

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


War On Terror Is Over?

Every couple of days, it seems, some department under Obama’s leadership fully embraces liberalism, exposing Obama’s agenda and embarrassing us. For example, the General Services Administration is supposed to help save the taxpayers’ money by implementing cost-saving policies for the massive federal bureaucracy. Then the GSA bureaucrats go wild at an $800,000 Las Vegas convention complete with clowns, bicycle building lessons and mind readers.

For decades, the left has bombarded our culture with licentiousness and the message, “If it feels good, do it.” Everywhere you turn there are sex scandals — from Bill and Monica to Anthony Weiner and even the Secret Service. Hugh Hefner may be proud, but most Americans are disgusted.

Now comes the news that some official at the State Department has declared the war on terror to be over. Here is the full quote: “The war on terror is over. Now that we have killed most of al Qaida, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.”

This official sounds like someone from Code Pink or some other far-left group. The use of the term “war on terror” again suggests that our leaders and policy makers still don’t get it. World War II was not a “war on blitzkriegs” or a “war on kamikazes.”

Not only is the term wrong, but so is the mindset. If this official really believes that the “war on terror is over,” then I assume we’ll soon see an end to airport TSA pat downs, right? Al Qaeda has taken a beating, but I think it is premature to suggest that militant Islam has been defeated.

And what exactly is “legitimate Islamism” anyway? It seems that the administration is attempting to make a separate peace with radical Islam. Religious persecution, treating women like cattle — that’s all okay so long as there’s a street protest or vote along the way. Really? It seems like 1938 all over again.

Obamanomics Is Bad For America

The big issue in this election is the economy. In spite of the past three years, Barack Obama is trying to convince Americans that he has all the answers — that higher taxes and more spending is the formula to economic growth. If that sounds ludicrous, that’s because it is. And last week the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said as much.

The CBO analyzed Obama’s proposed 2013 budget and determined that after five years “the Obama proposals would reduce economic output by between 0.5 percent and 2.2 percent.” Why? Because Obama’s spending would require more government bonds, leaving less money for private investment. In addition, his planned tax increases would take even more money out of the private economy.

Just more evidence that America cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama!

Obama’s Catholic Problem

Responding to the Obama Administration’s repeated assaults on faith, the nation’s Catholic bishops are calling for the faithful to engage in a series of public protests in defense of our First Amendment freedoms. Dubbed the “Fortnight for Freedom,” from June 21st to July 4th, the bishops are promising to “focus all the energies the Catholic community can muster” in defense of religious liberty. And they are calling on all men and women of faith to join them.

This news is giving the Obama campaign heartburn. Obama won 54% of Catholic voters in 2008. But today his numbers are terrible. A February Rasmussen poll found that 59% of likely Catholic voters disapproved of Obama’s job performance. And against Mitt Romney, Obama was losing Catholic voters 35%-to-52%.

Religious liberty in America is truly at a tipping point. Catholic charities are no longer permitted to assist with adoptions in some states because the church believes marriage is between a man and a woman. Christian business owners are being fined for their faith. Now Obama wants to force religious institutions to pay for services and products that violate their values.

If the government can force a church to pay for services that violate its values, it won’t be long before it tries to force churches to perform services that violate their values. It was a lesson learned the hard way by Methodists in New Jersey, and a local ordinance in Kansas appears to be pushing the envelope.

If Barack Obama gets four more years to pack the courts, including the Supreme Court, with left-wing activists, the battle for faith and family may be lost for generations.

Here Come The Smears

Hold on, folks. It’s going to be a rough year. The Democrats are getting desperate and it is starting to show.

Brian Schweitzer, the Democrat governor of Montana, recently tried to smear Mitt Romney by bringing up polygamy in the context of Romney’s appeal to Latino voters. Schweitzer was condemned for his remarks, but he’s not backing down. In fact, while attempting to defend himself, he repeated it again on CNN last night.

I know the Democrats can’t talk about Obama’s success on the economy. But do they really want to go down this road? Not only was Obama’s grandfather a polygamist, so was his father, according to this Washington Post column.

Not only that, but Obama’s Justice Department is in court trying to radically redefine the meaning of marriage in America so that men can “marry” other men. But once you throw out the accepted definition of normal marriage, on what basis can you legally limit marriage to just two people? What about the love of one man for his four wives? It’s not a hypothetical question any more.

End Of Day Report

Monday, April 23, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Manipulating Medicare

Barack Obama just got busted trying to manipulate Medicare for political purposes. Here is what’s going on.

Beginning in 2013, ObamaCare eliminates Medicare Advantage — a popular program that 12 million seniors rely on. But in order for Medicare Advantage to be eliminated next year, seniors would have to register for a new program this year — about a month before the election.

Desperate to avoid having millions of seniors ticked off weeks before the election, the political hacks in the Obama Administration found a way to postpone the phase out of Medicare Advantage. Federal law allows the Department of Health and Human Services to spend money on “demonstration projects” without congressional approval so long as it is conducting a legitimate study intended to improve the effectiveness and quality of various health care programs.

It turns out that HHS has set aside $8 billion in “bonuses” for Medicare Advantage. Republicans have long complained that this spending has only one purpose — to delay the demise of Medicare Advantage until 2014, but the media and the White House have ignored their complaints.

A report from the non-partisan Government Accountability Office strongly suggests the GOP complaints are valid. The Associated Press reports that government auditors say the bonus program should be cancelled. Consider this excerpt:

“GAO, the investigative agency of Congress, did not address GOP allegations that the bonuses are politically motivated. But, its report found the program highly unusual. It ‘dwarfs’ all other Medicare pilots undertaken in nearly 20 years, the GAO said. Most of the bonus money is going to plans that receive three to three-and-half stars on Medicare’s five-star rating scale, the report said. …

“But GAO questioned whether the bonus program will achieve its goal of finding better incentives to promote quality. ‘The design of the demonstration precludes a credible evaluation of its effectiveness in achieving (the administration’s) stated research goal.'”
Of course it precludes a credible evaluation of effectiveness! HHS isn’t studying anything. Remember — the Medicare Advantage program is scheduled to be eliminated. So why are taxpayers providing billions of dollars in “bonuses” for average performance? As the AP notes: “Available through 2014, the bonuses will soften much of the initial impact of the Medicare Advantage cuts, acting like a temporary reprieve. This year, for example, the bonus program offset more than two-thirds of the cuts in the health care law.”

Republicans should conduct a thorough investigation of this program and do everything they can — even though the media will ignore much of it — to expose this abuse of power. This is just one more example of the corruption of this administration. Obama’s willingness to bend the rules and waste your hard-earned money for political purposes knows no limits. And it is another example of why conservatives are right to resist Obama’s siren song of higher taxes, even on “millionaires and billionaires.” The problem in Washington is not a lack of revenue. It is too much spending!

CBS Focuses On Christian Persecution

The persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East is a matter of grave concern for men and women of faith in America. It is a subject I have repeatedly written about, and my oldest daughter works on the issue in Congress for Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA). Like many, I have been frustrated by the lack of attention the mainstream media devotes to this issue. So I was particularly interested to see how CBS would cover the subject on its “60 Minutes” program last night. Sadly, the show was another example of the make believe world our media elites live in.

If you were to poll Americans and ask them what is the major threat confronting Christians in the Middle East, the virtually unanimous response would be “Islamic extremism.” After all, churches are routinely attacked by Muslim militants in Nigeria and Iraq. Politicians and clerics are debating whether to demolish churches in Kuwait. The Arab Spring has turned into a Christian Winter in Egypt. Bibles are banned in many Muslim nations. Pastors face death sentences in Iran.

But the folks at “60 Minutes” evidently see the issue very differently. I don’t recall the last time I read about a church bombing in Israel carried out by radical Jews, but last night’s “60 Minutes” episode on the plight of Christians in the Holy Land was an outrageous attack on Israel designed to undermine Christian support for the Jewish state here in America. And it is a tactic that is gaining popularity among the left — especially among so-called “mainline” Protestant denominations.

Christians United for Israel is fighting back. Click here to sign a petition denouncing the biased and misguided reporting in last night’s “60 Minutes” episode. I hope the next time CBS tries to cast an eye on Christian persecution in the Middle East, it will focus on the real problem — radical Islam.

The Distractor-In-Chief

A number of conservative pundits have observed that the Obamas are everywhere lately. You can’t even tune into a major sporting event without it being interrupted for a gratuitous interview with Barack or Michelle Obama. In fact, this First Lady is anything but camera shy. In George W. Bush’s first term, Laura Bush appeared on 12 TV shows. Michelle Obama has already been on 44 shows!

I have also noticed that Obama has a unique capacity to draw the media’s attention away from the serious and significant and toward the trivial and tedious — which is exactly what he will need to do to win a second term. You can read more in my weekly Human Events column.

Goodbye, Chuck

As I am sure you have heard by now, my good friend Chuck Colson, a former Nixon aid and founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries, passed away this weekend. Chuck was a dear friend, and I will miss him greatly. He was living proof of the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

Chuck went from the highest levels of government power in the Nixon White House to the tragedy of a jail cell. There he gave himself fully to Christ, found his true calling and emerged a new man. He was one of the greatest Christian apologists of our time, an intellectual giant dedicated to the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and religious liberty. His commitment to God and country was second to none.

Carol and I offer our sincere condolences to Chuck’s wife, Patty, and the rest of the Colson family. They can take comfort in the certainty that Chuck Colson has been welcomed home to the words, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”

End Of Day Report

Friday, April 20, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Keep The Change!

During a visit to Dearborn, Michigan, this week, Barack Obama told his audience, “In just three years, because of what you did in 2008, we’ve begun to see what change looks like.” Oddly enough, some in the audience thought that was an applause line. It’s more like a punch line to a bad joke. In my opinion, the past three years have been a gut punch to our country.

Let’s consider the change we’ve experienced in the past three years:

  • In January 2009, the unemployment rate was 7.8%. Now it’s 8.2%.
  • In January 2009, the average price for a gallon of gas was $1.86. Now it’s $3.92.
  • In January 2009, the national debt was approximately $10.6 trillion. Today it’s $15.6 trillion.
  • ObamaCare, the president’s signature accomplishment, is deeply unpopular — 72% of Americans oppose the individual mandate and 56% want it repealed.
  • Food stamp usage is up 70% since the Bush years. (The annual cost of this one program is 16 times the revenue that would be raised by the so-called Buffett rule.) And disability claims are up dramatically too.
  • After three years of Obama’s change, only 35% of voters think America’s best days are ahead of us and just 27% think the country is on the right track.

Obama can keep his change. What we need most is a change of leadership in the White House!

Are the Democrats Unraveling?

When a strong president is cruising toward reelection, members of his own party usually aren’t eager to buck him or bash his signature accomplishment. But that’s exactly what is happening to Barack Obama right now.

This week, 69 House Democrats broke ranks and voted to mandate construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The bill passed the House by a veto-proof margin. As Byron York notes in the Washington Examiner, 11 Senate Democrats voted for the pipeline last month. Its supporters are very close to the 60 votes needed to bust Harry Reid’s filibuster.

Even the New York Times admits this is a losing battle: “President Obama is finding himself increasingly boxed in on the Keystone pipeline fight as more Congressional Democrats are joining Republicans in backing the project, which has strong labor support and could generate significant numbers of jobs in economically hard-hit states.”

And then there’s ObamaCare. The Washington, D.C., publication The Hill reports that some Democrats are expressing “buyers’ remorse” over ObamaCare, and their comments “reflect rising anxiety ahead of November’s elections.” Consider some of their comments:

    Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.): “I think we would all have been better off — President Obama politically, Democrats in Congress politically, and the nation would have been better off — if we had dealt first with the financial system and the other related economic issues and then come back to healthcare.”

    Rep. Norm Dicks (D-WA): “It did hurt us, there’s no doubt about it. The climate out there was really ugly because of it.”

    Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA): “I think we paid a terrible price for health care. I would not have pushed it as hard. As a matter of fact, after Scott Brown won, I suggested going back. I would have started with financial reform but certainly not health care.”

    Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA): “I’ll be real frank here. I think that the manner in which the health-care reform issue was put in front of the Congress, the way that the issue was dealt with by the White House, cost Obama a lot of credibility as a leader.”

There’s a common thread among all these Democrats who are complaining now: They are all retiring and running for the exits before November 6, 2012.

More OWS Anti-Semitism

As the Occupy Wall Street movement gears up for another summer of protests, park occupations and worse, the anti-Semitism that is so rife within the movement is once again rearing its ugly head. Check out this cartoon that was posted on the OWS Facebook page.

The media romanticize Occupy Wall Street as a 21st century civil rights movement, but there is so much that is wrong with it. It is motivated in part by envy. Its utopian ideas are impractical. It is prone to violence and attracts criminals.

Israel’s “Peace” Partner

After Hamas merged with the Palestinian Authority last year, Congress took steps to cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority. But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently released another $150 million of your hard-earned tax money over the objections of House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL).

The State Department insisted the money was necessary in order to provide “critical support to the Palestinian people and those leaders seeking to combat extremism within their society.” We should demand an immediate refund.

Moussa Abu Marzouk is Hamas’ second-highest ranking official. He recently granted an interview with the Jewish Daily Forward during which he stated that any agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority would be treated as a “hudna” or cease-fire, rather than as a peace treaty. “We will not recognize Israel as a state,” Marzouk said emphatically.

Israel’s enemies are not interested in peace with Israel. Nor will they be satisfied with a piece of Israel. They want all of Israel. They want the Jewish state eliminated and replaced by Hamastan. And, of course, the ultimate target is America — the “great Satan.”

Getting Noticed!

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