End Of Day Report 03 31 10

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Admitting The Obvious

While the Obama White House is doing it all it can to weaken our alliance with Israel and undermine the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the CIA just announced that Iran has the capability to build nuclear weapons. The report admits the obvious. Iran’s “president” has repeatedly stated his desire to “wipe Israel off the map,” and has prayed for the day when the United States would cease to exist.

The new CIA statement comes as ABC News reports that top Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri defected to the United States last year. Amiri reportedly worked at a secret nuclear facility near the Islamic holy city of Qom. The evidence against Iran is overwhelming (here and here).

That’s why I and others concerned about this growing menace sent a letter to President Obama demanding that he back off our ally Israel and focus on “the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran.” But the administration has wasted more than a year trying to talk to Iran. And Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, isn’t interested in talking to Obama.

Thankfully, members of Congress are speaking up too. My good friend Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) co-authored a letter to President Obama warning that time is not on our side. As of Friday afternoon, 76 House Democrats and 138 House Republicans had signed on to the Pence/Jackson letter.

Back To Bashing Business

As the unintended consequences of ObamaCare are becoming known, Obama and his congressional allies are doing everything they can to “shoot the messenger” and silence all dissent. In recent days, major corporations have been reporting massive charges to their bottom lines due to changes in the tax structure buried in the new healthcare “reform” law. In response, the White House and Democrats – who ought to be very worried about the impact on jobs – are bashing the businesses.

In response to the news from AT&T, Caterpillar and others, a White House spokesman said, “These are Republican CEOs who are trying to embarrass the President and Democrats in general. Where do you hear about this stuff? The Wall Street Journal editorial page and conservative Web sites. No one else picked up on this but you guys. It’s BS.”

Worse yet, Representatives Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Commerce Committee, and Bart Stupak, chairman of the Commerce Oversight and Investigations subcommittee, have summoned four CEOs to Capitol Hill next month. At this inquisition, I mean hearing, Waxman and Stupak will demand that these business leaders recant, I mean explain, their companies’ statements. In their letter, Waxman and Stupak warned the CEOs, “The new law is designed to expand coverage and bring down costs, so your assertions are a matter of concern.” Let me translate that: We’ll tell you what ObamaCare means, so shut up!

By the way, you may be interested to know that these corporate statements, which have attracted the ire of the White House and Democrat barons on Capitol Hill, are required by law. That’s right. As the Wall Street Journal reports:

“Financial Standard Accounting Board’s 1990 statement No. 106, which requires businesses to immediately restate their earnings in light of their expected future retiree health liabilities. AT&T, Deere & Co., AK Steel, Prudential and Caterpillar, among others, are simply reporting the corporate costs of the Democratic decision to raise taxes on retiree drug benefits to finance ObamaCare.”
It is truly a sad day in America when politicians who have never met a payroll are bashing businesses that employ thousands of Americans for daring to make profits and for following the law. The Supreme Court recently freed corporations to exercise their First Amendment free speech rights. I hope they take full advantage of it in the days ahead.

Stupak’s “30 Pieces Of Silver”

Add an additional $3.5 billion to the price tag of ObamaCare. That was the price pro-life Democrats demanded from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to betray their principles, according to new report from the Sunlight Foundation. Bart Stupak, who led the pro-life opposition to ObamaCare, specifically requested nearly $580 million in pork-barrel spending.

Many Democrats in 2006 and 2008 were elected on the promise of being fiscally responsible and moderate-to-conservative on values issues. But this sellout on ObamaCare was a really bad move. By caving in to Obama and Pelosi, not only did Stupak and other so-called “centrist” Democrats grossly offend pro-life voters, they also alienated folks concerned about the growth of Big Government and Washington’s out-of-control spending.

With your continued support, we’ll do everything we can to target these sellouts and replace them with genuine conservatives who will unapologetically defend our values.

* * * * *


End Of Day Report 03 30 10

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Job Growth Ahead

This Friday, the monthly jobs report will be announced, and I expect it to show significant job gains – anywhere from 200,000 to 400,000. You can safely bet that if I am right, Barack Obama will send numerous administration officials to the cameras to herald HIS economic recovery. And, of course, the media will rave about the “Obama Economic Miracle.” But the reality is quite different.

During the economic panic in late 2008, which extended into last year, fearful businesses announced massive layoffs, and inventories of goods were sold down and not replaced. Now those inventories are being replenished, and I am told by business contacts around that country that rehiring has started.

That won’t be the only reason or even the primary reason for an uptick in jobs. The federal government is in the process of hiring nearly 1.2 million temporary workers for the Census. Only a small fraction of them have been hired so far, but there will be a massive accelerating in hiring now. When the “new jobs” figure is announced Friday, subtract the Census hires, which will also be announced, to get a more accurate figure.

Job growth, in my humble opinion, will continue at least through the summer. But as time goes on, Obama’s policies will start having an impact, and it will be negative, not positive. For example, major corporations like Caterpillar and AT&T are reporting massive new charges to their bottom line thanks to ObamaCare. That’s money that won’t go into investment or new hiring.

Additional tax hikes on investment and growth will start hitting, Democrats may yet pass massive new energy taxes and the growing debt will weigh on economic growth. Even socialist countries experience temporary economic growth, but in the long term socialism always lags behind vibrant free market economies.

The Salesman-In-Chief Hits The Road Again

President Obama left Washington today for another campaign rally to sell his government-run healthcare plan. At today’s event, he signed the so-called “reconciliation bill of fixes.” (Trust me, it didn’t fix anything.) While Democrats and the media are continuing to hype this “accomplishment,” there is more evidence that the president and his party have so far failed to close the deal with the American people.

For the second week in a row, CNN’s polling has found that a large majority of Americans (56%) oppose the new law. A new USA Today/Gallup poll also provides an ominous warning for Democrats. Here are some key findings:

* 65% believe it expands the government’s role too much.

* 64% believe it is too expensive.

* 58% of Americans don’t believe the legislation does enough to control costs.

* By 13-point margin (53%-to-40%), Americans felt that the reconciliation process used to pass ObamaCare amounted to “an abuse of power” by the Democrat majority.

* When it comes to which party is more responsible for the rash of vandalism and threats in the aftermath of the healthcare vote, more Americans (49%) blamed the abusive tactics of the Democrats as a “major reason” for the incidents, rather than conservative rhetoric or GOP leaders.

* And for the first time, Gallup found that a majority of Americans disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance, with 47% approving and 50% disapproving. (Pollster Scott Rasmussen pegs the president’s rating at 47%-to-53%. The difference is that Rasmussen polls likely voters, while most media organizations poll “adults,” many of whom are not registered to vote.)

Keep an eye on the 58% who do not believe the bill does enough to control costs. Obama and the Democrats are going to be in big trouble with these folks. Obama campaigned on the promise that his healthcare plan would save families $2,500 on their premiums. In fact, the bill is going to raise healthcare costs. Even younger, healthier adults (who overwhelmingly voted for Obama) will pay more.

End Of Day Report 03 29 10

Monday, March 29, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


A Plan For Victory

As the reality of ObamaCare sets in – as does the process by which ObamaCare became a reality – many folks are emailing asking what they can do to make a difference in our country today. I’m glad to get these messages because at least I know people are concerned and want to help. So I’ve given the issue some thought and next week I’m going to announce our “Blueprint for Victory.”

As I’ve written before, there are no quick fixes, no silver bullets. Don’t expect to read about impeachment or birth certificates. Our ideas may not seem revolutionary at all. But, my friends, I’ve been in Washington for three decades. I know something about politics and public policy, about what works and what doesn’t. Next week, I’m going to offer some proven ideas, and I hope that all of you will join me in “fighting the good fight.”

Obama Ignores Senate

Saturday, President Obama made 15 recess appointments. There’s nothing particularly unusual about recess appointments. George W. Bush made nearly 180 such appointments during his two terms. Recess appointments allow presidents to temporarily fill government positions and bypass the Senate confirmation process for one year. What is unusual in this case are the people Obama appointed to key government positions.

Obama appointed Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Boards, which oversees union elections and settles disputes between businesses and unions. Becker is not an impartial judge – he’s the associate general counsel of the SIEU. In other words, he’s an advocate for one of the most aggressive, pro-Obama, ACORN-connected unions in the country. Beyond that, he’s a committed leftwing ideologue.

As a former UCLA professor, Becker has written extensively on labor issues, including the notion that Big Labor’s policy objectives can “be achieved with almost no alteration of the statutory framework.” When judges try to impose their values on the law we call it judicial activism. Becker is a “regulatory activist” who intends to impose card check from his perch at the National Labor Relations Board — even if Congress fails to pass it.

Becker is so radical that two Democrats voted to filibuster his nomination in February. Last week all 41 Republican senators wrote a letter to President Obama urging against the use of a recess appointment for Becker, especially given the bi-partisan opposition to his nomination.

In addition to Becker, Obama also used a recess appointment to put Georgetown University Law Professor Chai R. Feldblum on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In announcing Feldblum’s nomination, the White House highlighted her work as an ACLU lawyer and noted that she “has also worked on advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and has been a leading expert on the Employment Nondiscrimination Act.”

In fact, Professor Feldblum is so “progressive” that in 2006 she signed a manifesto entitled “Beyond Marriage.” Among other things, this radical statement advocated, “Legal recognition for a wide range of relationships, households and families – regardless of kinship or conjugal status,” including “Households in which there is more than one conjugal partner.” In other words, Feldblum was advocating for legal recognition of polygamy.

These appointments are relevant because “personnel is policy.” There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind how and why Becker and Feldblum got their appointments. Nor should there be any doubt about the agendas and values they will advance in Barack Obama’s Administration.

The Smear Continues

While the liberal media continues to lecture conservatives about civility, news broke today that the FBI arrested a Pennsylvania man, Norman Leboon, for making an online death threat against House Republican Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia. Last week, Leboon posted a profanity-laced rant against the conservative Jewish congressman on YouTube. In his diatribe, Leboon, who claims to be a Muslim convert, threatened to kill Cantor and his family. It turns out that Norman Leboon also donated $505 to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

The man appears to be a complete loon who has made many threats, so I won’t try to make him a “poster boy” for the Left. But, if the situation were reversed – if a Tea Party member who donated to John McCain’s campaign had been arrested for threatening to assassinate a Democrat leader – it would be headline news for days. There would be calls for the GOP to renounce and condemn the Tea Party. There would be much ink spent on column after column about the extremism on the Right. And, of course, all of it would be due to obvious racism.

Over the weekend, New York Times columnist Frank Rich again picked up the canard that conservative opposition to healthcare “reform” is based on some “ism” or phobia. Rich wrote:

“If Obama’s first legislative priority had been immigration or financial reform or climate change, we would have seen the same trajectory. The conjunction of a black president and a female speaker of the House — topped off by a wise Latina on the Supreme Court and a powerful gay Congressional committee chairman — would sow fears of disenfranchisement among a dwindling and threatened minority in the country no matter what policies were in play.”
In one sentence, Rich dismissed the concerns of nearly half the country (based on the latest polls) for its alleged racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia. Once again, the “tolerant” Left is proving just how intolerant it can be.

So, I ask Rich this simple question: If a future black president and a female future Speaker of the House and a wise Latina on the Supreme Court were pushing for lower taxes, smaller government, a strong national defense and adherence to our Constitution, does he really think that the streets would be filled with Tea Party members demonstrating in opposition? Of course not! They might be in the streets cheering, but I suspect Rich would still find something to complain about.

A Zissen Pesach!

On this day, Jews in Jerusalem, Washington and across the world celebrate God’s protection toward His people in captivity. This year’s Passover comes at a time of rising anti-Semitism and as the only Jewish state is under intense pressure from many, including an increasingly unreliable United States led by Barack Obama. So on this Passover I’m sure more than a few Jews will reflect on the mercy of the One who is ever reliable, the God of Abraham. To all our Jewish friends and supporters, a zissen Pesach!

End Of Day Report 03 26 10

Friday, March 26, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Obama Turns Screws Further On Israel

Foreign policy elites are buzzing this morning with reports that Obama, emboldened by his healthcare victory, is ratcheting up the pressure on Israel. Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has been told that he is expected to agree by tomorrow to Obama’s demand to build no new homes for Israelis in East Jerusalem. The demand is ludicrously unreasonable. No previous Israeli prime minister has ever agreed to such a stipulation.

Simultaneously, the Obama Administration is relaxing its pressure on Iran’s Islamofascist regime. Yes, you read that right. Israel is being treated like an enemy, while Obama weakens proposed sanctions on Iran. Obama desperately wants China and Russia to support sanctions, but to get them on board, the sanctions have to be watered down to pap that will not “bite” and will not deter the mullahs from their march to nuclear weapons.

I have written at length about how Obama is moving on the domestic front to turn us into the United States of Europe – a socialist nanny state that redistributes wealth and ends American innovation and self-reliance. It is now clearer than ever that he is also attempting to foist on us a European foreign policy – neutral to overtly hostile toward friends like Israel, while appeasing the world’s thugs.

But we are not Europe. Here there is a large reservoir of support for Israel in both political parties, although there is growing hostility on the far-left. If pro-Israel Democrats and Republicans speak up now, and if pro-Israel Democrats make it clear to the White House that they won’t tolerate this continued trashing of Israel, Obama can be deterred.

“Go For It!”

Barack Obama was in Iowa yesterday, trying to sell his socialized medicine scheme to a skeptical public. At his campaign rally, the president dared Republicans to try to repeal ObamaCare, the crown jewel of the Left’s legislative agenda. Obama told the crowd, “They’re actually going to run on a platform of repeal in November. If they want to have that fight, I welcome that fight. My attitude? Go for it!” While Fidel Castro likes ObamaCare, the president should be careful what he wishes for.

A new Rasmussen poll finds that likely voters favor repealing ObamaCare by a 13-point margin of 55%-to-42%. Among Independent voters, the animosity toward government-run healthcare is even greater. Independents favor repeal by a 24-point margin of 59%-to-35%. These numbers could rise as we learn more about the negative impact of ObamaCare (like millions of retirees losing their private drug coverage).

The day after ObamaCare passed its final vote in Congress, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) introduced legislation to repeal it. More than three dozen House Republicans are co-sponsoring Bachmann’s repeal legislation, including conservative stalwarts like Rep. Mike Pence, Steve King and Tom McClintock. Legislation to repeal ObamaCare was introduced in the Senate Tuesday by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. Twelve Republican senators are already on board.

DeMint, Bachmann, Pence, King, McClintock – all of these outstanding pro-family champions were elected with financial support from Campaign for Working Families. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!

Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia & Obama

What do Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and Barack Obama have in common? Your wallet. This week, the Saudis arrested 113 Al Qaeda suspects, including a dozen would-be homicide bombers. The primary targets of these terrorists were the kingdom’s oil facilities. Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter and home to the world’s largest oil refining facility.

This is not the first time Al Qaeda has attempted to strike these facilities, and it won’t be the last. A successful strike on a major Saudi facility would send oil and gas prices skyrocketing. Energy production is a vital economic and national security issue. Everyone concedes that the U.S. is too dependent on foreign sources of energy.

Gas prices are up $1.00 since Obama took office, and most analysts expect we’ll pass $3.00 a gallon this summer. What are Obama and the Democrats doing about it? Nothing. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate; they are doing something. But what they’re doing won’t help.

In reaction to record oil prices, the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress took steps to allow more oil exploration. The Obama Administration is doing everything it can to reverse those measures, slamming the brakes on offshore drilling and domestic exploration.

If restricting access to our own resources weren’t bad enough, the administration’s desired environmental policies could have the same effect as a major terrorist strike in Saudi Arabia. A recent Harvard study of the administration’s proposed environmental policy to cap carbon emissions found that in order to reach the targets Obama set, carbon will have to be taxed at $60 a ton. That translates into gasoline prices of $7.00 a gallon.

The study’s findings were not a mistake. Nor were they cause for the administration to rethink its radical agenda. High gas prices are a stated goal of Obama’s Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu. In 2008, Chu told the Wall Street Journal, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” At that time, gas in Europe was going for about $8.00 a gallon.

Are There Pro-Life Democrats?

The conventional wisdom among pro-lifers is that by abandoning his demand that taxpayer funding of abortion be excluded from the health care bill, Bart Stupak reinforces the “myth” of the pro-life Democrat. But that’s not quite right. As I write in my Human Events column today, pro-life Democrats still exist – in the heartland of America. But in the halls of Congress, they are an endangered species. The healthcare debate put pro-life Democrats on notice that their political lives will be aborted unless they toe the party line. You can read my piece here.

End Of Day Report 03 25 10

Thursday, March 25, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Your response yesterday to our fundraising appeal was much more encouraging. I promise we will put your hard-earned money to good use in the fight for faith, family and freedom. Thank you!

Evil Conservatives

Here we go again, folks. The liberal Washington establishment and its Big Media allies once again are trying to smear and demonize millions of Americans who oppose the radical Obama agenda. If you are against growing government power and higher taxes, and are concerned about elite disdain for our Constitution, well you must be a thug, racist, know-nothing or KKK sympathizer.

The latest effort to silence dissent began over the weekend when liberal Congressmen claimed they were spat on and suffered racial slurs when they walked through a crowd of conservative demonstrators from the Capitol to their offices. I strongly condemn such behavior, but there is little or no evidence that it happened. And if some jerk(s) did commit such offenses, it is obvious to any fair observer that they were not representative of the 30,000 people who came to Washington, D.C., to voice their opposition to Obama’s takeover of healthcare.

That crowd looked to be largely a middle class gathering of typical Americans, exercising their constitutional right to peacefully assemble and petition their elected officials. The most frequently voiced chant was “Kill The Bill!” Numerous polls indicated that the overwhelming majority of the American people shared that sentiment.

By the way, the members of Congress who marched through the crowd would normally have used the underground tunnel from the Capitol to their offices. Normally they don’t want to be bothered by pesky citizens. Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid famously said that he knows when it is summer in Washington because the tourists sweat and stink too much.

But on Sunday, these liberals chose to walk through the upset protestors in the hopes, I suspect, of provoking an incident. Nonetheless, if someone used a racial slur, I condemn it. But I also have no doubt that such a bigot in no way represents the heartfelt concerns millions of Americans feel regarding the direction our country is being taken.

The effort to smear conservatives picked up momentum in the last few days after bricks were thrown through the windows of several district offices of Democrats who voted for ObamaCare. Again, this type of vandalism is unacceptable and also not representative of the millions of Americans who don’t want more and more of our economy and lives run by liberal politicians and Washington bureaucrats. To smear these Americans because of a few thuggish acts is simply a dishonest effort to silence Middle America. Conservative Senator Jim Bunning was vehemently attacked in the media a few weeks ago when he blocked a spending bill. In short order, he was the target of death threats, but the press continued to pour on the invective.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, I received dozens of notes from people around the country whose homes and cars had been vandalized because they were displaying conservative signs. The media treated each incident as an isolated event. No one suggested the vandalism was the natural result of super-heated rhetoric by the Obama campaign and leftwing groups against conservatives and eight years of comparing George W. Bush to Hitler. And where was the media’s concern about vandalism of churches during the campaign over Proposition 8 in California?

Throwing a brick through a window is a crime and the person responsible should be aggressively prosecuted. Intimidating voters on Election Day, as the New Black Panther Party did at a polling place in Philadelphia, is also a crime. But Obama’s Justice Department dropped the case and has stonewalled any attempt to find out who allowed this violation of voting rights to go unanswered.

A Justice Department unwilling to prosecute voter intimidation when it comes from the radical Left is a much greater threat to our republic than one idiot throwing a rock into an empty office.

By this morning, the effort to smear you was becoming downright bizarre. Sarah Palin was being attacked because she announced the names of the congressmen she is “targeting” and wrote on her blog, “Don’t retreat, reload.” Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is getting slapped because he said let’s get Pelosi ready for “the firing line” in November. Get it? We are supposed to believe that using words like “targeting” and “firing line” is somehow an invitation to violence.

I have been in Washington for 35 years, and the phrase “targeting” a congressman has been used frequently by both parties. At a June 2008 rally, candidate Obama brought the crowd to its feet when he said, “If they [Republicans] bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Now did Obama really mean that Democrats would bring guns to the debate? Of course not.

The political Left, including Pelosi and Reid, have been using supercharged rhetoric against Middle America for a long time. Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat Leader Steny Hoyer called town hall protestors “un-American.” Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid said they were “evil mongers.” You may recall that during the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama suggested that some voters in Pennsylvania were “bitter” and “clinging to guns and religion.”

Rhetoric like that has made a lot of slow-to-anger Americans, most of whom had never attended a demonstration until last year, more than a little peeved. And the media don’t care. In fact, liberal talking heads have mocked their fellow citizens with crude references. The Left is losing the debate and so it has reverted to its favorite tactics, using race and false charges of extremism to intimidate and silence the opposition.

It won’t work. Last month, a CNN poll found that 56% of Americans felt that “the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.”

Here’s breaking news: Rep. Eric Cantor, the second-highest ranking House Republican, says that his district office was shot at last night. Now, who would have done that? Cantor was a leading opponent of ObamaCare. He is also a Jew. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Left to denounce the growing anti-Semitism in its ranks.

I promise you that I will vehemently fight, and do my best to expel, anyone from the conservative cause who is a bigot or a thug. But I will not surrender to a leftwing attempt to smear you and the millions of other good and decent Americans who share our traditional values.

Defending Israel

Our efforts in defense of Israel are getting noticed. Yesterday, Robert Wright, a New York Times columnist, wrote an article titled, “Against ‘Pro-Israel,’” defending the administration’s outrageous treatment of our ally. The title says it all. Much of the column was devoted to attacking supporters of Israel, and at the top of his list was yours truly.

The premise of Wright’s column was that we should be more critical of Israel so it will make more concessions to its enemies for peace. That’s like suggesting America should have been more critical of Great Britain during World War II, so as not to offend the Nazis.

Here’s a sample of Wright’s logic: “…the more settlements get built — especially in East Jerusalem — the harder it will be to find a two-state deal that leaves Palestinians with much of their dignity intact.” So, just to be clear, Wright believes that Jews living in certain Jerusalem neighborhoods offends the dignity of Palestinians. Where are the Jewish neighborhoods in Mecca?

While I appreciate Wright’s candor, the problem is that Wright does not see Palestinian anti-Semitism as an obstacle to peace. If anyone in this country suggested that blacks living in certain neighborhoods offended the dignity of whites or vice versa, he would rightly be denounced as a racist. But “tolerant” liberals, our president included, feel justified in telling Israel that Jews can’t live in certain neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

Needless to say, I couldn’t let Wright’s wrongs go unanswered. The New York Times agreed to publish my response, which you can read here.

End Of Day Report 03 24 10

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

I Need Your Help Today!

My friends, this is an urgent message. Please go right now to our website at http://www.ouramericanvalues.org and make the largest donation you can.

As Ronald Reagan once said, this is a time for choosing. Will we embrace European-style socialism? Or will we return to the values that made America the envy of the world? You know I am always honest with you, and today I have to be brutally honest. Judging by the response to yesterday’s appeal, I’m worried we may continue slouching toward socialism.

I understand the financial difficulties many families are facing. If you can’t afford to support our work in defense our traditional American values, there’s no need to apologize or explain your situation. Please know that I deeply appreciate your prayers and activism. Sharing these reports with friends and family is a great way to help us. And to those of you who did make a gift yesterday, THANK YOU!

At the same time, I know how many people receive this daily message, and I know many, many more could afford to make a small investment to help us defend our pro-family, pro-life, pro-free enterprise values. Isn’t our freedom worth it? Because that is what is at stake.

If you don’t believe me, consider what has happened in countries with socialized medicine. Need critical surgery? Maybe not. Suffering from serious pain? Sorry. Need cancer treatment? Too bad.

With your support, American Values will continue to fight against socialized medicine, this time in the courtrooms of America. At last count, 14 state attorneys general have filed suit. We will add our voice to lawsuits seeking to stop unconstitutional mandates and the accumulation of even more power in the hands of unelected bureaucrats.

Beyond that, we must do more to educate our fellow citizens about the values we cherish. We must do more to get them registered to vote and fully engaged in the public policy process. But we need your support to expand these efforts.

Please stand with American Values today.

Thank you.

End Of Day Report 03 23 10 Part 2

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Obama’s Gloat

If you have not yet responded to our appeal for donations, please do so now! We have a brutal battle ahead, as you will learn below. (By the way, the response to my message yesterday was overwhelming. I can’t possibly respond to everyone, but I deeply appreciate every note of encouragement. We will continue to fight the good fight.)

I just watched Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and several hundred cheering congressmen celebrating their big socialist healthcare victory at the White House. In a city known for the hubris of its politicians, I have seldom seen a more arrogant display of raw political power. Biden introduced Obama, and when they hugged at the podium, Biden’s whisper into the president’s ear was picked up by the microphone just inches away. Biden said, “This is a big f—–g deal.”

Biden’s crassness aside, it is a big deal, and Obama made it clear today that they are ready to have a political fight to the death over it. They are convinced that America has embraced socialism, and they are planning to ram it down the throats of those of us who haven’t. What’s next — massive new energy taxes or a massive new amnesty? Will you fight back?

But while Democrats are celebrating, the American people are far from sold on ObamaCare. Yesterday, CNN released the results of a poll conducted last weekend, just as the House of Representatives was debating and passing ObamaCare. Here are key findings:

* By a 20-point margin – 39% in favor to 59% against – Americans opposed the healthcare “reform” bill.

* 62% believe the legislation will cause medical expenses to increase. Just 16% believe it will lower costs.

* 47% believe their family will be worse off because of the legislation. Just 19% believe their family will better off.

* 45% believe seniors will be worse off. Just 20% believe senior citizens will be better off under ObamaCare.

* And what about the claims that the bill will reduce the deficit? Many Democrats who switched their votes frequently cited this talking point. The problem for them is that only 12% of the public believes ObamaCare will save money. A whopping 70% expects that government-run healthcare will cause the deficit to go up.

They are right. This bill is “paid for” by massive tax hikes and a number of budgetary gimmicks. For example, the “doctor’s fix” alone would cause ObamaCare to run a $60 billion deficit. So Democrats just took it out of the bill. But just consider the government’s track record – Social Security is bankrupt. Medicare is bankrupt. The Post Office is bankrupt. Obama has added $2 trillion to the national debt in 421 days. And now he’s going to run your healthcare too.

Bibi vs. Barack

I joined 8,000 people last night for a dinner/rally sponsored by AIPAC, the American/Israel Public Affairs Committee. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu gave an outstanding speech, praised the U.S., praised America’s armed forces and made it clear that Barack Obama is not going to push him around. For more than a week, the administration has demanded that Israel stop building homes in Jerusalem. Bibi’s response last night was simple and clear: “Jerusalem is not a settlement – it’s our capital!”

This morning, I was a guest on my good friend Bill Bennett’s radio show. We talked about healthcare and Israel. You can listen to our interview here.

Will 9/11 Terrorists Walk?

Five months ago, I warned that the day may come when the Islamofascist thugs held at Guantanamo Bay are allowed to walk on a technicality because of Barack Obama’s decision to ban certain interrogation techniques as “torture.” Well, that day may be here.

News broke late yesterday afternoon that a Clinton-appointed federal judge has ordered the release of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who is accused of recruiting Mohammad Atta and other 9/11 hijackers. The judge ordered Slahi’s release because, according to a report, “Slahi had been subjected to a ‘special interrogation plan,’” that “constituted torture,” so the evidence against him cannot be used in court.

The Justice Department is reviewing the case, but Attorney General Holder and President Obama have made it painfully clear where they stand. And because one liberal judge feels that what passes for hazing in many fraternities amounts to “torture,” Americans can expect more painful days in the future.