End Of Day Report

Friday, August 26, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

2012 Update

  • For
    the second time this week a poll finds Obama struggling in the critical
    swing state of Florida. According to the latest Mason-Dixon poll, just
    41% of likely Sunshine State voters approve of Obama’s job performance,
    while 56% disapprove. And if the election were held today, Obama would
    lose the state 43% to 51% to Mitt Romney and 45% to 46% to Rick Perry.
    Obama narrowly edges out Michele Bachmann 46% to 44%.
  • The
    left-wing group Democracy Corps, founded by Clinton strategist James
    Carville, warned this week that Obama is losing support among key
    liberal voting blocs. Among unmarried women, support for Obama is down
    12 points compared to 2008. When he won the White House, Obama enjoyed a
    30-point advantage among young voters. Today, his advantage has been
    cut in half. In addition, voter enthusiasm among these groups is down,
    suggesting that turnout among liberal voters may not match the levels we
    saw in 2008.

    The Obama campaign knows this. That’s why it launched a massive voter registration and turnout effort this week. In addition, USA Today
    recently reported that Obama is “significantly outpacing the
    fundraising activity of the previous five presidents during their first
    terms.” What is he going to do with all that money? Trust me, it won’t
    be a positive campaign about hope and change. Obama’s only hope is to smear his GOP opponent and turn out liberal voters based on their fears.

  • But
    conservatives could also help Obama win. Why would any conservative
    want to help Obama get reelected? I ask myself that very question every
    time I get an email from someone threatening to vote for a third party
    candidate. And new polling released yesterday by a Democrat polling
    firm only confirms the obvious — divided we fall.

    Public Policy Polling looked at seven hypothetical 2012 three-way races. Here is their conclusion:

    “…we took a look at seven possible independent candidates against Obama
    and his strongest GOP challenger, Mitt Romney, and found … Democrats
    remain pretty united behind Obama, and six of the seven possible
    independent candidates would hurt Romney more than the president.”

A Tale Of Two Recessions

In today’s Wall Street Journal,
Stephen Moore pits “Obamanomics vs. Reaganomics.” It is a very telling
tale of how two men with very different ideas about government tackled
two recessions with very different results. Here are some excerpts:

“The two presidents have a lot in common. Both inherited an American
economy in collapse. And both applied daring, expensive remedies. Mr.
Reagan passed the biggest tax cut ever, combined with an agenda of
deregulation, monetary restraint and spending controls. Mr. Obama, of
course, has given us a $1 trillion spending stimulus.

“By the
end of the summer of Reagan’s third year in office, the economy was
soaring. The GDP growth rate was 5% and racing toward 7%, even 8%
growth. In 1983 and ’84 output was growing so fast the biggest worry was
that the economy would ‘overheat.’ …By the end of Reagan’s first term,
it was Morning in America. Today there is gloomy talk of America in its
twilight. …

“The Godfather of the neo-Keynesians, Paul
Samuelson, was the lead critic of the supposed follies of Reaganomics.
He wrote in a 1980 Newsweek column that to slay the inflation
monster would take ‘five to ten years of austerity,’ with unemployment
of 8% or 9% and real output of ‘barely 1 or 2 percent.’ Reaganomics was
routinely ridiculed in the media, especially in the 1982 recession.
That was the year MIT economist Lester Thurow famously said, ‘The
engines of economic growth have shut down here and across the globe, and
they are likely to stay that way for years to come.’ The economy would
soon take flight for more than 80 consecutive months.”

Ronald Reagan believed government is the problem. Barack Obama believes
government is the solution. We’ve tried it his way for the past two
and a half years, and the results are painfully obvious. What the
left-wing naysayers said would happen under Reagan is taking place right
now under Obama! Unemployment is above 9%. “The engines of economic
growth have shut down.” Today, GDP was again revised downward, to just
1%. Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

It doesn’t have to be this way. The tale of this recession can have a
happy ending too. To paraphrase Reagan, “A recession is when your
neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job.
Recovery begins when Obama loses his job!”

This “tale of two
recessions” is a great story, particularly for younger Americans who may
have fallen for the hype about hope and change. Share it with them.
It’s a story that cannot be told often enough throughout the course of
the next 14 months.

Ahmadinejad Again Vows To “Eradicate” Israel

Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed again this week to wipe Israel off the map. In an interview
with a Lebanese network, Ahmadinejad said: “Iran believes that whoever
is for humanity should also be for eradicating the Zionist regime
(Israel) as [a] symbol of suppression and discrimination. Iran follows
this issue (the eradication of Israel) with determination and
decisiveness and will never ever withdraw from this standpoint and

Nearly 80 years ago, elites on the left dismissed and
isolationists on the right ignored another anti-Semitic madman’s calls
for genocide. Thanks to their ignorance, Hitler’s Holocaust almost
succeeded in eradicating European Jews. And that ignorance cost us
dearly as the world was plunged into a second devastating world war.

Today, Obama continues to dither while Iran inches closer to becoming a
nuclear power. Even libertarian Ron Paul openly advocates abandoning
our strategic interests in the Middle East. Both Obama and Paul are

Foreign policy is one of the most difficult issues for
individuals to influence, but we are not powerless. Given this news, I
want to encourage everyone to participate in the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem on Sunday, October 2nd. For more information, please visit daytopray.com.


It’s been a tough week in Washington. Tuesday’s once-in-a-century
earthquake rattled everyone’s nerves, and now a hurricane is bearing
down on us. As a result, we’re shutting down early today so our staff
can make last minute preparations for Hurricane Irene.

week Carol and I will be enjoying some rest and relaxation with friends
and family. So, barring any breaking developments, the “End of Day”
report will be on hiatus until Tuesday, September 6th. I hope you and
your family enjoy a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!


End Of Day Report

Thursday, August 25, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Jobless Claims Up Again

Weekly claims for jobless benefits rose yet again last week, to
417,000. Economists had predicted an increase to 405,000. In addition,
there was a separate report this week from the Labor Department finding that youth employment is at its lowest level in decades.

These numbers underscore the continued weakness in the economy and the
anxiety felt in homes across America as jobs and the economy remain
voters’ top concern. I’m not surprised to read today that House Republicans are increasingly worried about how the economy may affect them next year.

President Obama is scheduled to deliver a major address on jobs soon.
There are reports today that the president is considering a wide range
of options — from retrofitting schools to a massive refinancing of
government-backed mortgages. Obama and his strategists know that if the
economy doesn’t turn around quickly, the voters are likely to evict him
from the White House.

The economy was weak in 2008 but when
Democrats had total control of Washington in 2009 and 2010, they made
things worse. Their trillion-dollar stimulus bill wasted money on
liberal boondoggles. They passed a socialized medicine scheme packed
full of tax increases, and tried to pass a massive new energy tax on top
of that. And while Obama’s regulatory regime has run roughshod over
our entrepreneurs and small business owners, Obama keeps vowing to raise
their taxes. None of this is helping.

Yet since Republicans
took over the House, fights over spending and the budget have dominated
the headlines. It would be a mistake to say that voters don’t care
about deficits and spending. But our staff has reviewed months of
polling data on voters’ priorities, and by a 2-to-1 margin the economy
and jobs outpolled the deficit and spending as the top priority.

I want to encourage our conservative friends in Congress to refocus
their efforts and frame every issue in the context of jobs and the
economy. While controlling spending is critical, creating jobs and
growing the economy is even more important, not just to the voters, but
also as the solution to our fiscal crisis. We need to avoid the trap of
sounding like a party of bean counters, while continuing to offer
solid, pro-growth solutions that will benefit small businesses and

I know John Boehner and House Republicans get it. (Click here to learn more.) They have passed numerous pro-growth bills, which are languishing in Harry Reid’s Senate.

Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea what House Republicans have
done. The left-wing media certainly have no interest in telling them.
Conservative activists at the grassroots level can help by sharing these
reports with their friends and family members.

In coming
days, President Obama will try to seize the issue as his own, and he
will try to blame congressional Republicans for the bad economy. But
America can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama. The results of
the past two and a half years speak for themselves.

Obama’s Regulatory Regime

Earlier this week I reported on the burgeoning regulatory regime that
Obama has unleashed on job creators. Here are a few more outrageous

  • The EPA is for the first time requiring
    thousands of businesses to report their greenhouse gas emissions. Not
    surprisingly, the process is complicated. So the EPA produced a series
    of FAQs or “frequently asked questions” to help out. But thanks to the
    bureaucratic nightmare that is the EPA the FAQ list is nearly 400 questions long!
  • To give you an idea of just how intrusive Obama’s regulatory regime has become, consider these new regulations for goat herders. This is proof-positive that we have too many bureaucrats with too little to do.
  • Rep. Doc Hastings,
    chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, is warning that
    bureaucratic red tape is putting a key supply of domestic energy and,
    thus, our national security, at great risk. To remain not just
    economically viable, but also physically viable, the Trans-Alaska
    Pipeline must maintain a certain volume of oil flowing through the
    pipeline. Oil production at existing fields has been declining for some
    time, yet virtually every attempt to open new areas to drilling has
    been blocked. Hastings has introduced legislation to allow more
    drilling, which would save the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and create
    thousands of new jobs.

Good News!

I told you about Jerry Buell, a “teacher of the year” in Mount Dora,
Florida, who was suspended from his job due to his support for
traditional marriage. I’m pleased to report that the local school board
has voted to reinstate Buell, finding that he did not violate the code
of ethics.

However, at least one media report indicates that
Buell is still under investigation. The superintendent of schools gave
Buell “a list of directives he needs to follow,” and officials are
reportedly combing through school web pages and his class syllabus. All
because he dared to express his opinion on marriage. Welcome to the
brave new world of left-wing “tolerance.”

End Of Day Report

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

2012 Update

  • It’s
    official: The GOP presidential primary campaign has a new front-runner.
    Last week, Rasmussen released a poll that found Texas Governor Rick
    Perry leading the pack with 29%, to Mitt Romney’s 18%. Today, Gallup
    released a new poll with nearly identical results.

    In Gallup’s
    survey of Republican voters, Perry leads all declared candidates with
    29%, to Romney’s 17%. Ron Paul is third with 13%, followed by Michele
    Bachmann at 10%. No other candidate receives double digit support. Add
    Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani to the mix, and Perry still leads with
    25%, followed by Romney (14%), Palin (11%), Paul (11%) and Giuliani

    It is important to note that the GOP contest won’t be
    decided in a national primary on a single day. It will be a drawn-out
    campaign, fought in state-by-state battles. The latest poll suggests
    Perry has a narrow lead over Michele Bachmann in Iowa, while Romney holds a commanding lead in New Hampshire.

  • A new poll
    shows President Obama is struggling in the key battleground state of
    Florida. According to the survey, Obama’s approval rating stands at
    40%, while 55% of likely Sunshine State voters disapprove. Moreover,
    just 37% say Obama deserves reelection and 57% say he does not. The
    poll also finds Perry, Romney and Bachmann all leading Obama in
    hypothetical match-ups.

Disappointed Democrats

In March 2010 veteran Democrat strategists Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen warned
their fellow partisans that disaster was looming. They were ignored.
As Barack Obama’s poll numbers continue to fall, more and more Democrats
are beginning to voice their dissatisfaction with the president in

Rep. Pete DeFazio (D-OR), a “Left Coast” liberal, recently told Politico
that he wasn’t sure Obama could win a second term. Members of the
Congressional Black Caucus are upset too. Senator Bernie Sanders and
Ralph Nader have suggested Obama should face a primary challenge for
being insufficiently liberal. Such talk was initially dismissed. Yet a
by an Iowa political science professor warns that Democrats “have badly
neglected the disaffection, disappointment and outright anger that
President Obama has triggered in his own trenches.”

Incumbent presidents have a pretty good track record of getting reelected. But as I argue in my Human Events
column this week, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see where
Obama can build the foundation for a winning coalition. Read more here.

Who’s Unpatriotic Now?

In 2008 Candidate Obama said it was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic”
for President Bush to add $4 trillion to the national debt. But as I
noted yesterday, what Bush did in eight years, Obama has managed to do
in less than half the time! Who is unpatriotic now?

brought even more bad news. According to the Congressional Budget
Office, Obama’s 2011 deficit is expected to total $1.3 trillion. That’s
$1,300 billion. And what are we getting for it? Not much. The CBO also predicts that the unemployment rate will remain above 8% for the next three years!

Obama’s Middle East Muddle

Yesterday Libyan rebels sacked Col. Muammar Qadhafi’s compound and
consolidated their hold over the capital city of Tripoli. While one
Muslim dictator has been deposed, it is unlikely that freedom lies ahead
for the Libyan people. According to various reports a draft
constitution establishes Islam as the official state religion and Sharia
law as the “principal source of legislation.”

Moreover, we have known from the beginning that Al Qaeda and other jihadists were part of the opposition movement. Not surprisingly, the Associated Press
reports that there is a mad rush to secure and/or destroy Qadhafi’s
weapons of mass destruction before they fall into the wrong hands.

Next door in Egypt, anti-Israeli sentiments are on the rise. As Israel
struggles to defend itself from attacks in the lawless Sinai region,
politicians are fanning the flames of anti-Semitism ahead of the upcoming elections. Over the weekend, a massive protest
erupted in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo. The Israeli flag was
burned, there were signs with swastikas and obscene slogans such as,
“The gas chambers are ready.” Meanwhile, to Israel’s north, Syria’s
civil war rages on.

Barack Obama’s election was supposed to
usher in a golden age of diplomacy and cooperation. Obama began his
presidency by giving his first interview as president to the Al-Arabiya
news channel, an Arab language satellite network. In his remarks,
Obama said he felt his “job” was to communicate “to the Muslim world …
that the Americans are not your enemy.”

He followed that up
with a video message reaching out to the mullahs in Iran based on
“mutual respect,” and then delivered his grand speech in Cairo, Egypt,
once again reaching out to the Muslim world. To what effect? If
anything, the Middle East is less stable today.

Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem

Every day, as I work in our nation’s capital “fighting the good fight”
for our values, I am reminded about the urgent need for men and women of
faith to take decisive action in matters of public policy. But right
now, I want to encourage you to do something different.

On Sunday, October 2nd, millions of Christians all over the world will join together in a Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.
I hope you will take a moment to encourage your pastor and fellow
worshippers to participate in this event, which is supported by Dr. Jack
Hayford, Pastor John Hagee, Ravi Zacharias and many others. For more
information, please visit daytopray.com or call 1-800-519-4647.

End Of Day Report

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Washington Rocked

The nation’s capital was rocked by a significant earthquake this
afternoon. Buildings were evacuated and phone service went down.
According to various reports, tremors could be felt as far north as
Toronto, Canada. President Obama seemed oblivious as he golfed on
Martha’s Vineyard. Why am I not surprised?

While the
president frolics on vacation, millions of Americans struggle to find a
job and pay their bills. And there are tremors roiling across the
political landscape too. In Gallup’s daily tracking poll, Obama hit a
new low with just 38% approving of his job performance. Fifty-four
percent disapprove.

The Gallup poll is not an aberration.
Today’s Rasmussen tracking poll finds that Obama’s approval index, the
difference between those who strongly approve and strongly disapprove of
his performance, is also at an all-time low of -26. Just 19% of likely
voters strongly approve of Obama’s job performance, while 45% strongly

Biden’s Apology Tour

the wake of America’s historic credit downgrade, Vice President Joe
Biden was dispatched on a tour of Asian nations to reassure our largest
creditors that Uncle Sam is still good for his debts. I’m sorry to
report that the Biden gaffe machine lived up to its well-deserved

According to a British media report, the vice president of the United States apologized to a Chinese audience for his inability to speak Chinese. Biden said:

“And so the thing that I’m most embarrassed about in my career of 38
years of having an opportunity to literally meet every major world
leader in the last 38 years — I was elected as a 29-year-old, young man
from modest means…  The thing that always embarrasses me is — and in
the back of my head, I’m embarrassed in front of you — I’m embarrassed I
can’t speak to you in Chinese.  I would, seriously, I would rather be
able to honor you and show my respect for you by speaking your language,
as you honor me by speaking mine.”

(I can think of a few things about Biden that are more embarrassing than his inability to speak Chinese!)

But all joking aside, the instinct of this administration to prostrate
itself and grovel before other nations is unbelievable. Did Biden tell
the Mongolians or Japanese that he was embarrassed he couldn’t speak
their languages? This was an amazing kowtow to the Chinese by the vice
president of the United States to suggest he was embarrassed or somehow
dishonoring his audience because he did not speak their language.

And it came in response to a question from a student who noted that
speaking English in China was increasingly popular! In other words,
there are many in China who admire America and want to be more like us.
Biden seemingly suggested it should be the other way around.

Unfortunately, there is more. In a rambling response to a question
about America’s debt and the downgrade, Biden referenced China’s
one-child policy, saying, “Your policy has been one which I fully
understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family.”

With the pathetic comments that he “fully understood” and wasn’t
“second-guessing” China’s forced abortion policy, Biden surrendered the
moral authority of the United States. By raising the issue and failing
to condemn it, Biden lent legitimacy to the communist regime’s

Speaker John Boehner issued a rebuke of Biden’s nonsense. Here is Boehner’s statement:

deeply troubled by the comments reportedly made by the vice president
yesterday regarding China’s reprehensible one-child policy, which has
resulted in forced sterilizations and coerced abortions and should not
be condoned by any American official. No government on Earth has the
authority to place quotas on the value of innocent human life, or to
treat life as an economic commodity that can be regulated and taken away
on a whim by the state.

“I hope and trust that the vice
president didn’t actually say what has been reported, and that a
correction or clarification from the White House will be forthcoming.
The Obama administration should be focusing on jobs for the American
people, not encouraging foreign governments to utilize abortion as a
means of population and deficit control.”

S.O.S. — Stop Obama’s Spending!

CBS’s Mark Knoller
crunched the numbers on the latest data from the Treasury Department
regarding the national debt. These new numbers put Obama’s spending
into perspective. Here’s what he discovered (Are you sitting down?):

“The debt was $10.626 trillion on the day Mr. Obama took office. The
latest calculation from Treasury shows the debt has now hit $14.639
trillion. It’s the most rapid increase in the debt under any U.S.
president. The national debt increased $4.9 trillion during the
eight-year presidency of George W. Bush. The debt now is rising at a
pace to surpass that amount during Mr. Obama’s four-year term.”

In yesterday’s report
I told that more and more economists are saying that the solution to
our fiscal crisis is to stop spending and not to raise taxes as Obama

The reason is simple: The more money you give
Washington, the more you feed Big Government’s insatiable appetite for
your hard-earned tax dollars. And there are not enough “rich people” to
pay for all of Obama’s spending.

In 2009, the Tax Foundation
ran the numbers and found that to balance the budget through tax
increases alone, “Federal income tax rates would have to be nearly
tripled across the income spectrum… tax rates would have to start at
27.2 percent and reach up to 95.2 percent.”

Obama’s Regulatory Regime

It’s not just Obama’s spending and tax increases that are hurting the
economy. Obama has created a burgeoning regulatory regime that is
suffocating small businesses and stunting private sector job creation.
In a Washington Times op-ed
today, Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming notes that the Obama
Administration “has proposed more than 340 regulations at a cost of more
than $65 billion to job creators.” And that is just since the
beginning of this year!

But what about President Obama’s
promise to review and rollback unnecessary, job-killing federal
regulations? The best the administration has come up with is to decide
that milk spills on dairy farms don’t have to be treated like oil

There is even more coming. Investor’s Business Daily
recently reported, “The Federal Register notes that more than 4,200
regulations are in the pipeline. That doesn’t count impending clean air
rules from the EPA, new derivative rules, or the FCC’s net neutrality
rule. Nor does that include recently announced fuel economy mandates or
eventual ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank regulations.”

explains why Obama has increased the number of bureaucrats at regulatory
agencies by 13% and boosted their budgets by 16%. Growing the
government may be what Democrats do best, but it is not what our economy
needs most right now.

End Of Day Report

Monday, August 22, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

2012 Update

  • Is the GOP field about to get bigger? On Fox News
    yesterday, Karl Rove said that Sarah Palin’s travel schedule in Iowa
    “looks like that of candidate, not celebrity.” A speech Palin will give
    in Iowa on Labor Day weekend was recently relocated to accommodate a
    larger audience. Meanwhile, Palin supporters in the critical first-in-the-nation caucus state have been laying the foundation for a campaign, convinced she will run.
  • At
    least one candidate, however, has taken himself out. After talking
    with New Jersey’s Chris Christie, Karl Rove, Bill Bennett and other
    conservative leaders, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan declared today that he would not run for president.
  • Campaigning
    in New Hampshire last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry got sandbagged by
    liberal activists. While most people are concerned about jobs and the
    economy, one woman shamelessly used her young son as prop to question
    Perry on the age of the Earth and evolution. At one point the boy’s
    mother said to her son, “Ask him why he doesn’t believe in science.”

    Don’t miss what is going on here. The left is trying to portray Perry
    as an ignorant extremist unfit for office. Even though Obama has
    dragged the economy into the gutter, food stamps usage is higher than
    ever, unemployment is up and he wants to raise your taxes, you’re
    supposed to ignore all of that and vote for the guy who believes in
    evolution and man-made global warming.

  • Obama is
    vulnerable. That’s the lesson from the latest Gallup poll measuring
    Obama’s support in hypothetical, head-to-head contests against several
    GOP candidates.

    Among registered voters Gallup finds that
    Mitt Romney leads Obama by two points (48%-to-46%). Rick Perry ties
    Obama with 47% each. Obama leads Ron Paul by two points (47%-to-45%),
    and he leads Michele Bachmann by only four (48%-to-44%).

We Don’t Need Another Terrorist State

Palestinian rockets continued to rain down on Israel all weekend
despite the announcement of a truce. Hamas is taking advantage of
anarchy in the Sinai Peninsula, where the Egyptian government does not
have effective control. As loud as the explosions of the Hamas attacks
are, the silence from the Palestinian Authority is just as deafening.

Yasser Arafat routinely condemned terror attacks if just to maintain
the illusion of being a reasonable leader. But Mahmoud Abbas has, so
far, said nothing, while innocent Israeli civilians are being targeted.
Abbas’ tolerance for terrorism is very telling about the kind of state
he would have if he ever gets one.

Yet Abbas has not been completely silent. This weekend he called
for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council to discuss
“halting Israeli aggression” against Gaza. In other words, Abbas wants
the world to condemn Israel for defending itself.

Economists To Obama: Cut Spending!

While President Obama continues to insist that tax increases are
necessary to solve the nation’s fiscal crisis, more and more economists
are speaking up and telling the president to cut spending first. The Associated Press
reports today that 56% of economists surveyed by the National
Association for Business Economics believed that “the federal deficit
should be reduced only or primarily through spending cuts.” Just 7% of
economists said it should be done “only or mostly through tax

This view is confirmed by a recent research
finding that successful fiscal consolidations by other nations were
achieved not by raising taxes, but by cutting spending. Consider this

“The data also clearly indicate that successful
attempts to balance budgets rely almost entirely on reduced government
expenditures, while unsuccessful ones rely heavily on tax increases. On
average, the typical unsuccessful consolidation consisted of 53% tax
increases and 47% spending cuts. By contrast, the typical successful
fiscal consolidation consisted, on average, of 85% spending cuts.”

The Tyrants Of Tolerance

Jerry Buell is a history teacher in Mount Dora, Florida. Buell has
taught in the public schools for more than two decades. According to
administrators he has a “spotless record.” In fact, he was “Teacher of
the Year” last year at Mount Dora High School.

Yet Buell has
been suspended and is fighting for his job pending an ethics
investigation. His offense: Writing a Facebook post critical of
same-sex “marriage.” By the way, in 2008, 62% of Florida voters
approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of
one man and one woman.

What happened to Buell is not an
isolated incident. It is happening all over the Western world as
homosexuality becomes more widely accepted. The movement that wore the
mantle of tolerance is showing that it and its supporters are among the
most intolerant. They not only want marriage to be redefined, they want
it to be virtually illegal to express views that reflect traditional
religious teaching.

Years ago, Dr. James Dobson and I
co-wrote a book called “Children At Risk.” We warned then that the
culture war was real and only one side could prevail. Christians who
continue to insist that same-sex “marriage” won’t affect them are
sleepwalking. It will impact what your children are taught in the public schools. Religious liberty is at stake.

Moreover, your job may well be risk. Major corporations and leading
law firms pride themselves on their “tolerance” and diversity, when in
fact they are anything but. Fail to toe the liberal line and you can
lose your job. Just Dr. Frank Turek or Jerry Buell.

Men and women of faith cannot sit on the sidelines while the culture
war rages on. Homosexuality is out of the closet and the tyrants of
tolerance are trying to force anyone who believes in traditional values
into the closet.

End Of Day Report

Friday, August 19, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

The Beijing Brawl

The front page of today’s Washington Post
is dominated by a picture of two basketball teams engaged in a massive
brawl. What makes this scene front page news is that it happened in
Beijing, China, in a “friendship match” between the Georgetown Hoyas and
the Bayi Military Rockets.

In sports, tempers will flare.
Fights will happen. Boys will be boys. But sometimes a game is more
than just a game. Periodically, there is symbolism that tells a bigger

Consider the historic symbolism of the 1936 Berlin
Olympics. Adolf Hitler wanted to use the Olympics to prove the
superiority of his “master race,” yet Jesse Owens won four gold medals.
There was a long war ahead, but that moment undermined everything
Hitler believed in.

And who can forget the “Miracle on Ice” —
the U.S. hockey team’s tremendous victory over the Soviets during the
1980 Olympics? I remember turning to my wife, Carol, and saying “Jimmy
Carter just lost the election!” There was an explosion of pride across
the country. Four days later, Ronald Reagan won the New Hampshire
primary. And the rest is history.

The basketball game in
Beijing is not on the same level with either of those events. But the
symbolism was striking nonetheless as the U.S. and China are
increasingly in conflict. Moreover, the fight took place in a heavily
regulated society. The gym was full of police. And, yet, as water
bottles were being thrown at the American players, no one intervened.
The communist police allowed the crowd to take out its frustrations on
our players. Eventually the American team retreated off the floor to
the safety of the locker room and the game was cancelled. China is
trying to push the U.S. off the global stage.

With each
passing day, as Obama spends more and as we cut our defense budget and
grow weaker, China grows stronger. This is a dangerous time for America
and the world. Obama is kowtowing to the Chinese. On the right, there
is growing isolationism, led by Ron Paul, who suggests that if only
America would just leave everyone else alone there would be fewer
problems around the world. That’s exactly what every thug and dictator
is hoping for.

I have missed Ronald Reagan every day since he
walked out of the Oval Office for the last time. Days like today, I
miss him even more.

Government Gone Wild

There are several stories making headlines today that defy logic and
turn common sense on its head. The common theme: Government gone wild.

  • In previous reports
    we told you that the director of the Immigration and Customs
    Enforcement agency had instructed prosecutors to use wide discretion in
    deportation cases. In other words — ignore the law and be lenient.
    Yesterday the Obama Administration
    formalized that policy with new rules issued from the Department of
    Homeland Security essentially halting deportation cases. Democrats and
    other advocates of illegal immigration cheered the decision.

    This action guts our immigration laws and sends the message that the
    United States is not serious about controlling its borders. And it
    comes just as news
    breaks of mass arrests in southern California involving an Iraqi
    drug-trafficking gang. It is certain to encourage more illegal
    immigration and should be a major issue in the campaign.

  • At
    a town hall event this week, Barack Obama took a question from a
    concerned farmer who was worried about the impact of new government
    regulations on dust. (Yes, dust.) Obama dismissed his concerns,
    saying, “Don’t always believe what you hear,” and told the farmer to
    call the Department of Agriculture. A reporter for Politico did just that. Two days and 10 phone calls later to a variety of different agencies, still no answer.
  • With
    a 9.1% unemployment rate many Americans are wondering where all the
    high-paying “green jobs” are that Obama promised us. After all,
    billions of dollars in stimulus money was spent to create these jobs.
    The New York Times went looking for them and, shockingly, concluded that the “green economy” Obama promised was a “pipe dream.”
  • The
    Obama Administration announced recently with much fanfare that it was
    dramatically increasing fuel efficiency standards. With rising gasoline
    prices, most folks might think that is a good idea. But, as always,
    there is a price for government mandates. In fact, a new study
    finds that these higher efficiency mandates will increase the price of a
    new car by as much as $11,000! Even at today’s prices, $11,000 buys
    you a lot of gas.

How’s Your Vacation?

Barack Obama left Washington yesterday for his ten-day vacation on
Martha’s Vineyard. Today, he’ll hit the golf course — again.
Meanwhile, in Atlanta, thousands
of people, mostly black, started their day very differently. They
lined up for hours waiting for a chance to apply for one of 2,000
available positions at a job fair hosted by the Congressional Black

Whatever pride many blacks must have felt in the
election of Barack Obama back in 2008 must surely be waning today as
unemployment and poverty in the black community has skyrocketed during
Obama’s tenure. It is clear that Obama and the left will attempt to
blame the Tea Party movement and Republicans for the bad economy, but it
doesn’t pass the straight face test. Obama and the Democrats had total
control of Congress for two years, and the results speak for

End Of Day Report

Thursday, August 18, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

New Terror Attacks In Israel

A few days ago the Obama Administration condemned Israel for
authorizing the building of new homes in East Jerusalem. The White
House and State Department said the homes were a threat to peace. Today
the Obama Administration was forced to condemn the real threat to peace
— Palestinian jihadists who crossed through Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to
launch attacks in southern Israel that killed seven Israelis.

Sadly, this administration condemns the building of homes and the
launching of terrorist attacks as if they were both morally
reprehensible. Of course they are not.

Building homes for
citizens is what normal, law-abiding countries do. Launching unprovoked
attacks on civilians traveling in buses and cars is what terror groups
do. Being confused about the two is what our State Department does.

Obama’s New Plan — More of the Same

The front page of today’s Washington Post
offers the first details of what President Obama is expected to
announce in his September economic address to the nation. It is, as we
assumed, more of the same. Obama is a socialist and he isn’t going to
change now.

According to the Post, Obama “has decided to
press Congress for a new round of stimulus spending…” and “Obama also
plans to announce a major push for new deficit reduction, urging the
special congressional committee … to identify even more savings than the
$1.5 trillion it has been tasked with finding.”

We’ve seen
this play before. Remember how Obama handled the Afghanistan surge? He
ordered more troops and then immediately put a time limit on how long
they would be there. Obama is, once again, trying to have it both ways
— stimulus spending for the left and greater deficit reduction for the
right. This is not leadership; it is a cynical ploy.

be fooled. What Obama is really demanding is higher taxes. How is the
super committee supposed to come up with even more deficit reduction
when Obama is demanding more spending now? Obama’s solution: Raise
taxes on “millionaires and billionaires,” which in Obamaspeak means you.

Will someone at the White House economic office explain how
you can stimulate the economy with $X amount of spending while you are
taxing out of the economy $X amount of money? You’re not stimulating
the economy; you are merely redistributing a shrinking pie.

the administration continues dragging its feet on something that could
help the economy. Thanks to the EPA, 20,000 construction jobs are being
delayed because radical environmentalists don’t want us using tar sands
oil from Canada. This is costing us jobs and perpetuating our energy dependence on hostile foreign regimes.

The Canadians won’t wait forever. The Chinese would love to have this
oil, and the pipeline can just as easily go west as it can south.
President Obama should step in now and tell the “Employment Prevention
Agency” to back down. But he won’t because the EPA is doing exactly
what he wants it to do under the direction of his political appointees.

More Bad News

Today we got more bad news on the economy. European markets posted
their biggest one-day drop in three years. Wall Street was down as much
as 500 points. Home sales are down. Factory activity fell. And the
number of Americans claiming new jobless benefits rose last week to

Weekly claims for jobless benefits have been above
400,000 for 18 of the past 19 weeks. During periods of economic growth,
we can produce 400,000 jobs a month. Obama is producing 400,000
jobless claims each week! Yet, as long as Obama continues to insist on
higher taxes for small business owners and entrepreneurs, they would be
foolish to hire anyone else.

With ObamaCare, cap and trade and
constant demands for higher taxes, even in the midst of high
unemployment, it’s no wonder that 71% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy!