End Of Day Report 02 26 10

Friday, February 26, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


The Morning After The Summit

I still have a headache after watching seven hours of boredom punctuated by minutes of drama at yesterday’s healthcare “summit” at the Blair House. (Critics are calling it the Blair House Witch Project!)

After reviewing analysis and talking to a lot of insiders this morning I feel even more convinced that the Republicans held their own and in fact may have turned a potential trap into a net gain for our side.

Even liberal commentators agree. CNN’s Gloria Borger said, “The Republicans have been very effective today. They really did come to play. They were very smart.” And Rush Limbaugh conceded on his show yesterday that he had been mistaken to berate Republicans for agreeing to go to the meeting.

And not all the action was in the room. Conservative Republican Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, had the Conference staff at “battle stations” to counter misinformation spouted by Obama and Democrats in the meeting. Minutes after President Obama claimed that health care premiums wouldn’t go up if his plan were adopted, Pence’s House Republican Conference emailed to media and others proof that Obama was distorting the truth. They continued to be a “truth squad” during the entire summit.

The visuals weren’t good for the liberals either. Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi both looked like they had started the day sucking on lemons. They were angry and surly from the minute they walked into the room. Both of them are in favor of negotiating with Iran, but talking to conservatives is just too much for them to tolerate.

Obama displayed a mixture of arrogance, anger and disdain. His snippy smack down of McCain, “The election is over, John,” came across as mean and vindictive. He looked clueless when he criticized Virginia Congressman Cantor for brining the 2,700-page healthcare bill into the room. Obama called it a “prop.” A prop? The 2,700 pages are the vehicle to take over American health care. First they didn’t want anyone to read it – now they don’t even want us to see it!

But I think the biggest plus about yesterday’s summit was what it showed about the two sides. The Republicans urged caution before passing massive new entitlements, tax increases and regulations. They argued for patients and doctors – not government – making healthcare decisions. Obama and his allies were also clear. They trust themselves more than they trust the American people. They believe in bureaucrats making the decisions. They refused to acknowledge that the public strongly rejects what they are doing.

It was a good day.

Rangel’s Uncommon Nonsense

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, admitted yesterday that an ethics panel has accused him of accepting Caribbean trips from a corporation in violation of House rules. This is only the latest in a series of legal problems for Rangel, who is also currently under investigation for his financial dealings and alleged fundraising violations. As head of the committee that writes our tax laws, Rangel should know what the law states on all these matters.

Instead, the 40-year congressman is blaming his alleged crimes on his staff. At a news conference yesterday, he said, “I don’t want to be critical of the committee but common sense dictates that members of Congress should not be held responsible for what could be the wrongdoing or mistakes or errors of staff unless there’s reason to believe that member knew or should have known, and there is nothing in the record to indicate the latter.”

I want to hear from any readers who have been audited by the IRS, were found to have made a mistake, and successfully talked their way out of punishment. I’m guessing nobody has been able to do that. Taxpayers can even call a hotline and talk to an IRS employee who will answer any questions they have. But if the IRS employee’s advice is wrong, and the taxpayer is found to have violated the tax law, guess who gets punished? It’s not the IRS. Rangel clearly believes a different set of rules ought to apply to high-ranking politicians.

With his long list of ethics violations, Rep. Rangel is a heavy albatross around the Democrats’ necks. Republican candidates across the country will surely highlight Rangel as an example of the type of entrenched and corrupt politician who needs to be shown the door. You can write the Republican campaign ads in your sleep.

We were promised that the new Congress would clean up the culture of corruption endemic to Washington, D.C. Anyone who thinks corruption comes from only one party is clearly wrong.

It’s About More Than Just The Economy, Stupid

With many economists forecasting a sluggish economy through year’s end, it is understandable that Republicans want to make the economy the main thrust of their campaign against Democrats ahead of the 2010 elections. But the Republican critique should be about more than just the economy. Highlighting the incumbent party’s jobs-killing, growth-stifling agenda is surely necessary.

Still, if despite the administration’s policies, the economy recovers even slightly before November, it could help Democrats at the ballot box. Republicans therefore must develop a broad critique that highlights all of the ways in which the Democrats have failed.

As I discuss in my Human Events column today, the liberals setting the Democratic agenda have created a target-rich environment for their critics. It’s up to Republican candidates and conservative commentators to take advantage of it. You can read my piece at: http://www.humanevents.com.

Censoring The First Amendment

Two of our most cherished freedoms are found in the First Amendment – the freedom of speech and freedom of worship. In one recent move, the Obama administration assaulted both.

Four months ago, my good friend Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and a Marine veteran, was invited to speak at a prayer lunch at Andrews Air Force base. But the chaplain’s office recently rescinded the invitation. In a letter, the chaplain told Tony that he was being disinvited “due to statements posted on the Family Research Council Web site which are incompatible in our role as military members who serve our elected officials and our commander-in-chief.”

Whoa! Was FRC advocating the violent overthrow of the government? Not exactly. During President Obama’s recent State of the Union address, he called on Congress to repeal the ban on open homosexuality in the military. Perkins dared to express his opposition to repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which is current law.

The Family Research Council has been around for a long time – I led the organization during the 1990s, when the last Democrat administration tried to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” FRC’s position today is the same as it was then. I find it hard to believe that the chaplain’s office was uninformed about where FRC stood. I can’t help but wonder if this disinvitation wasn’t ordered by hacks at the White House.

Speaking before congressional hearings in recent days, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz and Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey all expressed their opposition to repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” And, according to a recent survey by The Military Times, only 30% of active duty members support the president’s position.

But the real issue here isn’t the military’s policy or existing federal law. The bigger issue is the ongoing attempt by the intolerant Left to silence men and women of faith. Your freedom of speech and your freedom of worship are at stake, my friends. This is why it is so important for men and women of faith to be fully engaged in the public policy process. This is why it is so important that we succeed in taking back the House and the Senate in 249 days!


End Of Day Report 02 25 10

Thursday, February 25, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Lights, Camera, Action!

President Obama and congressional leaders of both political parties met today at the Blair House, across from the White House, to debate healthcare reform ideas. It didn’t take long for President Obama to launch into a campaign speech, berating his critics and suggesting that the problem is conservative opposition. Let me make this point again: Obama’s “problem” is the American people and some in his own party who have rejected his socialist scheme.

The only reason ObamaCare is not already a reality is because Democrats could not agree. They have historic majorities in the House and Senate, and a president willing to sign almost anything they give him. But the reason congressional Democrats could not reach a consensus is that they know the American people don’t want what they are offering. Here’s proof.

Yesterday, CNN released the results of a new poll on healthcare reform. While some specific reforms are popular, this socialized Big Government takeover is not. When asked what Congress should do now, only 25% of those polled said Congress should pass a similar bill; 48% said scrap it and start over; and 25% said drop it and move on. That means the approach favored by Barack Obama and congressional Democrats has the support of just 25% of the American people, while 73% oppose what they are doing.


While there have been some good points at today’s summit, I think the best point was made before the summit by a man who isn’t there. Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) said that our biggest problem today isn’t healthcare, but the fact that we already have a government we can’t afford. Barack Obama wants to make it even bigger with another trillion-dollar entitlement program run by the very folks who have bankrupted the Post Office, Social Security and Medicare. That is a point that almost every American understands. In fact, it has spawned a new political and cultural movement. (More on that in the next item.)

I’ve been watching the healthcare summit all day. (It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.) I know that conservatives were divided on whether it was a good idea for the GOP even to attend for fear that Obama would dominate the event. But my sense is that this has not been a good event for the president. He has alternated between looking angry, arrogant and bored.

Republican participants have been persistent in getting their main points across. Yes, the meeting was a “set-up.” Yes, the Democrats will try to ram their scheme through Congress in the days ahead. But we will fight back and the GOP did that well today. And, of course, there is the most important meeting coming up – on November 2nd – when we will all meet at the polls.

Who Are The Tea Party Patriots?

This is a question that I have been asked more and more in recent days as the Tea Party movement grows in strength and visibility. Let me start by stating what it is not: The Tea Party movement is NOT a new political party. It is a new movement that seeks to influence America’s political landscape and shape our public policy.

The folks involved understand that the growth of government is unsustainable. They know it jeopardizes the standard of living our children and grandchildren will enjoy. They are worried about our growing national debt, and an administration that seeks to pile on even more debt and massively expand the size and scope of government. The Tea Party patriots overwhelmingly identify as Independents. Some are disaffected Republicans. Some are Democrats.

They tend to be middle class and patriotic. They know that higher taxes are not the solution but part of the problem. They are deeply committed to following the Constitution, and they worry about Big Government becoming a threat to our liberty. These are all mainstream values, yet there is a constant effort by cultural elites to demonize these good Americans with false charges of racism, extremism, etc.

In no world, except that of the wacky leftwing fringe, would these folks be considered a danger to the country. So you can imagine my shock at new reports that a major assault against the Tea Party movement is taking shape. The elitist media’s mockery failed to blunt the movement last year. The election of a Republican senator in Massachusetts has the liberal establishment panic-stricken.

So, to lead this effort they have called in the “big guns,” Bill Clinton and James Carville. Unbelievably, the Clinton/Carville team is planning to bribe or browbeat one or two key Tea Party leaders into becoming a “mole,” while, according to Andrew Breitbart’s BIGGOVERNMENT, “others will be subjected to a full-on smear campaign.” It’s the worst of all worlds – the Clinton political machine working with the gang from Chicago. The politics of personal destruction are back with a vengeance. Saul Alinsky would be proud of his prodigy.

Winds Of Change

My friends, do not despair. Democrats are right to be worried about the changing political landscape. A slew of new polling data has been released, and it does not paint a pretty picture of the president and his party. As I noted above, ObamaCare is tremendously unpopular. Here are some of the other recent findings:

* A Rasmussen poll released this week finds just 10% of likely voters rate Congress’ job performance as “good” or “excellent.” Seventy-one percent consider it “poor.” That does not bode well for the majority party.

* Barack Obama’s approval rating is at 45%. One year ago, it was 59%.

* Even more ominous for the Democrats, a new Pew Research Center poll found collapsing support among America’s youth. Since the 2008 election, there has been an 18-point swing in support toward the GOP among 18-to-29 year olds. According to the Associated Press, “It was the largest percentage point jump in those who identified or leaned Republican among all the voting age groups.”

Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the Pew Research Center, said, “This is a generation of young adults who made a big splash politically in 2008. But a year and a half later, they show signs of disillusionment with the president – and, perhaps, with politics itself.”

Many of you email me asking, “What else can we do?” Here’s something: Adopt a voter, and start with a family member. Most folks on this list have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Many of you wrote during the 2008 campaign to tell me how distraught you were that a young relative, frequently a son or daughter, had been swept up by Obamamania. Talk to them today.

Don’t say, “I told you so.” That usually ends a conversation. You can start by saying, “I know many people had a high hopes for our new president, but today they are disappointed and they are beginning to understand the concerns a lot of people had with his ideas.” Use the information in this report to gently question their thinking and their support for Obama’s radical agenda. Don’t focus on him personally, but on his job-killing policies and the unintended consequences of Big Government liberalism.

These conversations may not be easy, but there are many more receptive ears today than there were one year ago. The harvest is plentiful, so let’s get to work!

End Of Day Report 02 24 10

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


ObamaCare: The Latest Daytime Drama

Tomorrow the American people will be treated to new a daytime drama show. It’s called “ObamaCare,” and it will be broadcast live from Washington, D.C. Starring in the leading role of this drama is a new face on the political stage hailing from Chicago, Barack Obama. The supporting cast consists of numerous veterans of the political theater from both stage Right and stage Left.

I’m sure it will be a gripping, action-packed event, keeping you on the edge of your seat as this cast of characters grapples with transformational change. Depending on how tomorrow’s pilot program is received, ObamaCare may be coming to your town. The cost of admission is just $1 trillion.

I can joke about tomorrow’s summit because no one seriously expects any major breakthroughs or compromises to be struck. Most observers feel this is just for show, setting the stage for Obama and congressional Democrats to “go nuclear” and change the rules, ramming socialized medicine through Congress using a complicated parliamentary maneuver. (By the way, Obama and Senate Democrats were vehemently against such moves before they were for them.) That said, Republicans must do a good job of getting their views across to the American people who are watching. They cannot allow the president to dominate the event, which is exactly what the White House intends.

Karl Rove recently reviewed the transcript of Obama’s meeting with House Republicans in Baltimore. He was astonished by the number of statements Obama made that were demonstrably false. Rove warns House Republicans not to let the president get away with it again. It’s not necessary to yell “You lie,” but Republicans must respectfully call the president on every misstatement of the facts. The stakes are simply too high.

If you are interested in additional information on healthcare reform, Dr. David Stevens of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations has done some outstanding work analyzing the congressional proposals. Click here to learn more.

How Not To Create Jobs

The past 48 hours have not brought much good news for the economy. Consumer confidence, a driving force behind economic recovery, fell to its lowest level in nearly a year. Prior to that, consumer confidence had not been this low since the mid-1970s. And while there had been some hope of an improvement in the housing market, new data show that new home sales fell to a record low and that 2009 was the worst year on record.

To make matters worse, the FDIC reported that more than 700 banks are at risk of failing, a 16-year high. Why? The Wall Street Journal reports that “more than 5% of all loans were at least three months past due, the highest level in the 26 years the data have been collected.” This is fast becoming a vicious cycle.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, the government demanded that banks increase their cash reserves to cover losses. Now, banks aren’t lending because borrowers aren’t repaying their loans. But as the banks lose money from bad loans, they still have to meet cash reserve requirements, so they cut back on lending even more.

Add to this mix what the Wall Street Journal is calling “Obama’s new investment tax.” As I reported yesterday, the president is trying to sneak a new 2.9% Medicare payroll tax on “passive income” into his healthcare plan – on top of the Senate’s 0.9% increase, for a total tax hike of 3.8%. The revenue generated would not go to fund Medicare, already grossly in debt, but would instead go to the new ObamaCare bureaucracy.

But as the Journal notes, “The 0.9% increase is another tax on job creation, though Democrats claim they want more jobs. The devious 2.9% hike on investment income will raise the cost of capital, though Democrats claim to want more capital investment.” Making the cost of hiring and investing more expensive in the middle of a severe recession is not a prescription for economic growth.

Another Arab-Israeli War?

Every day that Barack Obama wastes trying to talk Iran out of its pursuit of nuclear weapons, brings us one day closer to the tyrants in Tehran possessing weapons of mass destruction. The Islamofascists who control Iran are not negotiating in good faith with the West, and they are not rational individuals. We got more evidence of that yesterday when Iran’s “president,” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, told a cheering crowd Iran would “chop off the hands” of any attacker.

But, as usual, he reserved his harshest criticism for Israel. Given the reticence of the Obama administration to confront reality, Israel may have to act alone. Aware of that, Ahmadinejad warned that if Israel acts in self-defense, then “the regional countries will need to eradicate [Israel] once and for all.”

It seems unlikely that many Arab leaders would follow Iran’s Shiite fundamentalists into war with Israel. But as Osama bin Laden reminded us, the Muslim mentality is to follow the “strong horse.” And by his continued defiance of the West in pursuit of nuclear weapons, Ahmadinejad is clearly positioning Iran as the region’s “strong horse.” If the Arab world senses weakness from the White House and a waning commitment to Israel’s security from Washington, then Ahmadinejad may feel free to act on his desire to “wipe Israel off the map.”

* * * * *

End Of Day Report 02 23 10

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Jihadist Attorneys At Justice

When Barack Obama ran for president, he often promised he would not appoint a lobbyist who represented various U.S. companies to jobs in the government. Why? Because there was too much risk that those lobbyists would continue to represent the business interests instead of the public good.

Now comes some astonishing news. Since January 2009, Obama has appointed to jobs in the Justice Department nine individuals who previously represented or advocated for the jihadist thugs being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Yes, you read that right.

Perhaps this explains why Obama’s Justice Department seems so interested in giving foreign jihadist suspects constitutional rights to which they are not entitled. But it gets worse. The Justice Department refuses to release the names of the nine individuals! We know only two of the names from previous news stories. For example, one of the attorneys is former Georgetown law professor Neal Katyal. He once served as the lawyer for Osama bin Laden’s driver. Today, he is the deputy solicitor general, arguing cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The public deserves to know who the other appointees are. We pay their salaries. They work for us. Tell us their names, their positions and the roles they have played in formulating the ridiculous Department of Justice policies that have us now telling enemy combatants that they have a “right” to remain silent.

How The Left Thinks – Or Not

The American Left has been apoplectic with rage lately as its radical agenda has stalled on Capitol Hill. As one might expect, their reactions are bizarre and disconnected from reality. Matthew Continetti, an associate editor of The Weekly Standard, did us a great favor by compiling some recent statements from prominent liberals that provide us a glimpse into the psyche of the Left. Let me warn you – it’s not pretty. Here are some excerpts of Continetti’s column:

* Jacob Weisberg in Newsweek, the “biggest culprit” behind “our political paralysis” is the “childishness, ignorance, and growing incoherence of the public at large.”

* “On many issues these days,” writes the Washington Post’s Steven Pearlstein, “the American people are badly confused.”

* “The people may have spoken,” writes the New Yorker’s James Surowiecki. “It’s just not clear that they’re making any sense.”

* In a blog post titled “Too Dumb to Thrive,” Time magazine’s Joe Klein cuts to the chase: “It is very difficult to thrive in an increasingly competitive world if you’re a nation of dodos.”

* …says Kurt Andersen in New York magazine: “American democracy has gotten way too democratic.”

* In 2008, in Hot, Flat, and Crowded, Thomas Friedman dreamed of America becoming “China for a day” so that he could impose his environmental agenda on a truculent populace. In a 2009 New York Times column, Friedman wrote that a dictatorship, “when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today,” has “great advantages…”

* In the Atlantic Monthly, James Fallows writes that “whatever is wrong with today’s Communist leadership [in Beijing], it is widely seen as pulling the country nearer to its full potential rather than pushing it away.”

So, let’s summarize. Leading liberal opinion makers have high praise for communist China, but think Americans on Main Street are childish and ignorant, badly confused, illogical and “a nation of dodos” that is “way too democratic.” It’s that elitist mentality that led Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to call town hall protestors “un-American” and “evil-mongers.” It’s that mentality that allows Barack Obama to keep pushing a socialized medicine plan that the American people don’t want.

That’s how the Left thinks of you and me. But in 252 days, you’ll get the last word when you walk into the voting booth. Then America’s great Silent Majority can make its voice heard loud and clear by firing scores of liberal Democrats!

“The Best Possible HealthCare”

If you’re a leading Canadian politician in need of heart surgery, where do you go for the best healthcare? Quebec? No. Montreal? Wrong again. When Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams was told he needed immediate surgery or risk heart failure, he went to the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida.

Williams knew his decision would be controversial in Canada, but he is not backing down. He told reporters yesterday, “This was my heart, my choice and my health. I did not sign away my right to get the best possible health care for myself when I entered politics.”

Remember that, friends, as Obama and the Democrats try to force socialized medicine on us. When politicians north of the border are in need of the best possible healthcare, they don’t turn to their own socialized system, they come to America. If Obama and the Democrats succeed, where will we go?

ObamaCare: A Prescription For Socialism

Like a monster from a bad horror movie, no matter how many times the American people think the specter of socialized medicine is dead, Democrats keep bringing it back to life. Yesterday, under the pretense of beginning a genuine bi-partisan discussion of healthcare reform, President Obama released his own plan in advance of Thursday’s healthcare summit.

But this invitation to talk came with a threat. If Republicans don’t go along with what Obama has put on the table, Democrats will resort to the reconciliation process. Under that gimmick, they only need 51 votes in the Senate.

How many of you liked the legislation Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi came up with? Well, if you liked the Reid/Pelosi plan then you’ll love Obama’s prescription for socialism. Obama took the Senate’s bill as his starting point and made it worse! One White House spokesman called it “an opening bid.” The White House isn’t likely to find many buyers.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 58% of likely voters opposed the Reid/Pelosi legislation, and 61% wanted Congress and the president to scrap it and start from scratch. The American people demanded a genuine bi-partisan reboot of the entire process. Instead, we’re getting more of what we didn’t want.

House Republican Leader John Boehner issued a statement yesterday blasting the president’s approach: “The president has crippled the credibility of this week’s summit by proposing the same massive government takeover of health care based on a partisan bill the American people have already rejected. This new Democrats-only backroom deal doubles down on the same failed approach that will drive up premiums, destroy jobs, raise taxes, and slash Medicare benefits.”

Here are some of the details of the president’s proposal.

* It will cost approximately $1 trillion, but no one knows its real cost. The Congressional Budget Office stated that while the plan includes much of what the House and Senate have proposed, “it modifies many of those elements and also includes new ones.” But the White House draft was too vague to provide an official cost estimate.

Think about that for a moment. The president recently used his executive authority to create a new commission to tackle the federal debt. It is widely expected that this commission will propose major tax hikes along with entitlement reform. But at the same time, President Obama is proposing yet another trillion-dollar entitlement program. He insists his healthcare plan won’t add to the deficit. If that’s true, that means he’s taxing one trillion dollars out of the economy, in addition to whatever the debt commission might recommend. How much sense does it make to pile on to the federal government’s already out-of-control entitlement obligations?

* One of the ways Obama purports to pay for his plan is by raising the Medicare payroll tax and applying it to so-called “unearned” income. So if you’re a senior citizen living off investment income, dividends or other savings (which have already been reduced by low interest rates), Barack Obama wants to hit you with another tax that is expected to raise at least $120 billion.

* Remember the “Cornhusker kickback” that Senator Ben Nelson (D) got to help his state of Nebraska offset increased costs? Well, it’s still there, but Obama expands it to every state. In other words, every senator is being offered a bribe in order to expand the government’s role in your life.

* The individual insurance mandate, which many senators and legal experts believe is unconstitutional, is part of Obama’s plan. If the government can compel you to buy health insurance, what else can it force you to do or not do? As George Will recently argued, “Would it be constitutional for the government to legislate compulsory calisthenics for all Americans?” That may seem like a laughable suggestion, but the Japanese government is measuring waistlines.

* In his proposal, Obama more than doubled the penalty on employers who do not provide health insurance – raising the fine from $750 per employee to $2,000.

* A new element of the president’s plan is price controls – giving the government the authority to set insurance rates – meaning more Big Government control and manipulation of industry. The problem with price controls is that they never work and lead to rationing and shortages.

* The president’s plan not only makes abortion a taxpayer-funded healthcare right, but it expands the tax dollars available to pay for the destruction of innocent life. According to Douglas Johnson, legislative director of National Right to Life, “If all of the president’s changes were made, the resulting legislation would allow direct federal funding of abortion on demand through Community Health Centers, would institute federal subsidies for private health plans that cover abortion on demand (including some federally administered plans), and would authorize federal mandates that would even require non-subsidized private plans to cover elective abortion.”

The American people overwhelmingly oppose the use of taxpayer funds to pay for abortions, but Obama demanded it. In doing so, he completely ignored the concerns of Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) and dozens of pro-life members of Congress who supported the Stupak amendment.

We Cannot Give Up

My friends, we stopped socialized medicine before – even when the Democrats had a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate, and I believe we can stop them again. This is a moment of truth for any so-called “moderate” Democrat. Many Democrat senators and representatives elected in 2006 and 2008 campaigned hard on getting spending under control. How can they embrace a Big Government takeover of 20% of our economy? As Ronald Reagan once said, “This is a time for choosing.” Are they centrists or are they socialists?

Please pick up the phone and call Capitol Hill today. Take nothing for granted. The fact that ObamaCare stalled before – even with their huge majorities – means that many Democrats are on the fence. Democrats are 0 for 3 in major elections, having lost governorships in New Jersey and Virginia, and the special election for the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy. The public has rejected their radical agenda. Nothing has changed.

Call the Capitol Hill switchboard right now at 202-224-3121 and tell your senators and representative to drop this bill and start over in a truly bi-partisan fashion. If you can’t get through at that number, please use our Congressional Directory to look up state office numbers for your elected representatives.

* * * * *

End Of Day Report 02 22 10

Monday, February 22, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer



In spite of all hope, the White House clearly has not learned a thing from the election results in Massachusetts. President Obama is determined to ram a government takeover of healthcare through Congress this year no matter what. Today, he’s unveiling his framework for the legislation, and price controls are a big item on the president’s agenda. The White House is now seeking the power to set insurance rates.

This morning, a White House spokesman said, “The president expects and believes the American people deserve an up or down vote on health reform, and our proposal is designed to give ourselves maximum flexibility to ensure that we can get an up or down vote if the opposition decides to take the extraordinary step of filibustering health reform.” In other words, Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will use the reconciliation process, which requires only 51 votes in the Senate, to force socialized medicine on the American people. We will analyze the president’s proposal this afternoon and expose its hidden agenda tomorrow morning.

Compounding Errors

Last week I wrote about the controversy surrounding Rashad Hussain, President Obama’s envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), who was accused of defending radical Islamist Sami al-Arian. Hussain initially denied defending al-Arian, who pled guilty in 2006 to charges of conspiring to raise funds for a Palestinian terrorist organization. Friday, Hussain reversed himself and now admits to making “ill conceived or not well formulated” statements. Referring to al-Arian’s trial on terror-related charges, Hussain said in 2004 that al-Arian was the victim of “politically motivated persecutions.”

The potentially greater error here was not committed by Hussain, but by Barack Obama, and that error was appointing an envoy to the OIC, which represents 57 Islamic nations. George Bush did so as well, and it was a mistake then too. But Obama is compounding that error now. Writing in The Weekly Standard, Paul Marshall has an outstanding column dissecting the dangers of appointing an “ambassador to Islam.” Here’s why the move is so bad.

The OIC considers itself the “collective voice of the Muslim world.” Obama apologists will insist that this appointment is just an effort to help America improve its relations with the “Muslim world,” as if we are somehow the problem. But, as Marshall notes, no one is suggesting that America improve “U.S.-Christian relations.”

In fact, it is a terrible mistake to deal with other countries based on the religion of some of their citizens. Do we conduct negotiations with Nigeria based on Nigerian interests or based on Islam? The OIC, with its stated goal of defending “the true values of Islam and the Muslims,” assumes the latter. But Muslims are not monolithic; there are great divisions within Islam. This is a serious concern because some OIC nations are not even majority Muslim states or governed by Islamic law, and some aren’t even states at all. For example, included in the OIC membership roster are the “State of Palestine” and the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” which is recognized only by Turkey.

But the biggest problem with the OIC is that it is fundamentally anti-democratic. It has been a leading force in de-legitimizing Israel, even going so far as to suspend Egypt’s membership when it signed a treaty with Israel in 1979.

The OIC took the lead in criticizing Western nations over the Danish cartoons and spearheaded an anti-blasphemy resolution in the U.N. that was a direct assault on free speech. It is easy to understand why when you know that the OIC believes every right is subject to Sharia law. As Marshall writes, the OIC charter on human rights states, “Everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely in such manner as would not be contrary to the principles of the Sharia.”

America’s participation with the OIC is at best a waste of time. It is diametrically opposed to fundamental American values. The last thing we need at the OIC is an envoy who believes that confessed Islamic terrorist sympathizers are somehow victims of “politically motivated persecutions.”

CPAC – A Reality Check

As you probably know, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference was held last weekend in Washington, D.C. This year’s gathering witnessed a huge turnout with eight to ten thousand attendees. There were many great speeches and lots of enthusiasm about the future of the conservative movement. But then came surprising news that Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) won CPAC’s 2012 straw poll, which according to one report elicited “a cascade of boos” from the audience.

Let me add some perspective to this. First, not every attendee voted. The number of total votes cast was around 2,500, and Paul won 31% or 750 votes out of the eight to ten thousand people there.

Second, it’s difficult to consider Ron Paul within the mainstream of American conservatism. While his views on limited government have some appeal, his voting record on values issues is abysmal. Paul opposed the marriage protection amendment, has voted against key pro-life legislation and critical national security issues, such as military tribunals for terrorists.

The producer of the Bauer and Rose radio show was at the CPAC convention all weekend, and he gave me this disturbing report: The Paul supporters were overwhelmingly young. That’s great. But Paul supporters of all ages were often “9/11 truthers.” That’s very bad. Many were openly spouting conspiracy theories that were favorites among leftists during the Bush years, accusing our own government of attacking us on 9/11.

Paul’s rhetoric and his many appearances on alternative radio shows often encourages this dangerous and deranged mindset. It is way beyond time for Ron Paul to publicly denounce the 9/11 truther movement and reject the support of those who adhere to such nonsense.

Paul was interviewed on CNBC this morning and said, “Why should we be looking for a war with the Iranians? What have they done to us? What are they capable of doing to us?” Let me remind Rep. Paul that Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. We know Iran is responsible for the deaths of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its leaders routinely refer to the United States as “the great Satan.”

When the CNBC hosts said that the regime was pursuing nuclear weapons, Paul denied it three times, adding “Nobody’s proven that.” Somehow convinced that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s apocalyptic views will lend themselves to rational dialogue, Paul repeatedly insisted that we should follow Obama’s policy of reaching out diplomatically to our enemies, including the Iranians. This degree of delusional thinking is on par with that of European leaders who thought they could negotiate in good faith with Adolf Hitler.

I cannot fathom how any Ronald Reagan conservative could support Ron Paul for president, but I’d be happy to hear from those who think Paul is right.

Democrat Dirty Tricks?

In Thursday’s report, I warned that a “Tea Party” candidate may run as a third party candidate against Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid, likely splitting the conservative vote and leading to Reid’s reelection. While the point of the item was the need for conservatives to stay united in order to defeat liberals like Reid, a number of you wrote back endorsing third party “suicide missions.”

Let me repeat my belief that nothing could be more damaging to the conservative movement and our republic at this critical juncture in history than a split on the Right. Our division only serves the Democrats’ best interests by guaranteeing their success and our defeat. News today only reinforces my strong feelings on this subject.

Today’s Washington Times reports on evidence that the third party “Tea Party” campaign against Harry Reid is likely a ruse intended to divide the Right. None of the established Tea Party leaders in Nevada are familiar with the folks behind this “Tea Party” party. One officer of this new group may even be a Democrat lawyer known for his leftwing activism. You can read the full report here.

My friends, we must be smarter than this. Our best hope of stopping Obama’s socialism is scoring major victories, like defeating Harry Reid, in the elections 253 days away. That ought to be obvious to anyone who cares about our values. If we are going to succeed, we cannot allow our conservative friends to fall for Democrat dirty tricks.

* * * * *

End Of Day Report 02 19 10

Friday, February 19, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Texas Plane Attack Blamed on Conservatives

Well it didn’t take long. Just a few hours after deranged Joseph Stack flew his plane on a “Kamikaze” attack into an IRS building in Austin, liberals were trying to link the madman to conservatives. The left-wing web site Daily Kos said the incident was a case of Tea Party “anti-government forces” launching their “first 9/11 inspired terrorist attack.” Jonathan Capehart writing in his blog at The Washington Post said Stack’s “alienation” reminded him of “the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.” Unbelievable! When a jihadist yells radical Muslim slogans while shooting U.S. soldiers, the left tells us it doesn’t have anything to do with Islam. But a deranged tax evader in Texas suddenly morphs into every conservative. Before the day is over they will be blaming Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney!

Here is the dirty secret the Left doesn’t want you to know. Joseph Stack’s “philosophy,” to the extent he had one, was closer to the left-wing drivel at Daily Kos and moveon.org than it is to the patriots who are in the Tea Party movement.

Joseph Stack printed his manifesto on his business web page yesterday as he took off to try to kill IRS employees. In it he rails at the wealthy, GM executives, drug companies and insurance companies. His rhetoric sounded like Obama style populism – heavy on class warfare. At the end of this drivel he attacks capitalism and approvingly quotes Karl Marx: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” That is the same thing Barack Obama said to Joe the Plumber when he assured him he just wanted “to spread the wealth around.” No, Joe Stack wasn’t any conservative – he was a left-wing populist!

The U.N.’s Belated Discovery

Drop everything! Sit down and take a deep breath. The United Nations yesterday issued a shocking, mind-blowing report declaring for the first time that it has evidence that one of the world’s nastiest governments has been developing a nuclear warhead. The name of rogue regime U.N. nuclear inspectors say has been developing nukes is …wait for it…Iran.

Yes, I know: we’ve known for many years, through reports by Israel and others, that the Mullahs have been working feverishly to develop a nuclear weapon. But an American intelligence assessment concluded in 2007 that Iran’s work on a bomb had been suspended in 2003.

Iran’s nuclear program did not end. The new U.N. report, according to the New York Times, also presented evidence that Iran had tested ways of detonating weapons and had worked extensively to design warheads small enough to fit atop a missile.

The scandal here is that while the entire intelligence community was berated when no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, there won’t be much criticism of its incorrect Iran-nuke assessment. This even though the potential consequences of failing to identify the nuclear threat of a regime led by a man who thinks of America as “the Great Satan” and vows to “wipe Israel off the map” are much more dire.

No one is certain whether Iran already has a nuclear capability or merely is on the cusp of attaining it. What we can be certain of is that if the U. N. has determined that the Iranians are developing nukes, they are probably already past the point of no return.

Washington Is Broken; Democracy Is Thriving

President Bush was both loved and loathed for his resoluteness of purpose. But his successor has taken that trait to an entirely new level, to the point that he’s become obstinate in the face of a clear reality.

President Obama, his lieutenants and media allies claim that prevailing public anger is rooted in frustration over a Washington that’s “getting nothing done.” They are wrong. As I explain in my Human Events column today, most of the outrage is the result of a Washington that’s doing too much to push policies that have always failed. You can read my piece at: http://www.humanevents.com. Thank you.

* * * * *

End Of Day Report 02 18 10

Thursday, February 18, 2010

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Making A Statement

Here is some encouraging news. Yesterday, I joined dozens of other conservative leaders for a day-long discussion of the future of the conservative movement. Virtually every national leader of the “movement” was in the room, from groups that have been around for 50 years to new “Tea Party” organizations.

Under the leadership of my good friend Edwin Meese, a former Attorney General under Ronald Reagan, we fashioned the Mount Vernon Statement on Constitutional Conservatism. The statement outlines the fundamental principles that unite economic, social and defense conservatives. Here are the key points:

* It applies to every proposal the principle of limited government based on the rule of law.
* It honors the central place of individual liberty in American politics and life.
* It encourages free enterprise, the individual entrepreneur and economic reforms grounded in market solutions.
* It supports America’s national interest in advancing freedom and opposing tyranny in the world and prudently considers what we can and should do to that end.
* It informs conservatism’s firm defense of family, neighborhood, community and faith.

I proudly joined dozens of leaders in signing the statement as scores of reporters covered the event. You can read the full statement on our website.

They Just Don’t Get It

Last week I suggested that upcoming healthcare summit at the White House was just for show – a play fake to give Obama the appearance of bi-partisanship, but was really intended to set the stage for Democrats to “go nuclear” and ram ObamaCare through Congress using budget reconciliation rules. We got some unfortunate evidence validating my concerns yesterday.

More than a dozen Senate Democrats and 119 House Democrats are asking the president not only to use reconciliation, but also to include the most radical ideas, such as the so-called “public option.” Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), the third highest ranking House Democrat, said yesterday, “If you’re not going to do a 60-vote strategy, but instead a 50-plus-one strategy [reconciliation], the public option could very well be part of this package.”

This is a very disturbing development. Here’s why: The public option is a gigantic leap toward socialism and Big Government control over your life. The public option is the vehicle liberal Democrats will use to achieve single-payer socialized medicine in America. Barney Frank admits it. The radical Left knows it. And Barack Obama wants it.

The Democrats just don’t get it. Their liberal leadership is “stuck on stupid.” They have deluded themselves into believing that electoral success this November means appeasing their militant leftwing fringe by aggressively acting on the radical agenda that cost them the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia, along with Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts Senate seat. While Democrats on Capitol Hill keep chanting “Yes We Can,” the American people are screaming “Don’t You Dare!” In 257 days, you’ll get the final word.

More Stimulus “Success”

As the administration celebrates its pork-barrel stimulus bill, ABC News is reporting on another “success.” The bill appropriated $5 billion for home weatherization programs intended to create 90,000 “green jobs” and boost energy efficiency by weatherizing nearly 600,000.

Guess what? Bureaucratic red tape, largely due to satisfying labor union demands, has dramatically slowed the program. Only 9,100 homes have been completed according to a Government Accountability Office report. Worse yet, the Department of Energy reports spending $522 million on the program so far, more than $57,000 per home. Remember, folks, your hard-earned tax dollars are paying for this.

Conservative Leadership

Republican Governors Chris Christie of New Jersey and Bob McDonnell of Virginia are both struggling with massive budget deficits. So naturally they are proposing tremendous spending programs on dozens of dubious projects, right? No. Massive tax hikes? No. True to their word, Christie and McDonnell are cutting spending, reducing the size of state government and rolling back regulations.

In Virginia, Gov. Bob McDonnell is dealing with a $2 billion deficit by “eliminating more than 500 jobs over three years, instituting 10 furlough days for state workers and slashing services…” The governor is proposing $730 million in cuts to the state’s education budget over two years and five state parks will be closed. But McDonnell’s budget, which must pass Virginia’s Democrat-controlled state Senate, includes no tax hikes.

To listen to the Left, you’d think Armageddon was upon us. There is great wailing and gnashing of teeth among Democrats and Big Government activists in Trenton and Richmond. But this will be a good test to see just how serious voters are about smaller government and reining in out-of-control spending.

United We Stand; Divided We Fall

The liberal media and leftwing elites who so viciously mocked the Tea Party patriots are rapidly having a change of heart about the insurgent political movement. No, the liberals aren’t embracing Tea Party values, but they are thrilled that several “Tea Party” candidates may run as third party candidates in the November elections.

As I have noted in recent reports, 2010 is beginning to look a lot like 1994. Republicans are up in the polls and well positioned to make major gains in the upcoming elections. But it’s still possible that the conservative movement could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Exhibit A is Nevada.

Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid, a former amateur boxer, is in the fight of his life, trailing three declared Republican opponents in the latest Rasmussen poll. Right now, Republicans could nominate Mickey Mouse and beat Harry Reid. Yet, come November, Reid may be reelected. How? Another individual recently jumped into the race against Reid, but he announced that he will run as a “Tea Party Party” candidate.

There are at least two solid conservatives running in the GOP primary. Either would be a tremendous improvement over Reid, whose defeat would be a great symbolic loss for Democrats. In what world does running an independent third party candidate make any sense at all? After month after month of bad news for Reid, this announcement by a “Tea Party” candidate is the best news he’s gotten in a long time.

The 3-way dynamic could dramatically alter the results. According to pollster Scott Rasmussen, voters currently prefer a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat by a 45%-to-36% margin. Here are the results when you throw in a Tea Party candidate: Democrat 36%, Republican 25%, Tea Party 17%. As you can see, the Democrat vote remains the same, but the conservative vote is split, allowing the Democrat to prevail. If this scenario is repeated in multiple races across the country, ironically it would be fellow conservatives who doom our only hope of stopping Obama’s socialism.

I’m glad to report that the GOP is reaching out to the Tea Party movement. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele met for four hours Tuesday with dozens of Tea Party leaders. Sarah Palin addressed their national convention recently. And while she has high praise for their values, this week she offered the movement some “tough love,” saying that the Tea Party activists need to “start picking a party” and work within the two-party system.

Sarah’s right. I want the GOP to be a conservative party, but for that to happen, conservatives must fight for it. Where would America be today if Ronald Reagan had walked away from the Grand Old Party? Where will America be a generation from now if we fail to defeat Harry Reid and stop Obama’s socialism?

* * * * *