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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Tune In Tonight Online

If you care about Israel and events in the Middle East, click here now to sign up for a live webcast being broadcast tonight by Christians United for Israel (CUFI). I will be speaking at the CUFI leadership summit tonight at 8:30 PM ET. You can watch my presentation live online for free, but you must register first.

Christians United for Israel was founded by Pastor John Hagee to rally men and women of faith in support of the Israeli people. Nearly one million Americans have joined Christians United for Israel, and I am proud to serve as a member of CUFI’s Executive Board. I strongly support its efforts in these perilous times.

Please share this message with like-minded friends and family members and encourage them to register for tonight’s webcast.

Occupiers Assault Pro-Lifers

For the third time in a week radicals from the Occupy Wall Street crowd have disrupted pro-life events. If they are so concerned about income inequality, why are they focusing their anger and vitriol on pro-life demonstrations?

According to LifeSiteNews.com, Occupiers disrupted a March for Youth rally in Washington, D.C., last weekend, a prayer vigil outside of the Supreme Court last Monday and a pro-life rally in Rhode Island last Thursday. At the Rhode Island rally, the radicals threw condoms on Catholic students and shouted down a priest as he attempted to give the benediction.

Barth Bracey, executive director of Rhode Island Right to Life, attempted to contact someone in leadership at the national Occupy Wall Street headquarters. They were less than helpful. Bracey told LifeSiteNews.com:

“You can’t have a reasoned conversation with these people. They simply try to taunt you. They’re smug, snarky, arrogant. You won’t get a straight answer. Their actions have made it loud and clear, whatever else they are, they are pro-abortion — and they are willing to attack the pro-life movement.”
Yesterday we provided more evidence of the anti-Semitic bigotry that infests the Occupy Wall Street movement. But it is increasingly clear that these radicals are not just against Wall Street greed and corruption. They are against traditional American values, including free enterprise and free speech. They are anti-Western Civilization.

Remember This

Two headlines today caught my attention. Here’s the first headline followed by a brief excerpt:

“O’Malley Talks About Applying Sales Tax To Gas — Maryland’s gas prices could soon be going sky high. The governor [a liberal Democrat] has recommended applying sales tax to gas, and it could pump up prices more than 20 cents a gallon.”
Now here’s the second headline followed by a brief excerpt:

“Emboldened GOP Wants To Abolish State Income Taxes — A year after Republicans swept into office across the country, many have trained their sights on what has long been a fiscal conservative’s dream: the steep reduction or even outright elimination of state income taxes.”
Remember this, my friends, when you go into the voting booth in 280 days: Democrats are always trying to raise your taxes. Republicans want to cut taxes.

Our Thin-Skinned President

Beneath Barack Obama’s well-cultivated image as a supernaturally cool, calm and collected president lies a very different reality: an irritable, hyper-sensitive and bitter man who’s quick to attack those who question him or his agenda. The idea of Obama as an above-the-fray figure who can unite the country has been shattered by three years of a president who seems more passionate about the opinions of his critics than about governing the country. Read more in my latest column at HumanEvents.com.


End Of Day Report

Monday, January 30, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Santorum And The Sanctity Of Life

No doubt you have heard by now that Senator Rick Santorum’s youngest daughter, Bella, fell ill over the weekend and Sen. Santorum returned home to take care of her. Bella has a genetic disorder known as Trisomy 18. Only about 10% of children who have this disorder survive their first year. Once diagnosed, most women are encouraged to have an abortion. Mrs. Santorum refused to do so and Bella is now 3 years old. You can imagine the challenges they face.

In a personal conversation with Mrs. Santorum, she made it clear that her family does not see Bella as a burden, but a blessing. Sen. Santorum has often spoken about how Bella “makes us better,” how she is not the “disabled one,” but how the rest of us can learn from her unconditional love.

This weekend, Bella was diagnosed with pneumonia, and, not surprisingly, Sen. Santorum cancelled several events and rushed home. Children with her condition can be killed by colds. Thankfully, she is experiencing what Santorum called a “miraculous recovery” and could be out of the hospital in the next few days.

Rick Santorum is running third in the Florida polls, but a recent Gallup poll found that he has the highest overall approval rating of all the candidates. Whatever happens in this campaign, Rick and Karen Santorum have done much to advance the cause of life, and I am thankful for their example. I know you will join me in praying for Bella’s continued recovery.

The Culture War Continues

The economy has dominated the headlines, but the radical secularists have not stopped their assault against our values. Last week, a Rhode Island high school was ordered to remove a prayer that has hung in the school since 1963. According to a federal judge, the prayer “violated the principle of government neutrality in religion.” Read the banned prayer that is so “harmful” to our students.

Sadly, too many judges today are deeply confused about the meaning of the First Amendment. It guarantees the freedom of religion, so that all may flourish free from government interference, not a freedom from religion. But the First Amendment has been so twisted now that left-wing judges routinely use it to force our schools to be “faith free” zones.

For example, religious liberty and free speech rights are under fire in Wisconsin after a student-run school newspaper published pro and con editorials on the subject of homosexual adoption. A Christian student wrote the editorial opposing homosexual adoption and cited the Scriptures as one reason to oppose it. His editorial resulted in a formal complaint being filed against the school district by a gay parent.

The school quickly issued an apology for the “offensive” letter. According to the Christian Post, Superintendent Todd Carlson said that the article did not follow school policies, and “the 15-year-old’s opinion piece constituted ‘bullying.'” The student was reportedly threatened with suspension and banned from writing on topics related to “religion, politics, or social issues.”

But by punishing this student for expressing his Christian faith, school officials are hardly being neutral. Instead, they are using government force to express their hostility toward faith and free speech.

In Maryland, Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley is doing damage control after his wife, a Baltimore judge, referred to opponents of same-sex marriage as “cowards.” An attempt to legalize same-sex marriage last year was defeated in the Democrat-dominated state after a revolt by black pastors who objected to a radical redefinition of marriage and the left’s frequent comparison of homosexual rights to civil rights.

Let me repeat: The culture war is very real. While some on the right mistakenly call for a “truce” on values issues, the left has no intention of letting up until it has fundamentally transformed America on every level — from taxes and spending to the values we will pass on to our children and grandchildren. This election will decide whether we stop this assault on family, faith and freedom or whether we continue “slouching toward Gomorrah.”

Occupy Movement Gets Ugly — Again

Members of Occupy Oakland are on the march again. Over the weekend they vandalized Oakland’s historic City Hall. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Occupiers “broke into the building, smashed display cases, cut electrical wires and burned an American flag.”

The report also notes that the protestors are becoming far more aggressive with the police and carrying “elaborate” shields, “6 feet by 4 feet and built from corrugated metal on wood panels, complete with multiple handles.” More than 400 people were arrested, adding to the Occupy movement’s already extensive rap sheet.

Here is a video of Occupiers burning the American flag. Note the anti-Semitic “pledge” being recited as the flag goes up in flames. Unfortunately, this is just a warm up act.

The left-wing Canadian magazine Adbusters, which is credited with launching the Occupy movement, is calling for 50,000 radicals to descend on Chicago May 1st, “in the tradition of Chicago 8.” This is a reference to the Chicago riots that broke out during the 1968 Democrat National Convention.

Steel yourselves. Democrat pollsters have warned that the Occupy movement is unstable and potentially violent. Now the left is using images of violence in its appeals for support. They have big plans to turn 2012 into a year of riots and left-wing radicalism, and some folks, like George Soros, seem “almost gleeful” by the prospect.

U.S. Tax Dollars Promoting Anti-Israel Bigotry

Kudos to Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ).

Last week, Rep. Smith chaired a hearing that exposed the anti-Israel and anti-American bigotry contained in many textbooks used to teach Palestinian children in U.N. refugee camps. For example, a geography lesson for second graders features a map of the Middle East, but Israel is not included. A reading assignment for ninth graders asks students to explain this bit of poetry: “The morning of glory and red liberty watered by the martyrs’ blood … the hope for the Liberation of Palestine.” There is much more and worse.

The level of hatred and bigotry contained in these textbooks is bad enough. But, unbelievably, American taxpayers are helping to pay for these books by subsidizing the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency (UNRWA). In 2010, the UNRWA got nearly $230 million from American taxpayers. Rep. Smith wants to limit UNRWA funding until the textbooks are purged of such hate.

Rep. Smith said, “We are responsible for the content and the content has been, year in and year out, explosively anti-Semitic, anti-American and anti-Israeli. …If you teach kids to hate when they’re very, very young and just keep feeding them that kind of formula for violence, why are we surprised when they strap on dynamite and other kinds of explosives to kill themselves and think they’re doing a good thing?”

My friends, do not fall victim to the misguided thinking that suggests if only we abandoned Israel, the radical Islamists would leave us alone. There is a reason the mullahs in Iran refer to America, not Israel, as “the Great Satan.” Radical Islam is at war with all of Judeo-Christian civilization, and Israel is just one front in that war. Hatred for Israel is also hatred for America.

End Of Day Report

Friday, January 27, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Santorum Nails It

Last night Senator Rick Santorum turned in one of his best debate performances so far. Several commentators said that on rhetorical points Santorum effectively won the debate. During one of the evening’s highlights, Sen. Santorum castigated Romney and Gingrich for their endless bickering and tried to refocus the debate on the issues. Here is what he said:

“The bigger issue here is, these two gentlemen, who are out distracting from the most important issues we have by playing petty personal politics, can we set aside that Newt was a member of Congress and used the skills that he developed as a member of Congress to go out and advise companies — and that’s not the worst thing in the world — and that Mitt Romney is a wealthy guy because worked hard and he’s going out and working hard? And you guys should leave that alone and focus on the issues!”
The audience roared its approval. You can watch it here. At that moment, Senator Santorum was speaking for millions of conservatives around the country who have watched in horror as various candidates have aimed more vitriol and fire at one another than the guy in the White House who is each day dismantling America.

Here is why this matters: A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll was released this week. Again polls are just snapshots in time and only tell what people are thinking today. That said, Obama’s approval rating is up and the poll finds that he would beat every one of the GOP contenders.

Why should Obama’s numbers be up? Has he done so well in defying Congress with unconstitutional appointments or rejecting the Keystone pipeline that voters now believe he deserves reelection? Not really. It’s more likely that the public has witnessed week after week of the GOP candidates tearing one another down that they are turning voters off and allowing them to forget what is so bad about Obama!

Going Forward

My friends, I’m going to be frank. I share the concerns expressed yesterday by Rush Limbaugh about whether the eventual nominee and the GOP establishment will be able to fire up the conservative base and prevail in November after they have spent months savaging other conservatives. This week Bob Dole was trotted out to tell us how awful Newt Gingrich is. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall Dole saying anything newsworthy in the past three years about how damaging Obama has been to America.

And what about Newt? He has done many good things over the years. But did I really hear him make the ludicrous argument last night that just because Mitt Romney owns certain bank stocks he is somehow making money off home foreclosures? Banks don’t make money on foreclosures!

To our friend Mitt Romney: Why don’t you just admit that RomneyCare has many of the same components as ObamaCare? The Tea Party movement and the historic GOP victories in 2010 were largely attributed to voter disgust over ObamaCare. Rick Santorum is right — we cannot afford to surrender this issue.

But by defending RomneyCare, it appears as though you are defending big government mandates. And the Democrats agree! During last night’s debate, David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, tweeted, “In explaining MA plan, Mitt just offered an eloquent explanation of [ObamaCare] he says he would repeal.”

Obama’s Losing Bets

Another Obama-backed “green energy” company went bankrupt this week, and House Republicans are demanding answers.

Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations, said, “One bankruptcy may be a fluke, two could be coincidence, but three is a trend. Our investigation continues, and we are working to ensure taxpayers are never again stuck paying hundreds of millions of dollars because of the administration’s risky bets.”

Barack Obama condemns speculation on Wall Street, but he is speculating all the time with your tax dollars! Worse, he said in his State of the Union address that he intends to “double-down” on these risky “clean energy” bets.

Media Bias

Last night I witnessed one of the worst examples of media bias I have seen a while. CBS News led off its nightly broadcast with the tarmac exchange between Barack Obama and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. That was followed by veteran reporter Bob Schieffer condemning America’s “vulgar politics” and overheated campaign rhetoric. According to Schieffer, Brewer’s finger in Obama’s face was the worst example of “public rudeness” toward any president that he could recall.

I guess Bob Schieffer doesn’t recall the MoveOn.org ads comparing George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. He obviously doesn’t recall Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid calling President Bush a “loser” and a “liar.”

While we’re on the subject of “vulgar politics,” what about stealing the identity of an office holder in order to implicate him in illegal or unethical behavior? What about the smears against Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork? Perhaps, like Chris Matthews, Bob Schieffer feels it is his job to help Obama succeed!

This is just a taste of what we can expect as the campaign heats up in the weeks and months ahead. Please help us expose the liberal media’s bias. Continue to share these reports with your friends and family members. Working together we can end the Obama nightmare and put America back on the right track!

End Of Day Report

Thursday, January 26, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Buffett’s “Poor” Secretary

During his State of the Union address Tuesday night, Barack Obama made several appeals for more redistribution of wealth. At one point he noted how unfair it was that billionaires like Warren Buffett can pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries. In fact, Mr. Buffett’s secretary, Debbie Bosanek, was sitting in the First Lady’s box during the State of the Union address, serving as a symbol for the lack of fairness in the tax code.

Since Obama and Buffett have made such an issue out of Ms. Bosanek’s taxes, repeating over and over again that she pays a higher tax rate, a Forbes columnist hypothesized about just how much Ms. Bosanek might be making. Here is what he discovered:

“The IRS publishes detailed tax tables by income level. The latest results are for 2009. They show that taxpayers earning an adjusted gross income between $100,000 and $200,000 pay an average rate of twelve percent. This is below Buffett’s rate; so she must earn more than that. Taxpayers earning adjusted gross incomes of $200,000 to $500,000, pay an average tax rate of nineteen percent. Therefore Buffet must pay Debbie Bosanke a salary above two hundred thousand. …For all we know she earns closer to a half million each year, but that is pure speculation.”
Here are a couple of points to consider. If Ms. Bosanke does in fact make that much, then she could well be one of those “evil one percenters,” not exactly a model to point to if you are making a case for redistribution of wealth. But Barack Obama still wants to raise her taxes too!

He has repeatedly called for repealing portions of the Bush tax cuts and limiting deductions for individuals in her tax bracket. For the record, the top 1% of earners already pay approximately 37% of all income taxes collected. And if she doesn’t make that much, then both Obama and Buffett are lying when they say she pays a higher rate than Buffett.

But what about Obama’s main point — raising taxes on really rich people like Warren Buffett? According to IRS data, just over 235,000 people reported incomes of $1 million or more on their 2009 tax returns. Combined they earned $727 billion. The federal deficit that year was $1.4 trillion. If you imposed a 100% tax rate on all 235,000 “millionaires and billionaires,” it would yield enough revenue to cover just over half of the deficit. Once again, the problem in Washington is not revenue — it’s spending.

Federal Bureaucrats Owe Uncle Sam Billions

Before Barack Obama tries to squeeze billions more out of small business owners and entrepreneurs, he should start by passing the hat at the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, the Post Office and even the Justice Department. According to a new report from the IRS, federal employees owe more than $3.4 billion in back taxes. Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Postal Service employees owe nearly $270 million.
  • Department of Education employees owe $4.3 million.
  • Homeland Security employees owe $37 million.
  • Justice Department employees owe $17 million.
  • Treasury Department employees (which includes the IRS) owe more than $ 9 million.
  • And it was also reported that three dozen members of President Obama’s White House staff owe more than $830,000 in back taxes!

Now is that fair? Why are these federal employees being paid with our tax money while they are not paying their taxes? Obama demonizes entrepreneurs, the successful, investors and a bevy of U.S. industries, but I have never heard him say a word about federal employees who aren’t paying their taxes.

How Voters View State Of The Union

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, voters are not too happy with the state of our union. Just 26% feel the country is headed in the right direction, while 67% say it is not. Believe it or not, that’s actually an improvement. Five months ago, 80% felt America was headed in the wrong direction. Perhaps folks are more optimistic about the future because the end of the Obama nightmare is just 285 days away and getting closer with each passing day!

Tension On The Tarmac

Yesterday Barack Obama flew to Arizona and was met on the tarmac by Governor Jan Brewer. Brewer handed the president an envelope with a handwritten letter inviting him to visit the border with her and talk about how the economy in Arizona is improving. Obama wasn’t interested.

Instead, according to CBS News, “What she got was a critique. Of her book.” In her book, “Scorpions for Breakfast,” Brewer recounts an Oval Office meeting in which she said Obama lectured her about Arizona’s tough anti-illegal immigration law. Evidently, Obama was offended by her depiction of the meeting and took the opportunity to relay his displeasure. Surprised by the president’s reaction, Brewer asked if Obama had actually read the book. He said he had read excerpts.

It was obvious from their body language that the president and the governor were having a tense exchange. When asked what transpired, Brewer told reporters yesterday, “Bottom line is that he generally wants to talk about amnesty and I want to talk about securing our border.” She later added that Obama seemed “thin-skinned.” Indeed he is.

Which is exactly why the GOP and the eventual nominee need to confront him relentlessly on policy, lying, disrespect for the Constitution, class warfare, wedge politics and everything else. The more they expose him, the greater the chance that his image of “coolness” and being unflappable will unravel and the public will see a man schooled in Chicago politics and radical ideology.

End Of Day Report

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


A Shrinking Obama

Is that all there is? Watching Obama deliver the State of the Union last night (with precautionary blood pressure medication at my side) I was struck by how diminished the “hope and change” President has become. Long gone is the candidate who told his supporters, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Nowhere to be seen was the man who said his election would result in the “earth healing” and the “oceans stopping their rise.” Instead we got an hour of low expectations, distorted facts, divisive class warfare all wrapped up in the hope that the public has collective amnesia about what actually happened in the last three years while Obama was in charge.

Fact checking the speech would take all day. But we made a short video catching Obama on a few of his misstatements. You can watch it here.

My first shoe hit the T.V. set when Obama asserted that our oil imports have fallen under his watch. Indeed they have, but Obama counts on you not knowing why they dropped. Oil imports always drop when the American economy isn’t growing and Obama’s policies have guaranteed slow to no growth. Fewer people employed means less gasoline used. Imports have also dropped because oil industry engineers have developed new drilling techniques that have increased our domestic oil production. Obama has done everything he can to stop that increase in production, including cutting drilling back on federal land and restricting off-shore drilling. The increased production has come on private land by oil companies that Obama regularly demonizes.

Did you notice his intentional distortions on the taxes paid by millionaires compared to average folks? Here is what Obama said: “Now you can call this class warfare all you want. But asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as the secretary in taxes? Most Americans would call that common sense.”

Yes that would be common sense if it were a factual description of reality. Instead it is an intentional effort to deceive. Obama is counting on Americans confusing tax rate with net taxes. Let’s say you are a worker making approximately $50,000 a year. You would be in the 25% tax bracket and you would pay approximately $8,600 in federal taxes. Now let’s say you are a millionaire and almost all of your income comes from dividends and capital gains. For years the U.S. has taxed that kind of investment income at 15% because we want to encourage the investment that creates jobs. So the $1 million in dividends times 15% would be $150,000 in federal taxes.

Yes the millionaire has a lower rate (15%) than the wage earner (25%), but the millionaire pays $150,000 compared to $8,600 for the worker. This is why, in spite all of Obama’s attempts to claim otherwise, the top 1% in America pay into the federal treasury 38% of all taxes collected. The bottom 50% of all Americans pay less than 3% of all taxes collected.

This is what is so disgusting about what Obama is doing. He wants you to be angry at and despise those who have done well in the hope you won’t notice how his policies are leading us down the road to European socialism and national bankruptcy. The man who campaigned in 2008 saying he would bring us together can only remain in power if he deeply divides us by class. Obama is a Hugo Chavez democrat.

Something else was obvious last night too. It was not only what he said but what he left out. There was no direct mention of Obamacare nor of the 3,000-page stimulus bill, both of which are politically toxic. Both issues should be a central part of the eventual GOP presidential nominee’s campaign. There was very little on job creation, and there were zero proposals to get our horrendous debt under control. This man must not be given a second term.

The GOP Response

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels gave the GOP response. It is a tough job to answer any President’s State of the Union, and Daniels did a reasonably good job, even if his passion seemed in short supply. This sentence jumped out at me: Speaking of the Obama Administration, Daniels said, “The extremism that stifles the development of homegrown energy or cancels a perfectly safe pipeline that would employ tens of thousands, or jacks up consumer utility bills for no improvement in either human health or world temperatures is a pro-poverty policy.”

Eureka! There it is. Obama is a left wing extremist. His policies will promote poverty, not growth. Every conservative in America needs to make that point every day – at work, over the back fence, at church, at school or around the dinner table. The GOP nominee has to drive it home. We can win. We must win!

End Of Day Report

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Florida Debate Post Mortem

Last night’s GOP debate in Florida left many feeling flat. The audience was disengaged and appeared uninterested. Worse, the debate began with Gingrich and Romney sniping at one another, while Santorum and Paul were ignored for ten minutes.

As it turns out, the audience was instructed by moderator Brian Williams not to applaud. Unfortunately, they complied. And the image transmitted to millions of living rooms across the country was one of a demoralized, bored and disinterested Republican Party.

Newt Gingrich is reportedly warning that he will not participate in future debates unless members of the audience are allowed to express themselves. He said this morning, “The media doesn’t control free speech. People ought to be allowed to applaud if they want to.”

I agree. My advice to the audience of future GOP debates: Don’t let liberal big media elites boss you around!

Santorum Schools Paul On Foreign Policy

An hour into last night’s debate, the subject was what, if anything, the candidates would do about Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Ron Paul made it clear that he would do nothing and then, predictably, launched into a defense of the Iranian regime.

As he has done in the past, Paul claimed U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran were “acts of war” committed by the United States and our allies against the Islamic Republic. So just to be clear, in Paul’s mind we are the “bad guys” and the mullahs are victims of our aggression. This is normally the kind of nonsense one hears coming from the far left fringe, which may explain why left-wing, America-bashing, conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone is such a fan of Ron Paul and says he would vote for Paul over Obama.

Once again, it was Rick Santorum who set the record straight. Here’s an excerpt of his remarks:

“Well, let’s look at the acts of war [by] Iran — they are holding hostages, they are attacking our troops, their IEDs [improvised explosive devices] are killing our troops in Afghanistan, and killed them in Iraq, and maimed so many … and people were trained and funded in Iran specifically to kill American troops.

“You look at the ships that have been attacked by Iran, embassies were attacked by Iran. Iran has plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador here in this country. It is a long list of attacks — of war-like behavior on the part of this regime. …It would be reckless not to do something to stop them from getting this nuclear weapon.”

Romney’s Trouble With Conservatives

Yesterday I wrote that there are questions about Mitt Romney’s ability to energize the conservative base should he win the GOP nomination. Here’s one reason why: Today we learned that several of Romney’s top campaign advisors were key strategists for Charlie Crist. Yes, THAT Charlie Crist — the Florida RINO.

For those who may not recall, Charlie Crist is the former governor of Florida who gave Obama a big bear hug, backed the misnamed stimulus bill, supported cap and trade, ignored the Tea Party, vetoed pro-life legislation and ultimately abandoned the Republican Party in a failed effort to defeat conservative Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Obama Fails Again

Remember when Obama flew to Europe to lobby for Chicago as a host city for the Olympic Games? He failed in his mission. Remember when he flew to Brazil to lobby for their oil from huge, newly-discovered reserves? Obama said, “We want to help with technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely, and, when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers.”

Well guess what? We’re not getting Brazil’s oil either. China is. And this news came just as the Obama Administration was rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have brought us more oil from Canada.

I know there is a debate among some on the right as to whether Obama is just incompetent or doing exactly what he intends to do. I don’t know the answer, but the result is the same and America is losing as a result. I know this much too: America can’t afford another four years of Barack Obama!

Soros Sees Chaos

George Soros, the billionaire godfather of the political Left, is predicting class warfare and chaos in the streets of America. During a recent interview with Newsweek, Soros warns of “a decade of more stagnation” and possibly “a collapse of the financial system.”

When asked about the potential for “riots on the streets of America,” Newsweek reported that Soros “almost gleefully” responded, “Yes, yes, yes.” Then Soros warns that the violence will be “an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which … could bring about a repressive political system.”

But what is the most likely source of the violence he is predicting? It’s not the Tea Party.

Remember how the unions behaved in Wisconsin last year during the battle over collective bargaining rights? Remember the New Black Panthers blocking the doorway to a polling station? Democrat pollsters have warned that nearly one-third of Occupy Wall Street protestors “would support violence to advance their agenda.”

Smearing Conservatives

In 2006, George Soros launched his SOS Project aimed at electing left-wing activists as Secretaries of State. Soros and others on the left know that Secretaries of State are the key officials in determining election rules and combating voter fraud.

Many of Soros’ candidates won in 2006, but in 2010 he won only two of seven targeted contests. That year, Matt Schultz defeated Iowa’s Democrat Secretary of State Mike Mauro. But Democrats are not taking that loss well. Just as they did with Sarah Palin, they have repeatedly harassed Schultz with frivolous complaints and threats of lawsuits. The left didn’t stop there.

On Friday an employee of a well-connected Democrat political consulting firm was arrested for trying to steal Schultz’s identity in order to “falsely implicate Secretary Schultz in perceived illegal or unethical behavior while in office.” You can only imagine what they had in mind!

The man arrested wasn’t just an over-zealous, low-level employee. He joined the Obama campaign in early 2007 and eventually became the Iowa Director of New Media for Team Obama. Read more here.

This is Chicago-style politics at its worst. And it is just one example of the desperation and dirty tricks we can expect throughout this election year as Obama and the radical left do whatever they have to do to hold on to power.

End Of Day Report

Monday, January 23, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Newt Takes South Carolina

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich convincingly won the South Carolina primary Saturday, taking 40% of the vote. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was second with 28%, followed by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (17%) and Texas Congressman Ron Paul (13%). The race is now anyone’s to win!

I think it is clear from these results that conservative primary voters are looking for a “fighter” for conservative values, and Newt struck a nerve in the debates. He clearly stole the show at the last debate, refusing to be cowed by the liberal media.

It’s also worth noting that Gingrich won 44% of self-identified born-again/evangelical Christians and he won a plurality (38%) of female voters. That’s not surprising in many ways. Gingrich and Santorum have talked extensively about religious liberty and religious persecution. Both men, but Newt especially, have made reining in rogue judges a key issue.

People of faith also believe in redemption. While Gingrich acknowledges his past failures, he also says that his faith is more important to him now, and the voters of South Carolina chose to take him at his word that he is a changed man.

Lastly, here’s some encouraging news: There was a huge spike in participation in Saturday’s primary compared to four years ago. In 2008, roughly 430,000 people voted. This weekend, more than 600,000 went to the polls despite terrible weather that included tornado watches over 18 counties.

Race Down To Three Serious Candidates

Iowa and New Hampshire winnowed the field from seven candidates to four. But no one is dropping out after South Carolina. Rather than anointing a front-runner, the early primary states have given each of the top three contenders a victory — Santorum in Iowa, Romney in New Hampshire and Gingrich in South Carolina. As Rick Santorum put it, “Three states, three different winners. What a country!”

In Saturday’s South Carolina primary, Rick Santorum once again outpolled expectations. The RealClearPolitics.com average had Santorum running fourth at 12%. One pre-primary poll even put Santorum in single digits, with Paul pulling ahead. Yet Santorum finished well above that mark and Paul faded as more voters focused on his appeasement foreign policy.

What happens next? Romney and the GOP establishment will do everything they can to stop Gingrich’s momentum. Gingrich has to demonstrate that South Carolina wasn’t a fluke. If the two savage one another in the days ahead, Santorum could well emerge from that battle as the conservative alternative without the “baggage” that Gingrich carries.

Electability Is Subjective

I know conservatives want to win in November, but I hope we don’t fall for some oft-repeated myths. One of them is electability and the notion that we should support Candidate X because he/she is the most electable.

Electability is a completely subjective concept. Polling data can be useful, but it is only a snapshot of what conditions are now. It tells you little about what the landscape will be in November.

The GOP establishment argues that the more moderate the candidate is, the more electable they are. There is no evidence of that at all. Just ask President Dole or President McCain. A lot of pundits and the party establishment said Ronald Reagan was too extreme and unelectable. The rest is history.

The conventional wisdom says that you have to get independent voters in order to win. That is true. But the media and the establishment have convinced themselves that independent voters and moderate voters are the same, and that is not true. Many independents are in fact disgruntled conservatives who left the GOP in recent years because it was not conservative enough!

I believe this is going to be a brutal campaign — one of the most vicious we have ever seen. In such campaigns, turnout often goes down because many people get disgusted and tune out. That makes turnout by the base even more important than usual, and it is essential that the base is fired up and enthusiastic about the nominee.

Many political observers question whether Mitt Romney can energize the conservative base, which begs the question: Is he the most electable candidate? A serious case could be made that Santorum or Gingrich would be stronger candidates in November.

Obama — The Abortion President

Today thousands of pro-life activists gathered in Washington, D.C., for the 39th Annual March for Life. Typical for this time of year, the weather is miserable — 40s and raining. But their spirits are not dampened.

I know because I had the honor of addressing the Kentucky Right to Life delegation this morning on Capitol Hill. Thirty-nine years after Roe v. Wade, their commitment to the sanctity of life is as strong as ever. And with good reason. As you can read in my latest Human Events column, we are winning the battle for hearts and minds!

Yesterday, as millions of Americans observed Sanctity of Life Sunday, Barack Obama issued a statement from the White House celebrating “this historic anniversary” of Roe v. Wade and reiterating his commitment to protecting abortion-on-demand.

Obama also had the audacity to suggest that our daughters can “fulfill their dreams” thanks to abortion. Most politicians know better than to adopt the label “pro-abortion.” But it’s hard to define Obama’s remarks in any other way.

How perverse is it to suggest that the ability to terminate life leads to the fulfillment of dreams? Then again, this is the same man who said he would not want his own daughters “punished with a baby.” Yet, women who have experienced the anguish of abortion often speak of shattered dreams, of dreams lost and unfulfilled. They are often the most effective pro-life advocates.

Obama vs. The Church

Religious liberty suffered another blow Friday when the Obama Administration mandated free contraception coverage, including the abortion drug “ella.” Religious groups had sought a waiver from this mandate, but the Administration refused. Instead, the Washington Post reported that they will have “a one-year delay before they must comply with the new rule.”

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, blasted the mandate and the Obama Administration’s disregard for religious liberty. Here is an excerpt of his statement:

“In effect, the president is saying we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences. To force American citizens to choose between violating their consciences and forgoing their healthcare is literally unconscionable. …The government should not force Americans to act as if pregnancy is a disease to be prevented at all costs.”
I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity in this “End of Day” report to remind folks once again about why politics is so important. It is literally a matter of life and death. The men and women we elect to public office appoint and confirm the justices who sit on the Supreme Court.

There are four justices on the high court who realize Roe v. Wade is terrible law. There are four justices who will fall on their sword to defend abortion-on-demand. The deciding vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy, seems to have no firm philosophical convictions. If Barack Obama gets four more years and one or two more appointments to the Supreme Court, he will tip the balance on the high court. And abortion-on-demand, not to mention a radical redefinition of marriage, will be enshrined in our laws for generations to come.